Visual Signs

In my case they have been using a lot of signs that might have no significance. They might be used to keep me hypnotized or maybe they're a false clue. They're used over and over again. These include:
- People walking with dogs
- Steam coming out of sewers
- Airplanes crossing the sky
- Intermittent lights (from cars, trucks, bycicles etc.)
- People walking with their kids
- Cars with certain number plates. Number plates in Romania are comprised of 2 digits and 3 letters. The most common are: ZZZ - suggesting that this is just a dream; MMM - suggesting that they enjoy this sadistic game?; MUM, MWM, MOM - reference to my dead mother etc.

One day last summer, they played a game on me. They made me believe that all female made some sort of signs, and that each certain group of females (single, married, widowed etc.) made certain signs. So I went to the streets to test it. Each and every woman made a sign (the most common were: searching through the purse, carrying a bag, eating ice cream, waving the hand through her hair, throwing a look at me and then looking away, staring at me etc.). My eyes were moving faster than I could have imagined in order not to miss someone (it was them controlling my eyes of course). But the fact was that none of them was apparently single (all of these signs were made both by women who were single and by women who were accompanied by men aswell).

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