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Cybernetics is the fusion of man with machine.   The World Economic Forum, on their website have published a document informing the world that they are running a program called 'the internet of bodies'  which involves fusing your body and the bodies of all of your family with a computerized control system by wireless means and from a remote location.     They would then download information directly to your brain and central nervous system against your will whenever they wished which would force you to listen to simulations of the voices of either the 'internet of bodies program staff members or to voices which are being generated by pre-programmed algorithms.   They would also download pain, electric shock, disablement,  forced muscle movement, paralysis and virtual sexual abuse among other unwanted experiences.   They would also upload data from your body and brain  such as your EEG patterns into their centralized super computers and computer networks.   They would be able to discern from your uploaded EEG patterns such intimate information about you as to how many times you eat food each day, how often you urinate each day,  and how often you have sexual intercourse each year as well as your heart rate, your pulse rate and your breathing rate among many other pieces of data about you.

I am cybernetically linked by wireless means to such  a computerized control system without my consent and I have been so for a number of years.  It is worse than death.  I would prefer to be dead than to have to experience this  situation.  I have no mental privacy because I am locked on to the internet of bodies  computerized control system by a bi-directional stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy which is locked on to my unique brain signature and to implanted material inside my brain and body.   I am not the only targeted individual of this type of situation.  In my country, the Republic of Ireland, I know many other targeted individuals who are experiencing the same experiences as myself.  We have attempted to inform Irish politicians, the Gardai and the main stream media of our targeting which is sometimes known as no touch torture, silent torture or cybernetic torture but they refused to believe us and instead they mandate us to attend for psychiatric evaluation.   This immediately makes it unsafe for us to continue speaking to them and it also makes it unsafe for us to ever return to them to make a follow up statement.   Some of the targeted individuals which I know of throughout the Republic of Ireland and the wider world have attempted suicide in order to escape from the aforementioned cybernetic torture.

Under the internet of things protocol which is a similar protocol to the internet of bodies your computer would be placed under partial external wireless control where you would be only allowed to use it at the discretion of cybernetic staff if you conformed in every way with the demands of the Luciferian world dictatorship.   Your electric car or electric bicycle would be wirelessly clamped on the road if you were found to be disobedient to the demands of any member of the Luciferian world dictatorship.  Your smart television and smart washing machine and smart fridge would no longer work if you were disobedient to the Luciferian world dictatorship.   Never purchase and electric bicycle, electric car, smart watch, or any smart technology.  By wearing a smart watch, data is being collected from your body and transmitted wirelessly to an unknown remote location which allows your brain to be automatically mapped which further allows your brain and central nervous system to be placed under cybernetic control.

Reject any and all covid vaccines which you will be offered.  They would most likely contain hydrogel sensors and other materials which would be used to fuse your body with the wireless internet of bodies program which would enable the Luciferian world dictatorship to enslave you for the rest of your life and to torture and genocide you if they saw fit.

You have a moral duty to raise awareness of this situation before unaware others are manipulated to accept covid vaccines.  Ask the scientific community to find a method of disabling the technology which has been implanted inside our brains and bodies without our awareness and consent.  Ask your politicians to have all microwave transmitters, HAARP phased arrays,  5G millimeter wave transmitters and related technology disassembled and banned so that we can all return to living in freedom again.    The Luciferian worldwide dictatorship do not legally under just laws  own the aforementioned microwave transmitters, HAARP phased arrays, 5G millimeter wave transmitters and related technology because anything they obtained over the past fifty years approximately has been obtained by mind controlling senior politicians and others to sign over property to them and to their front men.   Therefore we the human race own those technologies and we have a moral right to have them disassembled and rendered unoperable.

My website which I alone own and control is called

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There are 751 members of the European parliament. They have no real power. Most of the power within the European Union resides with the European Commission which is composed of 28 members who are unelected. The president of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker who is also unelected by the people of Europe has most of the power within the European Commission itself. The President of the European Commission determines the European Commissions policy agenda. He decides on the organization of the European Commission. He allocates portfolios to the other members of the European Commission and he can make changes at any time. The meetings of the European Commissioners are not open to the public.
Even though the European Commissioners are changed every five years the European Commission can not be removed. The European Union is undemocratic and socialist. Jean-Claude Juncker has indirect dictatorial power over all European citizens. Jean-Claude Juncker has thirty four advisors/staff who are also unelected by the people of Europe. The European superstate now has so much power that it often goes over the heads of national leaders of European countries.
The European Union is hierarchical based. The top individual in any hierarchy can be secretly controlled. Currently, frequency weapons are in existence which can alter the brain functioning of any individual including the president of the European commission. Therefore we can not know where the European Union is heading and that is not in our interests. We should disassemble the European Union. We should return to a European Economic Community where all European countries retain all of their sovereignty which was originally what the people of Europe agreed to.

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An important (& increasing) aspect of my “delusional” experience with voice-to-skull technology wielding, dope slinging gangsters in the San Francisco T.L.  has been the endless death threats against me, & increasingly against anyone that I care about, or with whom I have shared information about this situation.   My intent is to create “web of awareness” so that should ANYTHING happen to any of these folks, immediate suspicion & intense investigative insight may be cast upon these criminals.


1st of coarse, me.  Constant threats of brutalization, death & dismemberment.


2nd.  My mother, 105 y/o grandmother, my adult daughter & all other living relatives from my hometown in Louisville, Ky.  One voice suggested that they burn down the house & make it look like some type of accident.


3rd,  My SF Friends & associates at the Faithful Fools Street Ministry at 234 Hyde Street in San-Francisco, CA.  My “delusional” voices have threatened to torch the building, which is full time residence to 8 people-of-faith who are members of the street ministry, & out of which all of the ministries programs are operated.  Specific members of the fools mentioned by my delusional voices include:

Rev. Kay Jorgenson (ret.) - Former Social Justice Minister of the First Unitarian Universalist Congregation of San Francisco, CA & co-founder of the Faithful Fools

Sister Carmen Barsody of the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls MN & co-founder of the Faithful Fools

Alex Darr - Youth Development Minister of the First Unitarian Universalist Congregation of SFCA & member of the Faithful Fools

Ed Bowers - Poet, Author & community servant & member of the Faithful Fools


4th, My good friend Ariana Phillips, a homeless, drug addicted prostitute who knows the individual members of this group (& whom I have not seen for about 2 weeks at this writing, although that is not particularly unusual) & who has been directly threatened & harassed by them frequently in the past.

She recently recorded a statement with Rev. Jorgenson outlining their current criminal threats & harassment.

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