v2k triggersOnce alphabetical ultra tones are converted into a subconcious trigger for BLACK alpha sight spells out what you see at the speed of thought.
ABALAAA 5 recorded mannerisms of AEIOU raising pitch each time
EBELEEE there are 26 points of sight which attract the vowel tone conversions
IBILIII they work the same as your vocal chords by vibrating clashes of pulsars
OBOLOOO creating air waves from within you to the point of sight triggering the first
UBULUUU constonants which form the word BLA .the CK is what the v2k
broadcasters use for triggering as a constinants are now a subconcious
action.The victim does not spell the word BLACK it only recognises the words BLA as the CK exchanges words for colour,these two letters are the basis of light speech.The continuous static replaces our subconcious actions as the victim searches for BLA the CK is in the mind before the vowels as a subconcious trigger,while on the other hand the v2k broadcaster uses static light to trigger

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