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I am non-consensually linked by a connection from my brain and central nervous system to a computer control system which is being operated by extremely cruel evil doers who hurt me both physically and mentally on a constant basis. They force me to listen to their voices which I hear coming from inside my head by a brain to brain link process or something similar. I sometimes post online some of what they say to me. I sometimes link what they say to the exact time and date they said it and by doing so they might be held accountable at a later time. The times which are linked to the words which were heard by me are linked to Grenwich mean time which is London time which is the time we use in the Republic of Ireland where I live. Here is some of what they have been saying to me during the past few days as follows:-
“We have to bury it.” (by it they meant my website which is called This was said at 8.26am on Sunday 27th Oct. 2019.
“I’ll knock her off her comfort zone very fast.” This was said at 8.33 pm on Sunday 27th Oct. 2019.
“They don’t appear to be unaware of her but she has a penchant for being bitchy.”
“Let me know when you get her tied down and then I’ll talk to her.” ” Everything I have ever done has been for the good of this system. Am I going to be allowed to fail?” “No. She will be held back.” This was said at 3 minutes past 3pm on 28th October, 2019.
“You can thank your lucky stars that you are still out there.” This was said at 3.57pm on 28th October, 2019.
“You putrid bitch.” This was said at 8.20pm on 28th October, 2019
“It will be on her permanent record after she dies.” “What?” “Her website” “No. It won’t.” “What about her youtube videos?” “They most certainly will not. We decide what goes into her permanent record.” (All of that was said at 5.o6 am on29th October, 2019.)
“The police have asked us to immobilize you so that you will be paralysed from head to toe, Gretta.” “That essentially means that we would have the ability to paralyse you from head to toe at random times and that this would be carried out by unknown individuals who would then torture you at will as they always do. The individuals who requested that we organise to generate the ability to paralyse you at will are the British police and not the Irish police.” (This was said at approximately 5.25am on 29th October, 2019.
I also heard some of the criminals say the following:-
“If you ever cross my path I will kick you. ”
“They are giving me a package deal here. I don’t have to reveal my identity.”
“If we are not making arrangements for Gretta Fahey to see a psychiatrist we have to control her by some other means. We have to activate. ”
“All of the bio-robotization team are on time clocks. They get hurt if they don’t complete their actions.”
The voices which I hear coming from inside my head by technological means have informed me that the microwave transmitters which are currently attached to telephone towers can be trained horizontally rather than pointing out as they are at the moment and that this can be achieved by wireless remote means and that they are a danger to the individuals who live under them.
I heard the voices mention the name Eamon Clohessey on many occasions as pertaining to the island of Ireland. I don’t know him or anything about him other than that and I don’t wish to get him into trouble if he is innocent of all crimes.
“She has a legal right to be offended but she has an obligation to answer any questions I put to her.”
“This woman is indulging in unsequestered purchasing without our approval.” (I made a few small purchases by using cash rather than a cash card so the purchases could not be listed and categorised by the neuro operatives who have illegally placed me on remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation.)
“We are not pushing her to suicide at the moment but pushing her to suicide would be better than this.”
“We know who you are and we know where you live.”
“I am going to antagonize Gretta Fahey until such a time as I can gain access to her home in a police convoy.”
I was cycling my bicycle along a road near my home in a country area when I found a large metal object which had fallen on to the road from a passing vehicle. I got off my bicycle and I moved the object into the ditch so that it would not cause an accident. I was admonished for moving the obstacle by one of the voices which I hear coming from inside my head and that unknown voice was heard by me to say the following:-
“People wont be on the road in future. Many of them would be locked inside smart cities and we would own the roads, primarily for our own uses but some would grant permission to be chauffeured around. Self-driven cars wont come into being now. All bandwidth would be used for the purposes of microwave mind control and millimetre wave body control. Several individuals who would then control the world’s population strictly, without any knowledge of us and our technology becoming evident at all.”
I asked the unknown neuro operatives whose voices I hear coming from inside my head who was the wealthiest politician in Great Britain and Ireland and they answer I received back was Adrian Soames.
I heard one of the voices of the unknown neuro operatives tell a colleague that I had finally been bio-robotized. The colleague was then heard by me to say the following “Bring her in so and I will control the situation. The pharmacist will determine if she is taking her medicine. She will be sent to a psychiatric hospital.”
I continue to hear those voices possibly by brain to brain link. These unknown individuals whose voices I hear coming from inside my head speak about me among each other and they manipulate their words in ways that the listener will misunderstand the meaning of what they say. Extremely versatile information modules can be presented in any light and here are some examples “She aught to take a bath now and again” is sometimes said because I shower daily but I do not own a bath and I have no access to one and the listener is wrongly led to believe that I am in need of a wash. Another example of word manipulation is as follows “She drinks a lot.” The listener is wrongly led to believe that I drink alcohol but that is not true because I drink only ever water or tea. A third example of word manipulation which is being used against me by the neuro operatives when speaking about me to each other and to unknown outsiders is as follows “She is cleaning up.” This is sometimes said when I am cleaning my home and it allows the listener to wrongly believe that I am making a lot of money when in fact I live off my disability allowance alone and I do not earn or receive any money besides whatsoever.
My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo. Republic of Ireland. My website is called

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I am a non-consensual targeted individual of wirelessly enabled electronic control and I receive voice commands and wirelessly delivered pain via a live link between me and the criminal brain weapons experts. Because the live link is bi-directional the criminal brain weapons experts can read the electrical activity which is being generated by my brain and body and by this means and others they can know what I am doing and saying throughout each day. I have no privacy whatsoever and this situation is meant for you if the microwave transmitters are not taken down and banned now.
I sometimes publish some of what the wirelessly delivered voices of the criminal operatives of this human control system say to me and here is some of what they have been saying to me and about me to each other in the past few days as follows:-
“What will we do with her when she is ours?”
“We can’t have you sending out information like this.”
“Is there anyone in Dublin to put a stop to this woman’s nonsense.”
“Keep a civil tongue in your head.”
“I’m out. I am letting go of my investment in this woman.”
“We haven’t anything on her but I could make up something pretty quick.”
“What evidence have you against this individual.” “None whatsoever. She never committed a crime in her life.” You better manufacture some evidence then.”
“Recently we’ve had a lot of activity in this area and we’re very keen to get a system in place.”
“There is pressure on the side of her jaws at the moment. ” “Do we care.” “No”.
“She drinks.” “She doesn’t drink alcohol.” “I didn’t say she drinks alcohol.”
“I own you and everything about you.”
“Put a muzzle on her.”
“We wish to bring people who have irritable bowel syndrome under government control.”
“Ask Dunnes Stores to cease selling yellow and white garments as well as red and white garments because it is confusing my system of knowing the status of the human being which I see on my screen.”
“Open the bowel is not the case.” This was said while I was sitting on the toilet in the privacy of my own home where I was entirely alone and the outer doors were locked.
“They saw me moving the body.” ( The last sentence “they saw me moving the body” was said by one of the criminal brain weapon experts in relation to the fact that the individuals who forced me to become brain to brain interfaced with them against my will and without my permission through illegal implants and electrodes and other particulates inside my head and body can move the trunk of my body up and down by wireless external means when I am lying in my bed alone at night. These same individuals have illegally placed implants in my eyes which show up as fluorescent green when I shine an ultra violet light into my eyes so I can prove that they are there. They informed me that other operatives who work from a different location than the aforementioned group of operatives and whose job it is to monitor all of what I see and hear on a continual basis would have seen my body moving up and down in my bed against my will because on this particular occasion I happened to look down at my body while it was occurring. They further informed me that the second group of operatives have a duty to report any anomalies to head office and they would have reported that my body was being moved against my will. For some reason the first group of operatives are afraid that the second group of operatives who are responsible for monitoring all my audio and visual input will report that they have been moving the trunk of my body vigorously by wireless external means via control of my central nervous system and this has happened on many occasions down through the last number of years.

My name is Gretta Fahey and my address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560,  Republic of Ireland.

My website which I alone own and control is called

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I have become non-consensually, wirelessly connected to a remote neural monitoring in combination with a remote neural manipulation program, by a two way link. I non-consensually hear the voices of the neuro staff who manage and control the computerized remote neural monitoring in combination with remote neural manipulation control system which is also known as the internet-of-things or the cerebral internet-of-things. These voices are heard my me coming from inside my head. Just a moment ago at 18.38 approximately on the 23rd June, 2019, Irish time, I heard the voice of one of the neuro staff tell another member of the neuro staff that their role is to observe and guide whenever they are observing me. I am now officially asking who exactly decided that I needed to be observed on a continual basis as well as guided on a continual basis for the past more than sixteen years? I am also now officially asking why I needed to be observed and guided on a continual basis for the past more than sixteen years? I am also now officially asking who exactly throughout the entire world has been given the authority to authorize other individuals to both observe and guide me for more than sixteen years totally against my will and without my permission? I am equal to every other human being in this world so take that into consideration when answering these three questions. My name is and always has been Gretta Fahey. I reside at Newbrook, Claremorris, County Mayo, F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. My landline home phone number is 0949360901. My website which I alone own and control and where I detail many of my experiences over the past more than sixteen years is called ; I never have and I never would in the future accept money for anything I write in my efforts to expose this human control and enslavement system which is known as the internet-of-things which I am wirelessly tethered to.   I have never met and I never wish to meet any of the individuals who place their voices inside my head or indeed any of the individuals who own or  control or  who work in this aforementioned human control and enslavement system. I have no wish to ever meet any of them.

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Psychiatrists throughout the world are extremely abusive towards their patients in the sense that they force their patients to ingest or have injected into their bodies extremely toxic psychotropic substances which in many instances cause said patients to feel as if they are being tortured from the inside out as a direct result of being forced to ingest or have injected into them said toxic psychotripic substances. The decisions of psychiatrists to force their patients to ingest or have injected into their bodies extremely toxic psychotropic substances is backed by the violence of whatever state the patient resides in. If the patient should fail to take these extremely toxic substances, they are then mandated by psychiatric law to have a nurse come to their abode and inject them on a fortnightly basis with a long acting injection of the toxic substances, which has been mandated by law to be injected inside their bodies, mostly against their wills and without their permission. If the patient should refuse to allow their nurse to inject them with the prescriped toxic psychotropic substance they are then escorted by their local police back inside the psychiatric institution where they will remain until they become compliant. On some occasions if the patient continues to refuse to ingest or to have injected into them the mandated toxic psychotripic substance they are then placed in solitary confinement until they decide to become complaint. This policy of placing non-compliant psychiatric patients in solitary confinement in order to get them to comply with the mandated policies of psychiatry is now coming onstream throughout the European Union.
If a psychiatric patient should experience severe side effects from their mandated psychotropic poisons and if they then complain to their psychiatrist about that the psychiatrist will not allow them to stop taking said psychotropic poison and instead they will mandate them to take an extra substance which the psychiatrist will claim will alleviate some of the side effects of their mandated psychotropic substance. This extra substance will also go on to affect side effects in the brain and body of the patient. These poisons from both mandated substances will build up over time in the brain and body of the psychiatric patient and have been known to eventually cause brain injury.
To prove my point, I enclose herebelow a list of possible side effects a patient may experience as a result of of ingestion or having injected aripiprazole which is more commonly known as Abilify into their brain and body. Other psychotropic drugs have similar side effects in similar measures for the most part.

Like all medicines, Aripiprazole also known as Abilify can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them.
Common side effects (may affect up to 1 in 10 people):
diabetes mellitus,
difficulty sleeping,
feeling anxious,
feeling restless and unable to keep still, difficulty sitting still,
uncontrollable twitching, jerking or writhing movements, restless legs,
shaking and blurred vision,
decreased number of or difficulty making bowel movements,
feeling sick,
more saliva in mouth than normal,
feeling tired.
Uncommon side effects (may affect up to 1 in 100 people):
increased blood levels of the hormone prolactin,
too much sugar in the blood,
altered or increased sexual interest,
uncontrollable movements of mouth, tongue and limbs (tardive dyskinesia),
muscle disorder causing twisting movements (dystonia),
double vision,
fast heartbeat,
a fall in blood pressure on standing up which causes dizziness, light-headedness or fainting,
The following side effects have been reported since the marketing of oral aripiprazole but the frequency for them to occur is not known:
low levels of white blood cells,
low levels of blood platelets,
allergic reaction (e.g. swelling in the mouth, tongue, face and throat, itching, hives),
onset or worsening of diabetes, ketoacidosis (ketones in the blood and urine) or coma,
high blood sugar,
not enough sodium in the blood,
loss of appetite (anorexia),
weight loss,
weight gain,
thoughts of suicide, suicide attempt and suicide,
feeling aggressive,
combination of fever, muscle stiffness, faster breathing, sweating, reduced consciousness and sudden changes in blood pressure and heart rate, fainting (neuroleptic malignant syndrome),
serotonin syndrome (a reaction which may cause feelings of great happiness, drowsiness, clumsiness, restlessness, feeling of being drunk, fever, sweating or rigid muscles),
speech disorder,
fixation of the eyeballs in one position,
sudden unexplained death,
life-threatening irregular heartbeat,
heart attack,
slower heartbeat,
blood clots in the veins especially in the legs (symptoms include swelling, pain and redness in the leg), which may travel through blood vessels to the lungs causing chest pain and difficulty in breathing (if you notice any of these symptoms, seek medical advice immediately),
high blood pressure,
accidental inhalation of food with risk of pneumonia (lung infection),
spasm of the muscles around the voice box,
inflammation of the pancreas,
difficulty swallowing,
abdominal discomfort,
stomach discomfort,
liver failure,
inflammation of the liver,
yellowing of the skin and white part of eyes,
reports of abnormal liver tests values,
skin rash,
sensitivity to light,
excessive sweating,
abnormal muscle breakdown which can lead to kidney problems,
muscle pain,
involuntary loss of urine (incontinence),
difficulty in passing urine,
withdrawal symptoms in newborn babies in case of exposure during pregnancy,
prolonged and/or painful erection,
difficulty controlling core body temperature or overheating,
chest pain,
swelling of hands, ankles or feet,
in blood tests: increased or fluctuating blood sugar, increased glycosylated haemoglobin.
Inability to resist the impulse, drive or temptation to perform an action that could be harmful to you or others, which may include:
strong impulse to gamble excessively despite serious personal or family consequences
altered or increased sexual interest and behaviour of significant concern to you or to others, for example, an increased sexual drive
uncontrollable excessive shopping
binge eating (eating large amounts of food in a short time period) or compulsive eating (eating more food than normal and more than is needed to satisfy your hunger)
a tendency to wander away.
Tell your doctor if you experience any of these behaviours; he/she will discuss ways of managing or reducing the symptoms.
In elderly patients with dementia, more fatal cases have been reported while taking aripiprazole. In addition, cases of stroke or "mini" stroke have been reported.
Additional side effects in children and adolescents
Adolescents aged 13 years and older experienced side effects that were similar in frequency and type to those in adults except that sleepiness, uncontrollable twitching or jerking movements, restlessness, and tiredness were very common (greater than 1 in 10 patients) and upper abdominal pain, dry mouth, increased heart rate, weight gain, increased appetite, muscle twitching, uncontrolled movements of the limbs, and feeling dizzy, especially when getting up from a lying or sitting position, were common (greater than 1 in 100 patients).
Reporting of side effects
If you get any side effects, talk to your doctor or pharmacist. This includes any possible side effects not listed in this leaflet. You can also report side effects directly via the Yellow Card Scheme, Website: By reporting side effects you can help provide more information on the safety of this medicine.
My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, County Mayo, Republic of Ireland. I became a targeted individual of remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation back in the spring of 2003. I was gang-stalked initially. My home was broken into and my belongings were interfered with in minor ways, just enough to emotionally destabilize me. I then began to hear voices coming from inside my head which I now know were transmitted into my head by the use of military communication technology by a direct wireless link which I had earlier unknowingly become linked to military technology by. The voices continually threatened me in a miriad of ways. Among other things that were said to me by the voices was the fact that the voices threatened to paralyse me from head to toe but they said they would leave me with the ability to feel pain and after I was paralysed they would send me endless pain signals for the rest of my life and I would not be able to inform anyone that I was being tortured. I attempted suicide on more than two occasions. I have been informed that I nearly died on two of those occasions. I was so frightened by the silent psychological torture that I was undergoing that I asked psychiatrists in the adult mental health section of Castlebar hospital if I could stay inside the psychiatric hospital for a short period of time in order to regain my equilibrium. I thought that the psychiatrists would believe me when I informed them of what was happening to me with regard to being silently tortured by the voices of military neuro operatives which I could hear coming from inside my head. However, the psychiatrists not only did not believe me, they falsely believed that I was mentally unwell and they wrongly mandated that I take a variety of different psychotropic medications including the above mentioned aripiprazole, all of which gave me such extreme side effects that I suffered greatly from said side effects. I am now no longer taking any type of psychotropic medication and I feel much healthier that I did when I was taking them. They are extremely poisonous and should never be given to anybody whatsoever. Psychiatrists have more than likely never taken any of the psychotropic medications they prescribe to their patients. If they did they would reconsider offering them as a solution to any type of mental health problem.
Psychiatrists now appear to be wrongly identifying any type of short term emotional crisis as a serious mental health problem where they can engineer the tax payer to pay for psychotropic medications from that particular patient for the whole of their lives as well as wrongly categorising that patient as being chronically mentally ill rather than suffering from a short term emotional crisis which is often the case.
I have become so frightened of the bogus psychiatric system that I can not now inform my own general practitioner that I continue to hear voices and I continue to be psychologically tortured by neuro operatives who use psychotronic weapons against me in case he wrongly decided to send me for further psychiatric treatment. In this way, and in many other ways, the people of Ireland and the wider world are hindered from communicating effectively with agents of their own government, thereby helping to take down the Irish government bit by bit through no fault of their own.
Yours Sincerely,
Gretta Fahey, Newbrook, Claremorris, County Mayo, Republic of Ireland
Landline Home Phone Number 0949360901

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I am a targeted individual of remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation where I am non-consensually, wirelessly linked to a computerized control network where I have been constantly monitored and manipulated over many years. When the neuro operatives who operate this computerized control system wish me to get up in the morning they send me pain through the wireless link which connects me to their computerized control system. When I scream out in pain some of the neuro staff ask if my neighbours can hear me scream. The co-ordinating staff then inform them that I live in the country side and I don't have any near neighbours who could possibly hear me scream. If I then refuse to get up out of my bed the level of the pain which is sent to me from the computerized control system is then increased. If I then get out of bed because of the intensification of the pain I am effectively a slave. Why is there a policy to enslave me in the Republic of Ireland?

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I live close to Claremorris town in the West of the Republic of Ireland. I am being targeted by directed energy weapons for neuro research. I have been connected to advanced computerized technology via an energy link. My computer screen is being controlled by remote means by unknown neuro workers. When I check my weather forecast on a website called, I find that my location is wrongly presumed to be in the Eastern side of the Republic of Ireland and the location I am presumed to be at changes from location to location frequently. I copied the relevant data from and I am now posting that copy here below.

Latest Rainfall Radar showing live precipitation and the last 90 minutes precipitation over Ireland, updated every 5 minutes. Precipitation can be rain, hail or snow. Accumulations can refer to rainfall only. Lightning strikes, when they occur, are displayed as a cross. Initially they are red but change to orange and then yellow after a period, then disappear.
Weather Maps
Rainfall Radar
Forecast Overview
Rainfall Forecast (7 day)
⦁ Present Location
⦁ Wicklow
⦁ Recent Locations
⦁ Howth
⦁ North Dock
⦁ Pembroke West
Wicklow - Forecast


My name is Gretta Fahey.  My place of residence is at Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland.  My Eircode is F12 Y560.   My landline home phone number is 0949360901.   My website which I alone own and control is called

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The United States government is now openly  targeting  a selected number of citizens of the United States as well as overseas individuals for wirelessly enabled  unlimited remote  neural monitoring  and human experimentation. These selected targeted citizens  are known to the United States police as non-investigative subjects or silent hits.  I have been and still am such a targeted individual and I reside in Ireland.  Voice to skull bio-communication is being used to force me to constantly  listen to the voices of the operatives who run the Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation system.   Recently I have begun to write down and post online  a small selection of what these operatives say to me by means of reproducing their voices inside my head against my will and without my permission.   Here below is a small selection of what these neuro operatives have been communicating to me by wireless means over the past two days.   

"Watch this space.   We will tie her up in knots so that she wont be able to move a muscle."

"There is somebody here who writes what we say."     The response of a different operative was as follows   "We have had those people before.  We just kill them off."

"This is directly affecting the whole system because now we all know what happens when we speak to her."

"You will wind up as meat on my table.   My people will kill this woman and clean her out and prepare her as a dish to be served in front of me."


I myself said to the neuro operatives whose voices I hear coming from inside my head the following  "Why are you hurting both my knees?"   The response I heard back was as follows  "I am conducting experiments on you".   I then asked the following question  "Are you conducting experiments on me for money?  The response I heard back was as follows  "Yes".  

"It is not a nice thing to do to her but we are getting the system into focus in the world".

"Too many people in the know.  We can't go ahead."

"Puffed up information coming through again."

"Which do you use with Gretta Fahey, the carrot or the stick?"

"Put manners on that woman.  She has destabilized the process."

"Try and destroy the system and see who will win."    My response to that statement was as follows  "We will easily win.  There are seven billion of us.  There are only a small number of you.   The phone towers are the linchpin of your wireless weapons.  We will disassemble and ban all phone towers and your weapons will then be powerless."

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I am wirelessly and non-consensually linked to neuro operatives who force me to listen to their voices throughout each and every day entirely against my will and without my permission. A selection of neuro operatives, who I have been informed are core volunteers in playing a part in my electronic harassment and psychological torture, wake me up and place my in a hyper alert state in the middle of the night, many nights, in order to speak to me and insult me and threaten me and keep me awake for hours at a time when I should be sleeping. When I complained via the two way bio-communication link which allows them to communicate with me against my will and without my permission they said that they could not get a time slot during the day to perform their electronic harassment duties and that is why they harass me during many nights.

I am a victim of the brutal hacking of brains and bodies of human beings which is now widespread and growing throughout Western European Countries and further afield. The main stream media are keeping the populace in the dark about this psychological torture mechanism which is getting ever closer to their own doors. They are more than likely under strong microwave mind control. Further to that, authoritarian psychiatry use fraudulent mental health labelling on anybody who attempts to whistle blow about the existence and abuse of wireless weapon electronic harassment and torture. Neuro weapons have been in field-testing for at least sixteen years in the Republic of Ireland and possibly for many decades before I became a victim of it. This is an ongoing crime against humanity. The only way forward is to disassemble and ban all wireless enabling capabilities together with all microwave mind control capabilities, so that people can begin to think clearly again. Currently many appear to be programmed to only believe what they hear from the mouths of the main stream media announcers. However, the main stream media is now privately owned and controlled by the dark new world order evil cabal and they use said main stream media as their mouthpiece in order to misdirect the rest of the humanity and to lead them into a false sense of security

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My nextstore neighbors downstairs have been using cybernetics on me to cause me health problems through a microchip in my brain. I also believe they use sonic ear on me because I have had popping in my ears on and off and it sounds like rice krispys popping, my ears are also very sensitive to sound also I feel pressure in my ears. They have also used electronic weapons on me made up of guns ETC. I know this because I bought a gps tracking device and caught signals coming into my apartment from their apartment and I have also felt high amounts of electricity going through my body making me feel anxious at times. I think they caused the frontal antrophy in my brain because I did not have that in 2008 before the microchip was put in my brain. I also think that these people have caused damage to my lungs from cutting the oxygen to my lungs on and off. I believe they have caused the skip in my heart beat when they caused my heartbeat to go up well over a 100 beats per minute the reason why I know this is, I had no heart problems I had a normal angiogram in the past. They have also caused me stomach problems because I have thrown up a lot in the past. I believe that these people have murdered people before in the past through electronic weapons that he and she has used on people in the past and this people are very experienced in what they do. And that the murders was covered up because it look like the person died from a normal health problem.  I also have proof that the doctors at Renown hospital lied to me about my mri photos of the brain because they told me that my mri of my brain was normal with no foreign object. I later paid a doctor online who reviewed my 2012 mri of the brain from Renown Medical center and he told me it look like frontal antrophy of the brain. My sons wife a radiology tech was visiting my apt I showed her my 2012 mri photo of my brain and she told me it look like there was a foreign object in the left side of my skull at the time. But I later reviewed the mri photos of my brain for 2012 and found a photo that look like the microchip was in the leftside of my brain. I have evidence that there is a microchip in my brain because I bought a radiofrequency wave bug detector and took it outside and the light was all lit up on it I took a video of me standing by it when it was all lit up. I also had bought another radiofrequency wave detector CC308 in the past and I took it to a park by valley RD in Reno,Nv and when I got there I turned on the rf detector the all the lights was fully lit up when I would move away from the detector some of the light would go off when I would move close to it the all the lights would fully go on. I know that my neighbors was paid off by my ex-boyfriend Charles M who implanted this microchip in me in 2009 and that his mother Lillian B probably helps him pay these people to kill me through this microchip and electronic weapons made up of guns etc. One reason why he pays these people to kill me is because I broke up with him and I will not go back to him. The other reason why he pays these people to kill me is because he doesn't want anyone to know that he implanted the microchip in my body when he drugged me in 2009 and did it without my consent. I haven't been able to get this surgically removed from a doctor because the doctor covers up the microchip in my body by saying there is nothing there. I think that these doctors,mri,ex-ray depts are getting paid to lie about the microchip in my body because my mri of my brain for 2012 clearly shows a microchip in my brain and I have had my sons wife a radiology tech verify this. I have evidence from a rf detector I also have evidence from a gps tracking device. I still can't get any help from the Reno police dept even after filing a police report against these people who do this to me. I have even wrote the City mayor and President of the United States and have not received a response back. I know these people will murder me and hopefully if I die someone will read this letter and know who did this to me.

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Today's society:  Full of the hottest new toys.  And every one of them can be and might have been used against you.  You buy a cellphone, it generates a controlled electromagnetic signal.  You buy a wireless router, you're not safe in your own home.  You leave your door unlocked with an intent stalker or slave harvester watching you, you are in danger.  You don't get alarms or bars over your windows, you are subject to break-ins.  Many of you demand freedom.  I can and will help you.  I repeat.  I can help you and will help you get away from psychotronic abuse and torture.  But I cannot help you against your will.  That means if you don't respond to my post, you may never be free until you go live in a marble Mormon temple.  Here are some simple rules to ensure safety and health, or survival.

Rule #1:  Acknowledge the fact that improper defense from demons is one of the root causes of your treacherous experience.  You all have researched material to get away.  Believe me, they know, and they might have defended themselves from this treachery.  However, you must utilize what can be done to defend yourself.  Immediately.  

Rule #2: Self sufficiency is a must.  I repeat, self sufficiency is a must.  You're being perped.  That means you need to free yourself, quite possibly while playing the devil's game.  It will humble your perpetrator.  Or worse.  They will know who they are after your trial.  

Rule #3No cellphones.  Use a landline.  They can already intercept your signal anyway.  The waves from cellphones only ADD to the radio frequency damage.  They can already utilize subliminal messaging.  But you can combat this by audio filtering on a landline, and playing back what is happening.  No Wi-Fi.  Use an Internet Service Provider, plugged into your wall.  Use a cable extension if you have to.

Rule # 4  Shield your home.  Metal plating would help.  Bar your windows.  Nine locks on your door, and keyless entry.  Alarms.  Everything. It is rumored Orgone Generators help your cause.  I haven't tried it.  It can be done.  Signal jammers are crucial to your cause.  Or "armor".  Every human out there generates an EMF.  They might locate you this way.  The armor (such as sunblock, a leather jacket, literal chain mail) will block your signal.  It will also ground a signal.  The armor of God is not to be excluded.  The longer you do not do this, the longer you are a fool.

Rule#5:  Occupy your time with hobbies, non fiction reading, novels, or sociality.  Martial arts!  Dates!  Jobs!  Play music!  Play with your Wii or karaoke machine!  Counseling if you must (as a last resort, unless you actually  need it).  Throw a party!  Get a treadmill and weights!  Exercise with friends!  Church!  Church!  Church!  I know that God is real, and Jesus, the usually quiet helper and healer of your soul.  Social functions!  Homeless shelters need volunteers!  Your town needs volunteers for trash pickup, planting trees!  Do not be afraid to volunteer!  Swimming!  Camping!  Congressional meetings!  City Hall!  City Hall!  City Hall!  Be involved.  Be involved.  Be involved.  

Rule#6 Scan for these implants in imaging centers with autonomous networks and are shielded heavily from outside interference.  Area 51 type RF protection is generally necessary.  Marble and brick buildings are a prime example.  No signal can penetrate a solid structure without burning it or causing some evidence.  So sometimes these signals are ELF to UHF (extremely low frequency to Ultra High Frequency).  It is impossible to hack an autonomous network with these signals, unless these network interface cards are designed to or capable of translating these signals, especially in an autonomous network.  Or an independent scanner without a Network Interface card.  Just because "they could do this or that" doesn't mean they have.  A doctor must know the equipment they are dealing with, before and after servicing, for the protection of his clients, even if it means using a technical expert.  It is a necessary part of the Hippocratic Oath.  So bring a "frequency finder" and "jammer".  Explain the cause to your doctor.  They might suggest a counselor.  You would do well to print this out and show them my advice I have given you, as a fellow targeted individual.  But they are looking for foreign bod(ies), or suggestion of nanite or nanobot technology.  They are also looking for a higher chance of burning/scarring, probably from microwave radiation.  Damage to your body and mind may be included, but cannot be discredited as unnatural.  I would not wish damage upon anyone.  An MRI would be the most effective, but possible the most lethal.  The presence of a magnet can drive a "command of execution", either by a surge of electricity, an injection of a lethal agent, embedded in something disguised as a tumor.  The presence of a tumor is not exactly evidence of this, but this tumor can be removed and explored further, as fetal tissue can easily be grown or extracted from a womb and attached to the brain as stem cells, and healed shut with PRECISION.    

Rule #7.  Courteous blamelessness.  If you don't want to be perped, you  must be blameless.  That means be nice, understand that you are dealing with entities that are alive, and some of these are capable of this type of demonic treachery.  Therefore, you need to arm yourself with righteousness.  We're all entitled to fun, and we're all entitled to free speech.  But some of the people around are quite heavily armed, and just as scared as you are.  Therefore, as you might use the gun, they would use the signal.  This is your the first step to achieving a proper moral defensive mentality.  Buy organic foods. Non GMO's.  Talk to a dietician about what to eat during periods of overexposure to electromagnetic radiation.  Look, your doctor might recommend putting you away.  That is an answer for those who have bad habits.  I might join a Christian camp myself as opposed to an asylum or "sanitarium".  This I do because I believe the evil doer will find this "funny" for you to be declared "incompetent".  But you have a God, He has a Son, and His Son is willing to help you overcome your biological status.  Prayer might work.  But don't pray in the name of your perp.  That means "I say these things in the name of Johnny Johnson who may or may not be God". Pray for the sake of life,liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in the name of the Father, Son, Holy Ghost.  And try to move on from your experience as a target.  Ask for His protection.  Even from yourself.  Enough time to gather your bearings to either (a) move on or (b) adequately defeat the evil doer, if there even is one.

Because there are cellphones and wifi, or satellites that generate a wireless signal, there are psychotronic perps.  Because you were undefended from "sleep generators" or "neural signals", you were allowed to be a target.  Together, we can help the FBI in their cause to free targeted individuals from perpetrators.  They may not know because these technologies can be possessed by the citizen.  A nuerophone can be built by an engineer, a programmer, a doctor, and they are all civilians.  The government knows of these possibilities, and are willing to protect you.  They are not here to enslave us.  And they are not foolish.  They are not here to make you criminally insane.  That is the devil's job.  Especially because you are still able to serve the military.  They would build more hospitals, instead of rehabilitation programs.  Yes, I am aware of a fascist possibility.  You angered the simple one's soul, therefore he feels the need to enslave and empower you.  However, we are not fascist.  This is a republic, and a democracy.  It is to retain the values of free agency.  Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,provided it doesn't infringe on the rights of others.  Therefore, you have been violated by an "unAmerican".  The Emancipation Proclamation has freed us from this.  Everything even closely mimicking this is a violation of this pact.  There is no law that enables another being to enslave us.  No, not by contract.  Not by baptism.  Not even by the will of God, lest He be a liar to his moral integrity.  As a targeted individual, I know all about the truth in my words.  However, until you learn to swim a long, long way, you will never be safe again.  All the way to the MRI.  Move to Venice, if you must!  Scuba diving is an effective way to elude your perpetrators.  You can go east, north, south, or west.  However, a broadcast signal can be generated, generating the "illusion" of finding you.  It takes several minutes to locate you.  However, if you are in a moving vehicle, they will not find you until you're safe in a doctor's office..  And they're not cooperative.  Not with them.  They literally think you're being bogus.  They know about the possibility, and as scanners, they know what to look for.  My CT Scan came back as "no abnormalities".  So I have no implants.  

Arm thyself.  This means to learn to defend yourself with or without a weapon, from weapons, as well as assault your perpetrator with similar hostile force.  This means to know more.  "A whip for the horse, a bridle for the ass, and the rod for the back of fools".  Granted, once you're attacked, there really is no safety unless God allows it.  This was a psalm written by King David himself.  Aikido is a good skill.  Basic Combat Training would probably help you become stronger and better as a man, if the skills are used properly.  Going to church doesn't necessarily mean you're protected.  You might actually get to see all the evil around you.  All the people that want to hurt you might be made plain.  

Remember, those with implants are the ones in the most danger.  I will help you.  I will help you.  But you must respond to my post.  I am no longer a target.  I repeat, I am no longer a target.  

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