I was thinking about the positive side of EH. You know, everything perps and the EH effects does is to destroy the TI's life. So, I thought this extra ability of receiving V2K voices and EH pains for something good like how psychics have ability to hear the voices of dead people and channeling with the aliens.

In my opinion, the victims hearing V2K might be able to investigate the people who are engaged in channeling and other psychic activities receiving voices. If what they experience is similar to the V2K, then we can say that the same people behind the high-technology are deceiving psychics.

For example ,"the Hum" is a famous supernatural phenomenon occurring around the world. Maybe some TIs with V2K experience might be able to investigate them. If they do not feel any change from what they hear in V2k, then we can conclude that the Hum is nothing different than the minor type of V2K problem. Or the TI might be able to differentiate the Hum from V2K by the different tone or pitch in their ears.

For the people who are afraid to come out their V2K experience and other thought induction problems, read the below article for the clear evidences of scientific interest from the US government agencies on the topics. I actually saw DOD stickers on the cars parked on the parking lot next to my car when I was gang stalked and was started to hear voices.
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