Think I'm free

I think my last implant came out this morning. I might be free. I'm still kickin'! I was planning on leaving. My little brother is a T.I too and the perps got him kicked out of his apartment. The plan was to leave once these implants were out, now I don't know. Something about these things coming out, lots of torture. Perps said many things with the V2K. They told me I would die, I was half convinced because of the marijuana in the air. Pot is legal in Canada. The perps came into my place and took nearly all the implants. Just as well, these things are dangerous to have. The perps have predictive modeling, they are sure I'm going on the run. That's why my brother is living with me now. I wanted to post an update to let you guys know that I'm alive. It is possible to be free. The perps don't want me to leave town. I'm a high priority because of the genetic engineering. I'm a clone. I explained this in a YouTube video, I'll probably post more later. I've had these implants in me since I was a baby, they're gone and I'm still alive! I went through withdrawals when these implants came out. Three seperate times I experienced withdrawal symptoms. It wasn't too bad but pretty scary. I think what music teacher was experiencing for two years was a result of the implants, after shocks. It took me a year and six months, pretty sure these implants are gone. Well there's an update. This signal acts like a drug, exciting your endorphins. 

Be strong Be love

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