The coronation of a king or queen is simply an act of mesmerism. Nothing of a supernatural nature actually takes place during the coronation other than the willingness of the onlookers to believe so. In order to pull off the act of mesmerism, opulent surroundings and elaborate costumes combined with exaggerated posturing are used. Those who support the coronation and who gain from it often pay staff to prostrate themselves before the king or queen in a display of subservience in order to make the so-called king or queen appear more important than they are. After the coronation is over and at a much later date the king or queen perform similar acts of mesmerism in order to give special titles such as Lord or Sir to those who helped elevate them to a position of power during the coronation. It is all simply a world of make believe and no matter how elaborate the acts of mesmerism are, titled people such as kings, queens, princess, princesses, lords and ladies are still equal to everyone else in the world in reality. Those who believe in the make believe world of royalty often have been inculcated into such a false belief system at a very early age through hearing bedtime stories of kings and queens as young children. Stop reading bedtime stories which promote hierarchies to your children. Please promote the truth that all human beings are equal and that hierarchies always lead to eventual enslavement of those at the bottom if allowed to continue.

Humans used to be free in the past but some evil doers began to organise the world into  hierarchies in order to attempt to  indirectly enslave us.   Those who wish to destroy hierarchies and return to a system of rules without rulers, are known as anarchists.   However, the would-be slave masters have attempted to change the meaning of the world anarchy to mean chaos.   It does not mean chaos.  It means without rulers. 

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