Transhumanism and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


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Dear Senator Ronan Mullen,
Many men and women throughout the Republic of Ireland are being wirelessly tortured inside their own homes by means of directed energy weapons, neuro weapons and by many other means.    This phenomenon has come to be known as "Havana Syndrome".  Whenever they report the matter to the Gardai they are being disbelieved because they can not prove this situation.  I am including herewith some relevant information taken from a scientifically backed document called "Sovereignty Becoming Pulvereignty" which I found at the following online link Dr. David Salinas Flores | The Fourth Industrial Revolution: The First Robotization of Africans | The EveryDay Concerned Citizen and which may convince you that we are very close to digital enslavement and yet you and your colleagues remain silent on the issue.  Why is this the case?.
The Brain net aims to become the most powerful extortion, mind control, honor destruction and privacy violation weapon owned by the organized criminals, the state terrorism and the cyberwar perpetrators (Salinas, 2018e).

It is surprising that the advocates of the 4IR are silent about the dangerous effects of transhumanism to human beings. Klaus Schwab (2016) in this book “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” does not mention nano-diseases or nano-criminals. It is necessary to highlight that the main partners of transhumanist mafia are the police, prosecutors and intelligence services in the world. They hide complaints about crimes committed by nano-criminals using their nano-weapons.
(b) Nanobots can be used as weapons of delinquency

The illicit nanotechnology has created a new kind of criminals, criminals that could be called “nano-hired killers” or “nanotorturers”, those responsible for the “dirty work” of nanomafia; these mainly include journalists, university students, nurses and illegal immigrants like many Venezuelans in Peru: these people would be responsible for performing several works including: selection of the victims, choice of “the persons of interest”, persons who can assist the nanomafia; they intoxicate the victims with nanobots through food, drinks or pills or they can kidnap the victims in order to insert in them the brain implants; they can also edit, select and market mind videos obtained from the daily espionage using the Brain net, they also do mind torture, victim torture, breaching the victims’ privacy, they perform information and espionage of victims’ dreams; they obtain information from the victims’ dreams, they use the Brain net for extortion; they create pseudo-diseases blocking the function of organs by telemetry in order to then extort the victim with “the cure” (Salinas, 2018d).
Please reply to me by email  in answer to my query.
Yours Sincerely,
Gretta Fahey aka Margaret Fahey,
Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo,  Republic of Ireland.  My landline home phone number is 094 9360901.  
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Today's date is 23rd November, 2022, and the time is 13.20 pm

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