We have all become embedded with nano technology to the extent that any of us can at any time be activiated as a sender and receiver of direct digital communication both to and from the human brain and central nervous system. Those of us who have already become activated to receive unwanted messages directly into our brains are fully aware that this system is a digital enslavement system which has already been activated inside us. I have sent a message to all of the County Councillors who act for County Mayo in the Republic of Ireland asking them to attend a meeting where I would arrange for them to meet approximately twenty Irish men and women who are willing to substantiate my true statement that we have already been non-consensually activated to receive voice messages and other information which is being sent almost continually to our brains from unknown neuro operatives who I now believe have become partially enslaved by this system which is sometimes known as a cybernetic control system or a neural control system or it is also known as remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation.

The main policy of dark occultists when challenged in any way is to induce negative attention on the individual who challenges them and to attempt to ignore the challenging message almost entirely.

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