Vaccine Information.

Here are a list of just a small number of the medical professionals, vaccine experts, laboratory technicians and university professors who are speaking out strongly against accepting any and all covid-19 vaccines because they believe all such vaccines are slow acting poisons which will possibly kill those who have been vaccinated within three years. They also have stated that the covid-19 pandemic is a hoax and that a possible  covid-19 virus  has never been isolated. The following are a some of these individuals
Dr Carrie Madej,
Dr Sherri Tenpenny,
Dr Vernon Coleman,
Professor Dolores Cahill,
Dr Andrew Kaufman,
Dr Judy Mikovitz.
Celeste Solum,
There are many others on the same video platform which is who are giving the public a similar message but I have not listened to the others yet. Other video platforms such as are censoring all who are critical of being vaccinated with as yet untested experimental covid-19 vaccinations. The main stream media are both censoring and silencing any and all individuals who criticize being vaccinated against the current so-called covid-19 pandemic.

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