Every adult human being has approximately thirty trillion cells in their body. Each of those approximately thirty trillion cells contain a pair of sex chromosomes which determine whether that individual is male or female. Females have two x sex chromosomes in each of the approximately thirty trillion cells throughout their bodies. Males have an x and a y sex chromosome in each of the approximately thirty trillion cells throughout their bodies.
If a male should wear a dress or ribbons in his hair he has a moral right to do so and all logical thinking human beings support his right to do so. If man made laws demand that we call him a female those man made laws are immoral and should be ignored by all logical thinking human beings.
Law makers can not make something moral or immoral simply by decreeing it so. If a law maker enacted a law stating that two plus two equals three it would never make it true. If a law maker enacted a law stating that a boy is now a girl it would never make it true.
Natural laws are laws that man did not create, which govern the manifestations that occur as the direct result of the behaviour of a human being. Natural law is the most hidden knowledge in the world and it is being kept hidden from us by dark occultists. Natural law is a knowable, testable and proveable science. We are all infolded in and surrounded by a field of intelligent energy. Our behaviours interact with this field of intelligent energy and then this field of intelligent energy will give back to us new experiences based on our past behaviour. No one on earth is exempt from Natural law.
We must learn to act in harmony with Natural Law. This is accomplished through self mastery and not through mastery over others. Human beings throughout the whole world must study the natural law principles and we must integrate them into our lives in order to bring harmony to earth. Natural law states that morals are not relative. Natural law states that morals are absolute. We must conduct our lives on the basis of objective right and wrong.
Dark occultists have introduced nano technology into our brains and bodies, some of which adhere to the neurons in our brains. They use 5G and other artificial energy fields to affect the nano technology inside our brains which in turn affects the neurons in our brains and the neuro transmitters which our brains secrete. This in turn affects our emotions, thoughts and beliefs leading many to believe what they are encouraged to believe rather than what is objectively true. Many are wrongly encouraged to believe that there is no objective truth. Many are wrongly encouraged to believe that governments have rights which they do not have. Many children are being subliminally influenced to believe that they are boys when they are girls and that they are girls when they are boys. Many government employees and others are being subliminally encouraged to totally trust in untrustworthy sources of news.
If a right does not exist by one individual over another during a one to one encounter than that right also does not exist by a government over a human being. Governments also can not grant rights to others which they do not have themselves.
In order to obtain harmony on earth we must disassemble the infrastructure which allows others to externally control our thoughts, feelings and beliefs.
For further information on Natural Law please listen to the work of Mark Passio whose website is called Please listen to his podcasts number 73 to 81 which are about the topic of Natural Law.

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