My aura has been significantly damaged due to the fact that my human energy field has been accessed by several neuro scientists in order to access whether I am a viable commodity for human bio-robotization and subsequent enslavement inside my own energy field which is now main stream. If I go to my local town of Ballinrobe today approximately between one pm and two thirty pm, if you are awake and aware of  directed energy weapon crime involving human bio-robotization please be there with a human energy field camera in order to photograph said human energy field so as to prove that it has been significantly damaged. I will have drank a small amount of ozonated water in order to enhance the visibility of my human energy field which is also known as my aura. If you are able to prove that my aura has become significantly damaged you may then be able to prove the existence and abuse of wireless directed energy weapons as well as wireless enslavement and slow human bio-robotization. I have been informed that some human beings have already been enslaved inside their own energy fields to the extent that they can no longer move a single muscle ever again and the only way they eat, speak and live is through total and absolute wireless remote control. This destiny may not be meant for me because I have been classified as unsuitable for human bio-robotization  for many reasons. I have recently discovered that if targeted individuals drink ozonated water as a matter of urgency they can free themselves from all targeting because ozonated water destroys the nano particulates inside the human brain. Place this matter as urgent attention to detail.

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