They are covering up their ongoing crimes against humanity.



By firewall, by everything possible, "Canada" is intercepting, blocking everything , anyone I am contacting, including Prime Minister of Canada, and UN.



My neighbors are now attacking madly my hearing with Microwave Weapons after I contact you , which cause serious tinnitus  in my home. Here is evidence, which includes nearly all Non-Lethal Weapons ; which includes how Non-Lethal Weapons can be used to  incapacitate and control human hearing, especially, in my home and my workplace :






UN Human Rights 

UN Human Rights Council 

Amnesty International 

International Bar Association 

International Criminal Court

TRIAL International 

International Court of Justice 

Canadian Government

UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Nils Melzer


CC :



Contact : 


Temporary  email :



Recently, just recently, I sent this below to  TRIAL International for Crimes Against Humanity , International Bar Association, and International Court of Justice, "Further evidence from Attorney General of Canada..."





What happened and what happening in Ontario, Canada? 


Please see our emails between UN Human Rights and  me:








They hack UN, International Bar Association, International Criminal Court and everything I am using because they commit terror, psychological torture and MK Ultra for nearly 20 years with all possible Non-Lethal Weapons and by every possible means.


Terror, Psychological torture, and MK Ultra. Any kind of them can totally destroy your life and leave you  unimaginable aftermaths. And  how serious are they? Just Google them. 2 years ago   UN Human Rights Office and UN realized the seriouness and swore to collect evidence about "psychological torture"  all over the world.



15 years ago, all Canadian lawyers refused me:



My neighbors are now attacking madly my hearing with Microwave Weapons, which cause serious tinnitus in my home. Here is evidence, which includes nearly all Non-Lethal Weapons;

which includes how Non-Lethal Weapons can be used to incapacitate and control human hearing

especially, in my home and in my workplace:






Fight  for my life being  threatened ; fight against ongoing (psychological ) torture, terror, poison, death threats and attempted murder by every possible means and with all possible Non-Lethal Weapons. I am not alone and I need your help.



Robin Yan


Canadian victim of torture





Please transfer to International Bar Association, UN Human Rights Office , UN Human Rights Council by fax  and, thanks.



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  • Here's the details.
    Download Google sound analyser apk SPECTROID. Open it. Zoom the nfrasound part on graph. You will see as you breath deeply. Graph fluctuate according to breathing. That means you need sound which can penetrate deep inside head.
    For this you need 5Hz 8 Hz 11 hz 13 hz 5 kHz 8kHz 11kHz 13khz put 2.4 ghz wi fi signal in it. And play it above head or on ear. As soon as you do there will be pain with vibration on head neck and shoulder. That's it.
    you can generate sound using tone generate apk from play store.
    You just need mobile phone, wifi router and small circuit which will can send wifi signal to heradphone through wire. A type of mixer circuit.
    Mind reading they are doing is not only on infra sound. What they are doing is using low bass ,mid and high treble frequency so that low frequency gets interfered. They still got mid and high stable frequency.
    That's why most of the interference doesn't work. They create Heterodyne frequency music.
    What you need is sound which penetrates deep to head. Besides 2.4 ghz you guys can try and use 550kHz or mhz and above for penetration.
    Once your sound reached there sound get blocked.

    Please use high frequeny in low volume.whatever you do it should be in low volume. High treble frequency will burn you and low bass will generate to much heat
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