Stop the insidious network of psychotronic terrorism pressures on the citizens of Serbia, especially intensified during the election campaign, which is the only hope to remove the government that once again glorifies all war criminals from the 1990s. This method of intimidation is a decades–long practice in Serbia and is an order from the very top of the government. The branched network of abusers-perpetrators consists, first of all, of war volunteers, prisoners, drug addicts, psychiatric patients..., protected by all security pillars. It is not difficult for me to find out who they are. Based on the content of their “hearing voices” and the “programmed dreams” they torture me with.  They drove my older son to commit suicide in that way and with the most terrible threats of bloodthirsty murder. This is always followed by the Goebbels machinery of unseen lies from the time of the “Balkan butcher” ministry of Information, which gives instructions for the persecution of targeted citizens, both on the street and in other public places. There is a lot of talk everywhere about gang rape from 1997 from poitical reasons under the influence of injection by breaking into my apartment in the presence of my two under-aged drugged children, which I don’t remember and which makes myself a special target of persecution. They organize my persecution even during my visit to the cemetery.

At the protests in London in favor of an the end to the war and the suffering of Palestinians, one protester said that he thinks that one victim of a terrorist act is a signal for alarm, but he  also thinks the same for every Palestinian civilian who has died!

Both evils are at a work in Serbia. Stop a kind of GENOCIDE against children, women and people in Serbia who are not supporters of the dictatorial government of Serbia with this horrible form of terrorism, psychotronic TERRORISM, by the dictatorial government against its own people.

Pass a resolution on preventing terrorist acts, genocide and the release of hostages  - everywhere in the world!

We, the targeted individuals, are held  hostages in digital  by the most gruesome terrorists “whose unethicality surpasses that of the Nazis”. Pull our accusations from under the OUN carpet again, which is said to have been “created on the ashes of Auscwitz”! We, digital camp residents, some of us for almost four decades, expect that from you, even at this moment when many are talking about the end of the existence of this civilization on this planet. We think that sufferings such as ours, and deprivation of freedom such as ours, if they become general, will completely render the existence of human beings meaningless. We also think that our cry for justice sent to Heaven - will have an answer!

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  • Hello Gordana. I check in to Peacepink sporadically & wanted to send you my love & support.
    In Toronto, I continue to do what I can & have found a group of TI that have held protests for a number of years. Their petitions have been met (unsurprisingly) by denial but they persist. Given the repudiation over climate change & so many other issues, people cannot claim the ground on which they stand, leading to misguided violence - organized massive social experiments (which TI are so familiar with.) The 5 Eyes desperately want to maintain their grip on power.
    I do not know what else to say. Please take care. Your strength is inspiring. Please stay in touch.
    Much Love & a Big Hug
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