Technology which has been illegally implanted inside my head is being used to transmit messages to me by criminals who wirelessly manage some parts of my life from an unknown remote location . I am considered to be someone who is under wireless cybernetic control. I am unprotected and defenceless against it. Cybernetics is a science which has been in development since at least the 1940s and the word cybernetics means the fusion of man and machine. Those who label victims of cybernetic warfare as mentally unwell is a crime against humanity because when you do so you are helping to cover up a method that might be used in future to enslave your own children. Those who continue to wrongly label victims of cybernetic warfare is mentally unwell will some day in the near future receive long prison sentences. Beware of that.
The information transmissions of the criminals generate pain and forced muscle movement in various parts of my body and they also contain messages which are threatening, demeaning, nagging and very very frightening. Here are some of the messages which have recently been transmitted by wireless means to the technology which is embedded inside my head some of which are the voices of the criminals speaking among each other about me and some of which are the voices of the criminal speaking directly to me as follows:-
"If she doesnt believe in an organised religion she will feel incredible amounts of pain."
" Does she put out for men?. "No."
"If we took the system down we would have no money so we are continuing to do it for money."
"Why do we take on individuals with clear consciences. They are very difficult to manipulate."
"I understand I have free reign to take control of her money." "That is not the case yet."
Back in the late 1940, American scientists who were being sponsored by the Josiah Masy Jnr Foundation drew up a list of similaraties between the behaviours of sentient beings and the behaviour of machines which let them to believe that the human nervous system is really just an automaton which is subject to linear mathematical modelling.
Because of the science of cybernetics our central nervous systems can now be modelled mathematically, can be ordered and can be wirelessly remote controlled similar to a machine to act in ways which are against our wills thereby turning a selection of us into human cyborgs which is also known as bio-robots.
Also because of the science of cybernetics our brain can now be modelled mathematically and it can be ordered and it can be wirelessly programmed similar to a computer.
Many men, women and children throughout the world are now being wirelessly fused with machines and we are all being left unprotected and defenseless against all torture which we receive wirelessly be this method. Many have already committed suicide. We all appeal to governments to supply us with non-linear junction detectors or other technology which would enable us to prove that this is occurring but members of governments are often themselves unknowingly under wireless mind control and so far our pleas have been resisted on the false belief that anyone who states they are being sent voice commands and other digital signals into their brain or body is mentally unwill.
Central nervous system control of a human being is described in scientific detail in United States Patent Number US6965816.

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