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"Twenty years ago, Paul and Percival Goodman estimated that just five percent of the work then being done would satisfy our minimal needs for food, clothing, and shelter. Most work serves the unproductive purposes of commerce or social control."
From "The Abolition of Work" by Bob Black.

The profound basis of the current work force as it stands today is to demoralise and distract the human race while their fellow humans, a group which I call the self-proclaimed elite, slowly and incrementally attempt to take over humanity by wireless means.

At least two thirds of all work which was deliberately created for the human race to carry out on this planet is both pointless and evil work. It was deliberately created to keep us distracted while the dark occultists were busy with their own agenda of attempted wireless enslavement of all of the other members of the human race.

Work is not a virtue in itself. However, the self-proclaimed elite wist to convince us that work, even if utterly useless and harmful to humanity, is a moral value in itself. It is in the best interest of the self-proclaimed elite to make sure the ordinary masses work endlessly, with very little financial reward. According to British newspaper, the Guardian, the American military dropped 26,171 bombs in overseas countries in 2016 alone. It would take a great deal of work in order to rebuilt the damaged cities and towns caused by such mindless destruction.

Six Types of Work.

(1) Useless and Pointless work,

(2) Unclassified Harmful Work that furthers the Powers of the Criminal Oligarchy which is financed by black budgets and most people are unaware that it is being carried out.

(3) Classified Work which is destructive to our freedom but humanity is being fooled into believing it is advantageous to us because most people don't know where it is leading,

(4) Real Productive Paid Worthwhile Work

(5) Real Productive Unpaid and Unrecognised Worthwhile Work.

(6) The Great Work. If we eliminated the first three categories of work, we could limit the working week down to a maximum of five hours, per person, per week, very easily.

More than three quarters of the work done on the planet at this time is work which is harmful to humanity in the long term. A few common examples of harmful work are government administrators who work at tightening of the control structure and eliminating our freedoms, journalists and media who are paid to knowingly and deliberately lie to humanity, intelligence services who work at furthering of unnecessary surveillance, factory workers who work at manufacturing of landmines and other weapons, pharmaceutical personnel who work at poisoning us with mandatory vaccinations and medications which are deliberately blended with harmful ingredients , politicians and lawyers who smothering us with unnecessary regulations, teachers who work in the forced schooling industry instead of allowing children and university students to use interactive software to teach themselves at home, technology workers who work at laying down the ground work for would-be technological enslavement, and soldiers who fight in wars that nobody wants, except for the self-proclaimed elite. "Wars cause a number of people to manufacture high explosives and a number of other people to explode them just to keep alive the notion that a great deal of severe manual work must be the lot of the average man and woman." We must dismantle all militaries. They are gangs of professional killers who have been rendered unable to challenge immoral orders from their generals, through severe inculcation methods which they unwittingly undergo at training camp.

A computer operating system was created from pure mathematics which could not be hacked into. The kernel of that operating system was deliberately corrupted my Microsoft in order to create unnecessary work for anti-virus software companies thereby making vast amounts of money for Microsoft and pointless work for millions of their staff. Monsanto also corrupted the kernel of a seed in order to create seedless plants so that farmers would be obliged to purchase their seeds from there on from Monsanto, thereby making vast amounts of money for Monsanto and pointless work for millions of farmers. In the very same way the self proclaimed elite corrupted our languages in order to stop our words from retrieving information from our subconscious minds in an effective way. By corrupting our languages a rift was created by our conscious and subconscious minds thereby corrupting the human operating system which is the human mind. The self proclaimed elite then claimed the vessel under salvage by a law called cannon law. You can remove the corruption from your operating system by refusing to co-operate with whatever organised religion or new age belief system you belong to. Maintaining New Age belief systems and all organised religions is a form of pointless and harmful work. New age belief systems were for the most part developed by the self proclaimed elite in order to catch anyone who happened to be falling away from organised religions. You aught to stay away from all belief systems and become an individual thinker, thereby freeing the kernel of your mind. You aught to also stay away from all smart engineered technology because it can make you believe in beliefs without your conscious awareness of the fact that you have lost your mind. When you no longer belong to any belief system whatsoever your thinking becomes free and accurate. I obtained most of this information from Mark Christopher at the following link

I believe we might also be able to eliminate hospitals, nursing homes, mental hospitals, dentists, and the pharmaceutical industry, if heavily suppressed natural cures were released to the public and if the self-proclaimed elite stopped deliberately adding unnecessary chemicals to our water, food, air, tooth fillings, medication, vaccinations and if they stopped bombarding us with unnecessary electromagnetic radiation from cell phone masts and smart engineered technology.

Manufacturers deliberately withhold efficiency when designing all products, so that these products will need constant maintenance and constant replacements. For example, buildings should be built to last for thousands of years. Ballintubber Abbey which is a building located close to my home in the West of Ireland has been in public use for eight hundred years without a break. The raw materials that are being put into building blocks may be being changed for the worse in some instances so that buildings may have built in obsolence built into them in order to keep builders pointlessly busy. I believe that pyrite may have been deliberately introduced into building materials recently, by agents of corporate interests giving deliberate misinformation to concrete block manufacturers, in order to introduce built-in-obsolescence into our homes. On this occasion, the criminal cabal got the balance wrong by destroying new homes and infuriating the home owners. We are told the practice of planned obsolescence is to ensure that there is a constant supply of customers for the products. However, the real reason is to keep people working unnecessary long hours, so that they will not question the status quo and are easier to control.

Alcohol and tobacco are poisonous to humanity. They cause addictions and chronic illnesses. Because they are heavily taxed they are then heavily promoted. The more people drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes, the more taxes that can be then collected. The more illnesses that are generated by both of these poisonous substances, the more work that is generated for the health services. This increases taxes in a round about way, and keeps people occupied doing what otherwise would have been unnecessary work in these three industries, namely tobacco, alcohol and health service.

Cannabis is a viable safe alternative to substances like alcohol and tobacco. People can easily grow their own cannabil and therefore no work needs to be done to enjoy it. While alcohol is a mind contracting drug, cannabis is a mind expanding plant. Most mind expanding plants are considered to be highly beneficial and therapeutic. The plant based drug called Ayahuasca has been described as ‘ten years of therapy in a week’. If you wish to take a mind expanding drug such as cannabis you must only take it under controlled conditions such as on an empty stomach during a full moon. However, I have never taken cannabis myself but I hope to take it if it is ever legalised. We are wasting our time and energy working in the alcohol and tobacco industry. Unfortunately, we are not currently allowed access to most therapeutic plants.

According to the Austrialian, Max Igan, people with more human potential than business potential can not function within the corporate work place. Caring people with real humanity can not operate in harmony with a brutally competitive and aggressive work environment, which is out of alignment with all that is real and good. If you display human qualities, for example, a strong social and loving conscience, you wont get a job. If you display ruthless, sociopathic qualities, where you are willing to be cruel to your fellow man for the sake of profit for your corporation, then you will be offered a top job. If everybody was self-sufficient, and nobody had paid occupations, most people would work anyway for the good of humanity, free of charge. It is unnecessary for a person to work in a salaried occupation in order to make themselves useful to the world.

According to Jordan Peterson, Professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, approximately forty five percent of people have occupations that make the world a better place and approximately fifty five percent of people do work that is damaging to the planet and its people.


There are two forces currently at play on planet earth. One force is the control system whose ultimate wish is to regiment everybody under rigid dicipline. This causes stagnation and fear among humanity. The other force is called anarchy which is a system of rules without rulers. This force allows total individual freedom but also total individual responsibility. When there is a system of anarchy in place in any area this signifies that this area is healthy and vibrant and the human beings who live there are for the most part blissfully happy and totally free to make all their own decisions. The Great Work is any work which we do that helps to erode the control system and helps to reclaim our individual freedom and also freedom for all of humanity. Do you work towards helping or hindering human freedom?. If you work towards helping it you are participating in The Great Work.

It is a major tactic of criminal oligarchy psychological warfare to encourage us to expend our energy in futile unnecessary work, while they conserve their strength. We are kept so busy we have no time to figure out what traps are being set for us by the self-proclaimed elite. If all of the really intelligent and capable people in society are constantly working, they will have no time or energy to stage a counter insurgency against the would-be enslavers. While we are exhausted and confused, they are secretly attacking us with energy and purpose.

The majority of people in the workplace are deliberately being over worked, because the self-proclaimed elite wish to over stimulate mankind, in order to render them ineffectual. When people are over worked their brain waves move too fast and the work force begin to suffer from sensory overload. In order to be effective we need to be able to focus. In order to make changes, we need to first be able to slow down our thinking and become mindful. The best way to achieve focus and mindfulness is through being alone with silence in an uncluttered environment. Silence has immeasureably relaxing effects. As little as two minutes of silence reduces heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure. By over working everybody in todays world, the self-proclaimed elite have rendered us powerless to work against their attempts to further enslave us.

It has been claimed that the European Parliament have enacted a policy that people who are work shy will be forcefully persuaded to go back to work by the use of black operations. However, I have not researched the matter.

I am in receipt of disability allowance because of chronic thyroid, bowel and bladder disabilities. My disabilities are unrelated to any mental health issues. I was in receipt of disability allowance for more than a year before I began to be overtly attacked by electronic weapons, and before the voice transmissions began to be downloaded into my skull, by the use of Voice to Skull military communication technology. The voice to skull technologically transmitted voices once told me that they had an instrument of torture prepared for me if I did not get back into the workplace. If it is common policy now to put work shy people on psychological torture programs, this truly means that we are indeed slaves, and the self-proclaimed elite are human livestock farmers, who subsist off the tax payers. I also subsist off the tax payer, and I try and thank the tax payer by creating awareness of issues, which support the interests of the tax payer and oppose the interests of the parasitic human lifestock farmers.

Some of the information in this synopsis came from the following essays

"In Praise of Idleness" by Bertrand Russell

"On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs" by Professor David Graeber,

"The Right to be Lazy" by Paul Lafargue.

"The Art of being Happy" by Joseph Droz.

For two centuries, a strange delusion has tortured sad humanity. We have been programmed to believe that we came into this world mainly to work, when in fact, the direct pursuit of happiness should be the principle objective of our lives.

The word " work" means - altering the position of matter on the surface of the planet.

Work is not a virtue in itself. There is no special nobility about altering the position of matter on the surface on the planet, unless there is a good reason for doing so. The privileged oligarchy want to convince us that work is a moral value in itself, and that anyone not willing to submit themselves to some kind of intense but utterly pointless work discipline should be dispised.

What humanity is currently doing is making far too much stuff, for no good reason, except to keep people grossly over occupied, so they wont have any time to figure out what is really going on. When we have an over-accumulation of stuff, we then go to war and explode all the stuff, and start all over again.

When machines and factories first appeared, it was clear to all thinking people that human drudgery and human inequality was no longer necessary. The masses would realise that the privileged super rich had no function and would be swept away. A hierarchical society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance. Because of this fact, it is in the best interest of the super rich to make sure the ordinary masses work endlessly with very little financial reward. In order for the super rich oligarchy to figure out ways to make us work more, they created three main types of jobs.


Huge swathes of people, in Europe and North America in particular, spend their entire working lives performing tasks they secretly believe do not really need to be performed. These jobs have just been invented and created to keep us all working. The moral and spiritual damage that comes from this situation is profound. It is a scar across our collective soul. Yet virtually no one talks about it.

These pointless jobs are found mainly in the administrative sector and include financial services, telemarketing, corporate law, health administration, managers, academic administration, security support and public relations. Also, large amounts of time is spend organising and attending motivational seminars. Some other utterly meaningless jobs include CEOs, lobbyists, PR researchers, actuaries, bailiffs and people who work in the weapons manufacturing industry.

Some people dedicate every waking second to paper pushing office jobs, but what they are doing is meaningless. These people immerse themselves in utter pointlessness, but treat it like it is of the most vital importance imaginable. They see what they are doing as massively virtuous. However, if they stayed in bed for their whole lives, their work would not be missed by the human race.

Every child is programmed to believe that its lifes purpose is to occupy the whole of their lives with meaningless toil. They have come into the world to experience the richness of life, and yet they are not supposed to point out the absurdity of toiling at some pointless and unrewarding job, decade after decade. If they dare to question the system, and declare that they dont want to spend the whole of their one and only life doing pointless drudgery, they are made to feel inadequate.


This is called immoral work. We now live in an open prison, due to the excessive regulations that are coming onstream gradually. We are slowly being enslaved by our own civil servants and government employees. Examples of immoral work is the type of work conducted by main stream medicine, lawyers, teachers, priests, and the reasons I adhere to this opinion are briefly listed herein.

Some medical practitioners are not healers. They spend their lives pushing poisonous drugs on humanity. This enriches the oligarchs, it sickens and dumbs down humanity so much that they are unable to think clearly enough to realise that pharmaceutical drugs never healed anyone. Their main purpose is to expand the powers of the oligarchy through medicalising the masses. Main stream medicine is becoming more and more fascist since the introduction of manditory vaccinations in some countries.

Lawyers are employed full time in enforcing stupid regulations which leads to more and more rigid control of humanity. What once were merely vices are now regarded as crimes. These laws may be legal, but they are not lawful or just. Man made laws are currently being based on the satanic tenet of moral relativism rather than the proven science of objective right and wrong.

The purpose of public education is to mislead and confuse and indoctrinate. It is also to teach the child to jump up and sit down to the sound of the school bell, just like you would train a dog. It indoctrinates the child to leave all decision making to the so called expert at the top of the room. It never teaches the child to think for himself or herself. That is totally frowned upon. An example of lies that are being tought to small children is that the earth is a globe when there is undisputable evidence to the contrary. We are taught to believe the word of authority over our own senses. Thousands of independent scientists have proven to themselves that the earth is flat, but they have no way of getting their beliefs out to the public, because the oligarchs own the main stream media. We are working pointlessly to educate students because stude nts can now educate themselves in their own homes with the use of interactive educational software. The help of interactive educational software which is readily available to purchase online, used in the students own home is a much more efficient methodology that the use of a physical human teacher. The true sign of a truly educated human being is not a piece of paper loosely called a credential handed to a student when they are sufficiently inculcated into the twin cults of church and state. The true sign of a truly educated human being is somebody who sets up their own business rather than working in order to create profits for the shareholders of a giant global conglomerate who wish to eventually own and control everything in the world through unfair practices.

Priests are also an example of immoral workers. Nobody knows what happens after we die, because nobody ever died and came back to tell us. Priests claim to know what happens after we die and they help spread the message to small children that they will burn in a fire for all eternity if they do not conform with church teaching. They force this mis-information into the minds of small children before these children have the ability to critically analyze this information. This practice must be abandoned because from the point of view of a very young and very gullible child this belief in eternal torment in an afterlife is a form of psychological torture. For further information on this particular topic please see my other blog on this website which is called "Rational Evaluation of Organised Religions."

In some sales positions, dishonesty is expected and required. In fact, most institutions of power throughout the world are based on a system of organised dishonesty. Recently employees have been questioning the ethical value of the work they are being asked to perform for large corporations. They are sometimes being told that the moral aspect of the work that is being carried out in the workplace is solely in the domain of the corporate leaders, and the workers must not concern themselves about it. By this methodology workers are being manipulated to carry out acts of extreme evil on a daily basis. It is my belief that objective right and wrong is scientifically proven to exist. Moral relativism was created by agents of evil in order to manipulate humanity to follow the dictates of extreme evil.

Psychiatry is the most immoral occupation of all. Psychiatrists force medicate their patients on drugs that have such strong side effects that they torture their patients from the inside out, in some cases. The psychiatrists then turn a blind eye to the suffering of their patients. There are easy suppressed cures for all ailments, including mental health issues. We are just finding out about them now, with the help of the internet.


These are the people that the others resent because their work has clear and undeniable social value. They include motor mechanics, farmers, builders, scientists, actors, singers, writers, bakers.

Creative people may be at their most productive when they appear to be doing nothing.

Less is more. Being constantly busy can simply be a way of creating an image of someone who is very very important. Modern work is soul numbing. Whether it takes place in the office or factory, it has become mechanical and meaningless. The modern workplace condemns man to play the part of a machine, turning out work without rest and without thanks.

Five hundred years ago, personal identity or ethos was not based on jobs. Instead the meaning of life was predicated on conviviality and conversation, singing and gossiping, good food and good sex. Our ancestors were not afraid of sex or idleness. They believed the impulses of men were good and natural and must be given a free reign.

Five hundred years ago, the traders of religion had not yet corrupted the noble savage with christianity, syphilis and the dogma of work. The Greeks in their era of greatness had only contempt for work. The poets sang of idleness, that greatest gift from the Gods. Modern man has let itself be perverted by the nonsensical dogma of work. They have allowed themselves to be degraded by the religion of work.

Man must return to his natural instincts. He must accustom himself to working but three hours a day, reserving the rest of the day and night for leisure and feasting.

If nobody in the world had paid occupations, people would find enjoyable ways to occupy themselves because people really like to be active. People would still do whatever really needed to be done to provide themselves with the means of subsistence, but would not be forced into doing it. It is unnecessary for a man to work in a salaried occupation, in order to make himself useful to the world.

Many people have proposed that we reduce work to four hours per day and still provide the "necessary and elementary comforts" of life where people will have the freedom to pursue cultural and intellectual interests.

In general, it is not the police or the threat of violence that force us to work, but rather a social system that ensures that working is the only way that most of us can meet our basic needs. In this way, as Moishe Postone notes, the specific mechanism by which goods and services are distributed in a capitalist society appears to be grounded not in social convention and political power but in human need (1996, 161).

Let me be clear: to call these traditional work values into question is not to claim that work is without value. It is not to deny the necessity of productive activity or to dismiss the likelihood that, as William Morris describes it, there might be for all living things "a pleasure in the exercise of their energies" (1999, 129). It is, rather, to insist that there are other ways to organize and distribute that activity and to remind us that it is also possible to be creative outside the boundaries of work.

As Robert Anton Wilson once put it, "most ‘work’ in this age is stupid, monotonous, brain-rotting, irritating, usually pointless and basically consists of the agonising process of being slowly bored to death over a period of about 40 to 45 years of drudgery."

A New York Times piece, meanwhile, summarised one of the biggest-ever surveys of the American workplace by stating: "For most of us, in short, work is a depleting, dispiriting experience, and in some obvious ways, it’s getting worse."

We must strongly distrust a worldwide initiative who manipulates the human race into unknowingly building a technological enslavement structure for themselves slowly and incremently over many generations. We must strongly distrust a worldwide initiative who manipulates humanity into unknowingly performing acts of extreme evil and doing extreme harm to each other and to future generations. We must strongly distrust a worldwide initiative who makes us adhere to a system not of our own making which is not in the best interests of the public at large. We must strongly distrust a worldwide initiative who makes human beings work billions of unnecessary hours all because they wish to keep us occupied so that we will not question their nefarious activities which are only and ever in their own interests. We know who these evil characters are at this stage. We can easily take back our power by the simple act of dismantling the telephone masts and refusing to register our births, marriages and deaths among many other easy to implement acts. We must act now.

The following quotation supports my understanding that there is nothing moral about tedious work done for no apparent reason other than utilising unnecessary labour hours. For further information which supports my claim see the link below the following quotation.

"It’s immoral to ask people to work when there’s no work that needs to be done. It’s immoral to create unnecessary labor so people have "something to do".

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