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Prime Minister of Canada
UN Secretary-General
UN's Highest Court
UN Human Rights Chief
UN Security Council
UN Peacekeeping

Today, January 22, 2024

20 years ago, I contacted UN, UN Human Rights Office , UN Human Rights Council, International Criminal Court, International Bar seek justice not only for myself because all Canadian lawyers : You have nowhere to go. If you don't believe, try it ; and because recently by firewall they intercepted my emails regarding class action; and because they still keep hacking ( especially from back stage ), interfering, intercepting all communication tools I am using.

They all stand up for me! I don't have to show you how and what. Just now, from UN news: "Torture as a weapon of war must cease."

After that, they repeatedly poisoned me by McDonald's cashierS when pouring coffee ; they even chipped me by forcibly injecting me when sleep in my home by means of 1) poison ) wearing invisibility cloaks. Next early morning, I could hardly move due to the injection. EU state : If you are chipped, they can trace you anywhere by radio frequency. This is why their drones, aircrafts, police cars, special engineering vehicles, my neighbors' cars trace me everywhere in Ontario, Canada.

Invisibility cloaks

After that, they began terror, psychological torture and MK Ultra, lasting over 22 years. Through them, they attack , remotely attack
and remotely control my hearing, my heart, my head and my body , especially when in home and in my workplace. And, their dirty hands are on my cars 1) engine dead 2) transmission dead.

Real ? 1, 2,3 4

Real 1 ?

The combined photo below contains :

1. Email letter  from UN Human Rights Office

2. Both Canadian Security Intelligence Service and one professor of University of  California, San Diego state Microwave, Radio Frequency... Non Lethal Weapons , Weapons of Mass Destruction



Real 2 ?

UN Human Rights Office regarding MK Ultra and weapons of mass destruction :

UN Human Rights Council regarding psychological torture:

Forty-third session
24 February - 20 March 2020
Agenda item 3

Real 3 ?

If "they" shut your mouth, all allegations against them are real, from Mr. Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

Real 4?


Prime Minister of Canada
UN Secretary-General
UN Human Rights Chief
UN Security Council
UN Peacekeeping
UN Investigation Team
UN Serious Crimes Investigation Team

Canada, all my neighbors, 3 Philippine couples ( Canadian Government and Prime Minister of Canada have known who they are; who don't work at all for 5-15 years), those who are gathering around and in my workplace. ....keep stopping me from uploading this photo regarding and from UN Human Rights Chief by hacking almost all web browsers and hacking this image when uploading ( those hacking techniques were confirmed by one government) , keep hacking, interfering, intercepting all communication tools I am using for contacting UN, International Criminal Court, International Bar Association...and although not for contacting UN....

"Every torture victim has a right to justice .

To ensure that torture wherever it takes place is documented, investigated, prosecuted and punished.




They have been committing terror, psychological torture, MK Ultra for over 22 years by means of all possible Non Lethal Weapons , which were confirmed and reported by UN Human Rights Council, UN Human Rights Office and all Canadian media.

Regarding how evil and brutal they are, please see these below : this is why they repeatedly poisoned me and chipped me:

Recently ,  one professor of University of  California, San Diego stated: If you are secretly forced to take one medicine called " sensitizer ", they can start their torture, terror and murder by Microwave, Radio Frequency remotely ...because you are now very sensitive to  Microwave, Radio Frequency. Even, they can do these remotely. ( This paragraph is being filtered.)

Canada, all my neighbors, 3 Philippine couples , are now again wearing invisibility cloaks to enter, stay in my house to do everything possible, evil and brutal. Something in my house "told" me. Years ago, floor vibration lights "told" me they wore invisibility cloaks to poison me and forcibly inject me.

invisibility cloaks

They at once hacked this website

They even hack UN, International Bar Association....all I have contacted, all who speak out and stand up for me.

Fight  for my life being  threatened ; fight against ongoing terror, (psychological ) torture ( which UN and UN Human Rights Council deeply began to worry about 2 years ago) , MK Ultra ( which was reported by all Canadian media several years ago ) , poison ( Amnesty International, UN Human Rights Office knew how and why Canada repeatedly poisoned me) , death threats and attempted murder by every possible means and with all possible Non-Lethal Weapons, especially, with EMF Weapons. I am not alone and I need your help.

Although English is my second language,
It is time for "Final Account"


Robin Yan

Canadian victim of torture

January 22, 2024

Please send to International Bar Association, UN Human Rights Office , UN Human Rights Council by fax  and


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  • Robin, the perp neighbors that I also have just like your perp neighbors have already left effective today. They were chanting prayers yesterday publicly (public scandalising) but not using the name of Jesus. So, I also chanted christian banishing prayers using the name of Jesus for banishing wicked evil entities or forces, but very quietly and privately by whispering. Surprisingly, they could hear what I was chanting/praying and answered back with their own unusual, intimidating prayers. I believe they are not christian from their ethnic background, so they were not using the name of Jesus. So, it was more of spiritual warfare between us. They had made a drama yesterday. The mighty name of Jesus has won. They started packing up their personal belongings last night. They have left today. The moral lesson for this is the mighty name of Jesus is more powerful than their prayers or negative forces.
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