Today's society:  Full of the hottest new toys.  And every one of them can be and might have been used against you.  You buy a cellphone, it generates a controlled electromagnetic signal.  You buy a wireless router, you're not safe in your own home.  You leave your door unlocked with an intent stalker or slave harvester watching you, you are in danger.  You don't get alarms or bars over your windows, you are subject to break-ins.  Many of you demand freedom.  I can and will help you.  I repeat.  I can help you and will help you get away from psychotronic abuse and torture.  But I cannot help you against your will.  That means if you don't respond to my post, you may never be free until you go live in a marble Mormon temple.  Here are some simple rules to ensure safety and health, or survival.

Rule #1:  Acknowledge the fact that improper defense from demons is one of the root causes of your treacherous experience.  You all have researched material to get away.  Believe me, they know, and they might have defended themselves from this treachery.  However, you must utilize what can be done to defend yourself.  Immediately.  

Rule #2: Self sufficiency is a must.  I repeat, self sufficiency is a must.  You're being perped.  That means you need to free yourself, quite possibly while playing the devil's game.  It will humble your perpetrator.  Or worse.  They will know who they are after your trial.  

Rule #3No cellphones.  Use a landline.  They can already intercept your signal anyway.  The waves from cellphones only ADD to the radio frequency damage.  They can already utilize subliminal messaging.  But you can combat this by audio filtering on a landline, and playing back what is happening.  No Wi-Fi.  Use an Internet Service Provider, plugged into your wall.  Use a cable extension if you have to.

Rule # 4  Shield your home.  Metal plating would help.  Bar your windows.  Nine locks on your door, and keyless entry.  Alarms.  Everything. It is rumored Orgone Generators help your cause.  I haven't tried it.  It can be done.  Signal jammers are crucial to your cause.  Or "armor".  Every human out there generates an EMF.  They might locate you this way.  The armor (such as sunblock, a leather jacket, literal chain mail) will block your signal.  It will also ground a signal.  The armor of God is not to be excluded.  The longer you do not do this, the longer you are a fool.

Rule#5:  Occupy your time with hobbies, non fiction reading, novels, or sociality.  Martial arts!  Dates!  Jobs!  Play music!  Play with your Wii or karaoke machine!  Counseling if you must (as a last resort, unless you actually  need it).  Throw a party!  Get a treadmill and weights!  Exercise with friends!  Church!  Church!  Church!  I know that God is real, and Jesus, the usually quiet helper and healer of your soul.  Social functions!  Homeless shelters need volunteers!  Your town needs volunteers for trash pickup, planting trees!  Do not be afraid to volunteer!  Swimming!  Camping!  Congressional meetings!  City Hall!  City Hall!  City Hall!  Be involved.  Be involved.  Be involved.  

Rule#6 Scan for these implants in imaging centers with autonomous networks and are shielded heavily from outside interference.  Area 51 type RF protection is generally necessary.  Marble and brick buildings are a prime example.  No signal can penetrate a solid structure without burning it or causing some evidence.  So sometimes these signals are ELF to UHF (extremely low frequency to Ultra High Frequency).  It is impossible to hack an autonomous network with these signals, unless these network interface cards are designed to or capable of translating these signals, especially in an autonomous network.  Or an independent scanner without a Network Interface card.  Just because "they could do this or that" doesn't mean they have.  A doctor must know the equipment they are dealing with, before and after servicing, for the protection of his clients, even if it means using a technical expert.  It is a necessary part of the Hippocratic Oath.  So bring a "frequency finder" and "jammer".  Explain the cause to your doctor.  They might suggest a counselor.  You would do well to print this out and show them my advice I have given you, as a fellow targeted individual.  But they are looking for foreign bod(ies), or suggestion of nanite or nanobot technology.  They are also looking for a higher chance of burning/scarring, probably from microwave radiation.  Damage to your body and mind may be included, but cannot be discredited as unnatural.  I would not wish damage upon anyone.  An MRI would be the most effective, but possible the most lethal.  The presence of a magnet can drive a "command of execution", either by a surge of electricity, an injection of a lethal agent, embedded in something disguised as a tumor.  The presence of a tumor is not exactly evidence of this, but this tumor can be removed and explored further, as fetal tissue can easily be grown or extracted from a womb and attached to the brain as stem cells, and healed shut with PRECISION.    

Rule #7.  Courteous blamelessness.  If you don't want to be perped, you  must be blameless.  That means be nice, understand that you are dealing with entities that are alive, and some of these are capable of this type of demonic treachery.  Therefore, you need to arm yourself with righteousness.  We're all entitled to fun, and we're all entitled to free speech.  But some of the people around are quite heavily armed, and just as scared as you are.  Therefore, as you might use the gun, they would use the signal.  This is your the first step to achieving a proper moral defensive mentality.  Buy organic foods. Non GMO's.  Talk to a dietician about what to eat during periods of overexposure to electromagnetic radiation.  Look, your doctor might recommend putting you away.  That is an answer for those who have bad habits.  I might join a Christian camp myself as opposed to an asylum or "sanitarium".  This I do because I believe the evil doer will find this "funny" for you to be declared "incompetent".  But you have a God, He has a Son, and His Son is willing to help you overcome your biological status.  Prayer might work.  But don't pray in the name of your perp.  That means "I say these things in the name of Johnny Johnson who may or may not be God". Pray for the sake of life,liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in the name of the Father, Son, Holy Ghost.  And try to move on from your experience as a target.  Ask for His protection.  Even from yourself.  Enough time to gather your bearings to either (a) move on or (b) adequately defeat the evil doer, if there even is one.

Because there are cellphones and wifi, or satellites that generate a wireless signal, there are psychotronic perps.  Because you were undefended from "sleep generators" or "neural signals", you were allowed to be a target.  Together, we can help the FBI in their cause to free targeted individuals from perpetrators.  They may not know because these technologies can be possessed by the citizen.  A nuerophone can be built by an engineer, a programmer, a doctor, and they are all civilians.  The government knows of these possibilities, and are willing to protect you.  They are not here to enslave us.  And they are not foolish.  They are not here to make you criminally insane.  That is the devil's job.  Especially because you are still able to serve the military.  They would build more hospitals, instead of rehabilitation programs.  Yes, I am aware of a fascist possibility.  You angered the simple one's soul, therefore he feels the need to enslave and empower you.  However, we are not fascist.  This is a republic, and a democracy.  It is to retain the values of free agency.  Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,provided it doesn't infringe on the rights of others.  Therefore, you have been violated by an "unAmerican".  The Emancipation Proclamation has freed us from this.  Everything even closely mimicking this is a violation of this pact.  There is no law that enables another being to enslave us.  No, not by contract.  Not by baptism.  Not even by the will of God, lest He be a liar to his moral integrity.  As a targeted individual, I know all about the truth in my words.  However, until you learn to swim a long, long way, you will never be safe again.  All the way to the MRI.  Move to Venice, if you must!  Scuba diving is an effective way to elude your perpetrators.  You can go east, north, south, or west.  However, a broadcast signal can be generated, generating the "illusion" of finding you.  It takes several minutes to locate you.  However, if you are in a moving vehicle, they will not find you until you're safe in a doctor's office..  And they're not cooperative.  Not with them.  They literally think you're being bogus.  They know about the possibility, and as scanners, they know what to look for.  My CT Scan came back as "no abnormalities".  So I have no implants.  

Arm thyself.  This means to learn to defend yourself with or without a weapon, from weapons, as well as assault your perpetrator with similar hostile force.  This means to know more.  "A whip for the horse, a bridle for the ass, and the rod for the back of fools".  Granted, once you're attacked, there really is no safety unless God allows it.  This was a psalm written by King David himself.  Aikido is a good skill.  Basic Combat Training would probably help you become stronger and better as a man, if the skills are used properly.  Going to church doesn't necessarily mean you're protected.  You might actually get to see all the evil around you.  All the people that want to hurt you might be made plain.  

Remember, those with implants are the ones in the most danger.  I will help you.  I will help you.  But you must respond to my post.  I am no longer a target.  I repeat, I am no longer a target.  

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