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Mind Control News this week (October 24 to 29, 2020)

1. This week, the metamorphosis mind controller was deprived my sleeping by remote electronic weapon at night, maliciously voice inducing. At the same time mapping me with someone who got respiratory diseases, making me unable to breathing. During the afternoon, the metamorphosis mind controller remote electronic energy weapons caused me felt sleepy as well as some people in working whom unable to concentrated on their jobs.

Also the metamorphosis mind controller mapping me with two perps, one in left and one in right hand side with different skin colour, caused my face left and right sides have uneven colour as well as my legs shows different size.

On the other hand, mapping me with someone who stay in a high-noise environment, used to tortured my hearing 24/7.

And other one was mapping me with someone who got Jaundice, shows in eyes with yellow colour.

2. The cases about Flu. vaccines caused deaths in various countries are not matter of the vaccines, but the remote electronic weapon attack.

The same problems occurred in clinical trials of Covid-19. Many pharmaceutical companies stopped their R&D because they could not fight to remote electronic weapons.

Warn to the targeted individuals, if you are the main target, please take a consideration when shot.


1. 本週變態控機賤人晚間遙控電子武器睡眠剥奪,惡意潛聲,同時將鼻塞,呼吸道疾病者同我併感覺,令我沒法入睡。日間下午時份將我同工作人員一起併感覺,遙控電子武器令我們昏昏欲睡,沒辦法集中精神工作。




2. 各國流感疫苗出現死亡事件,原因不在疫苗,而是種疫苗者受電子武器攻擊致死。

Covid-19 的臨床實驗也出現相同問題,多家藥廠因沒辦法同電子武器抗衝而停止研發疫苗。所以提醒被腦控受害者,如果您是被主要針對的目標,接種疫苗時需加倍小心。

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The vaccines are untested and experimental.
The vaccines dont stop anyone from getting covid-19.
They dont stop anyone from spreading covid-19
They cause death and injury.
The vaccine manufacturers are not liable for injuries or deaths caused by the vaccines which they manufacture.
Once someone is vaccinated they can then be patented and owned by someone else.
Messenger RNA contained in the vaccines is software. It is an operating system and it has a direct effect on DNA. Programmers are introducing lines of code into the DNA of previously vaccinated women.
Covid-19 vaccines do not come under the legal definition of vaccines. They are not vaccines. They are technology.
Those who have received the covid-19 vaccine still are mandated to wear a mask and to social distance even after having been vaccinated and they still continue to get the symptoms of covid-19.
Many vaccinated women become infertile because of the vaccine.
There has been a 366% increase in miscarriages since the covid-19 vaccination program began.
Some of the side effects of any and all covid-19 vaccines are Anaphylaxis, paralysis, Guillain Barre Syndrome, Sudden hearing loss, Sudden Blindness, Seizures, Strokes, Encephalitis, and Death.
I hereby certify that I am refusing to accept any and all offers of covid-19 vaccines for all time.
My name is Gretta Fahey aka Margaret Fahey, Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland
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Vaccine Information.

Here are a list of just a small number of the medical professionals, vaccine experts, laboratory technicians and university professors who are speaking out strongly against accepting any and all covid-19 vaccines because they believe all such vaccines are slow acting poisons which will possibly kill those who have been vaccinated within three years. They also have stated that the covid-19 pandemic is a hoax and that a possible  covid-19 virus  has never been isolated. The following are a some of these individuals
Dr Carrie Madej,
Dr Sherri Tenpenny,
Dr Vernon Coleman,
Professor Dolores Cahill,
Dr Andrew Kaufman,
Dr Judy Mikovitz.
Celeste Solum,
There are many others on the same video platform which is who are giving the public a similar message but I have not listened to the others yet. Other video platforms such as are censoring all who are critical of being vaccinated with as yet untested experimental covid-19 vaccinations. The main stream media are both censoring and silencing any and all individuals who criticize being vaccinated against the current so-called covid-19 pandemic.

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I  acquired my first smart  phone a few months ago and I don't use it often and I keep it inside a faraday bag when not in use.  Before I purchased my smart phone I used a Doro phone which may sometimes be being presented as a smart phone but it has different frequencies than a standard smart phone.  I  use a land line home phone for all my phone use. I only purchased this smart phone because I could not access an account without verifying that account by downloading an app on to a smart phone and verifying the account through that system.  

  I use my smart phone an average of one time per week.  I have now noticed that after each time I use it I become more trusting and apathetic towards the worldwide control system than I usually am.  This feeling of false trust and false apathy lasts for about one hour.  Using my computer does not have the same impact on me at all. 

I am now reading a book called "Artificial Intelligence, Dangers to Humanity" by Cyrus A Parsa.  He claims on page 225 of this book that AI can enter people via smart phones more easily that other digital media devices because the smart phone has already created a bio-digital flow-cycle with the human being who owns it.   

I know that almost all individuals who are now using smart phones are heavily programmed into dangerous states of happy apathy.  We are in the greatest danger of being enslaved through our smart phones and yet they are dumbing down all of the people who hold smart phones close to their brains to an extreme degree.  They don't realise that they have been dumbed down.  They actually believe that they can think clearly.   They have been programmed to resist all information about the dumbing down capabilities of smart phones.  They have been programmed to believe every lie that the behind the scenes controllers of the main stream media generate and distribute.   Smart phone users who are senior politicians are even rushing in the erection of 5g millimetre wave transmitters which when installed and activated would then be used to send us voice commands as well as pain signals if we refused to be obedient to the dictates of the individuals who transmit the voice commands.  I believe that those politicians are not evil .  They have simply been programmed to be in alignment with programming which is coming through their smart phones and in a less powerful way their other digital media devices.

Your smart phone is a powerful transmitter and mind control programming device.  Keep it away from your head and keep it in a faraday bag when not in use.    

Through geo-engineering the skies have been sprayed with chemicals, biologicals, nano technology and conductive pieces of metal  to the extent that the atmosphere has now become electrified.  There are many reasons for this including enabling wireless capabilities throughout the entire earth for the purposes of plasma studies, weather engineering, and full spectrum dominance through interfacing our brains and central nervous systems  with compurters, thereby enslaving us through central nervous control which has been explained in patent number US6965816.  

If we put a stop to this aforementioned geo-engineering we can escape the  total enslavement fate that dark occultists have planned for us.

I have been a non-consensual victim of  wirelessly enabled experimentation for nearly seventeen years  and I have informed my general practitioner, psychiatrists and the police of this but they all failed to believe me because they have already been programmed to disbelieve anything that is contrary to the ongoing programming they are receiving through their digital media devices.  We need to disassemble and ban all microwave transmitters and HAARP phased arrays throughout the world as well as all related paraphernalia.

There are heavy metals included in the geo-engineering chemtrail spraying of the skies over our heads which we inhale and ingest.  One of these heavy metals in particular is causing enormous problems for human health.  That is aluminium.  Alzheimers patients, autistic children, patients with Lou Gerigs disease and patients with parkinsons disease have all been found to have high levels of aluminium in their brains.  Aluminium is also being used as an adjuvant is most  vaccines and this is totally unnecessary and dangerous. Many children either develop autism or they die shortly after receiving their childhood vaccines.

Elana Freeland has published a book called "Under an Ionized Sky" which I plan to read in the future and which will support my claims. 

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