I am being slowly and non-consensually  bio-robotized.  Because of metallic particulates inside my body which I and most others  have inhaled and ingested the electrical activity inside my brain and my body is being monitored, measured and manipulated by wireless means.  A frequency modulator is then used to take measurements of  some of the activity patterns from my brain.  These brain activity patterns are then  remodulated  and  send  back to my brain by another carrier frequency in order to force a selection of my muscles to move against my will.  

   EEG heterodyning is a well known scientific process where  the brain wave signals of two human beings are mixed together and this  can then allow the brain waves of the first human being to totally override the brainwaves of the second human being who would more than likely be an unwilling victim of the process..  Using EEG heterodyning the first human being could then take wireless physical  control over the body of the second human being and force the second human being to commit a crime against their will.  I believe this is being allowed to  happen to a number of non-consenting human victims of neuro experimentation throughout the world and it is being claimed that it has already happened in the case of a forty one year old Canadian woman named Rohinie Besayser who claims that her physical  body was taken over and remote controlled to murder another woman who was unknown to her.  The story of the wireless external control of Rohinie Besayser can be found at the following link  www.everydayconcerned.net

Because of nano particulates which were installed inside the brains and bodies of most of the human race without their expressed permission through the air, water and food supply and possibly through vaccinations we are now vulnerable to being bio-robotized.  These nano particulates can be first of all co-ordinated with each other to act in synchronization with each other and then they can be further  programmed to move in alignment with how the human being that they are inside would normally move.  In that way said  human being can be wirelessly remote controlled up to and including three years after they have died according to some sources.   If the muscles of the corpse of the human being are preserved after death bio-robotization of a dead corpse is easily achieveable.  The American Centre for Disease control has issued a warning of a future Zombie Apocalypse and how we should behave during it.   You might wonder why  the dark occultists who run this world from behind the scenes wish to create a Zombie Apocalypse.   The reason is that people are far more manageable when they are in a state of extreme fear.   If said dark occultists wish to subdue the human race into a state where they are willing to accept enslavement they must first bring about a state of extreme fear in the human race.   They are also preparing many other ways to generate fear in the human race.  Because we have nano technology inside our brains we have been turned into living antennas and we have become transmitters of receivers of information.  We can be sent visions, images, voices, other sounds, pain, electric shocks, forced muscle movement, sensations of hands touching our skin using a process commonly known as HAPTIX technology and a wide variety of other frightening experiences.  However if you are forewarned of these capabilities you will not be scared of them and you will be capable of resisting all attempts at enslavement. 

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