There are 751 members of the European parliament. They have no real power. Most of the power within the European Union resides with the European Commission which is composed of 28 members who are unelected. The president of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker who is also unelected by the people of Europe has most of the power within the European Commission itself. The President of the European Commission determines the European Commissions policy agenda. He decides on the organization of the European Commission. He allocates portfolios to the other members of the European Commission and he can make changes at any time. The meetings of the European Commissioners are not open to the public.
Even though the European Commissioners are changed every five years the European Commission can not be removed. The European Union is undemocratic and socialist. Jean-Claude Juncker has indirect dictatorial power over all European citizens. Jean-Claude Juncker has thirty four advisors/staff who are also unelected by the people of Europe. The European superstate now has so much power that it often goes over the heads of national leaders of European countries.
The European Union is hierarchical based. The top individual in any hierarchy can be secretly controlled. Currently, frequency weapons are in existence which can alter the brain functioning of any individual including the president of the European commission. Therefore we can not know where the European Union is heading and that is not in our interests. We should disassemble the European Union. We should return to a European Economic Community where all European countries retain all of their sovereignty which was originally what the people of Europe agreed to.

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