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Mind control is now so strong that it can sometimes override our own attitudes.

The technology induced voices which I hear coming from inside my head have just informed me that whenever I am about to send out a letter to my local County Councillor the directed energy weapons operatives who generate my internal voices make it their business to discover who exactly I am sending the letter to. These unknown directed energy weapons operatives claim to know the unique energy s...ignatures of all of the County Councillors throughout the whole island of Ireland. The directed energy weapons operatives would then contact the unique energy signature of the recipient of the letter wirelessly by use of their advanced technology.
They claim that they can read the thoughts of the letter recipient in real time and they deliver the following message to said letter recipient before my letter arrives on their desk. "In the interest of peace and security please do not entertain any letter from this individual."

The unknown directed energy weapons operatives who are responsible for generating my inner voices have informed me that they now know all of the unique energy signatures of the British Senior League. Therefore they now can control their attitudes at will. This would not be as relevant as it is if we were to dismantle all telephone masts immediately.

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