The Pilgrim Society.

What the Pilgrim Society and their minnions  have feared the most down through the past few decades is that technological progress would enable the rest of us to disempower them which would end their plan of enslaving the world under their own rule.  To that end they have consistently sabotaged all beneficial world progress over the past few decades  and it is my belief that the corona virus is just another of their attempts to sabotage the worldwide economy in order to set up a system of socialism across the world which would then eventually lead to worldwide enslavement if not stopped.  They have  attempted tot enslaving us by wirelessly tethering many of us  by our central nervous systems to their computerized control and genocide system as well as using smart phones to bio-digitally program still others into a false reality of indifference to the now encroaching worldwide enslavement system. One solution is as follows:-   Each of us must wear on a constant basis a head band which has repelling magnets attached to it while will enable us to keep safe from wireless directed energy attacks while we go to war against them.  Many of the people who have awakened to this real truth of what is now happening know who the members of the Pilgrim Society are and where they are located. Many if not all of them are dark occultists and they hide behind many organised religions while they ply their trade. 

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