v2s alphatek

A company/orginisation dedicated in finding recipitants of syntheticaly received mental illnesses covering all mental illness diagnosis.broadcasted through digital telecommunication networks by way of converting speech into the ultrasonic range amplified by linear sound,received by all human senses.received by copyright owner in way of format above.

I have made myself part of a format used to correspond with copyright laws.i have a copyright witness registration certificate by the UKCCS.it reads              To verify that the work

                                                                    V2S ALPHATEK

                                                                  Was registerd with the UK copyright service

                                                                  On 27/04/2010

                                                                   And that the copyright owner is listed as

                                                                    ANDREW SCOTT

                                                                    It shall remain on record as evidence of copyright

                                                                    until the registration exspiry date of



So i own and i am v2s alphatek.once all is out in the open people will create companys based on the foundation of our situation, it will be a new form of communication.As the copyright owner is the format used for copyright witness it proves should anybody else copy this process that we are hearing thought alterd projection as is received by copyright owner in the way of format used.



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