Human bodies generate and electric current which emits and electromagnetic frequency which can be decoded by signal intelligence equipment into what we think, do and say. Signal intelligence staff and others can then reply to our thoughts and words in real time, even over vast distances. I am being subjected to what is known as remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation where my thoughts and words are being monitored and replied to in real time. My muscles are being forceably moved against my will and some of them can now be held and controlled against my will. All of this is being conducted on me against my will and without my permission. I have informed the Irish police who are known as the Gardai but they did not believe me and they subsequently sent me for psychiatric evaluation.
I have included here some of what the unknown remote neural monitoring staff have been saying to me in the past few days as follows:-
"Stop asking us questions".
"She doesn't have a requirement for a fridge freezer." (My fridge freezer broke down and I was considering what I would purchase in order to replace it.)
"What did she eat now".
"She shouldn't be eating so many eggs."
"We don't want to send the intense pain until such time as we control the body."
"She uses the toilet too often."
"Unsubscribe her from the internet."
"I will take her credit card off her because of that manovure." (I gave the details of my cash card to a local supplier because I get goods from them on a regular basis and now I do not need to repeatedly give them the details of my cash card at every transaction. Those unknown others who are attempting to exert total control over my life from an unknown remote location appeared to be angry at my actions because they are now no longer in a position to dictate what food I purchase because they they do not now have access to my card).
"You wouldn't be able to kick me because I would control your leg muscles." ( Those who speak to me from a distance while remaining anonymous cowards often threaten to come to my home and to move in with me in order to control all aspects of my life. I am terrified of this ever happening so I informed one of them that if he ever came to my home I would kick him. ( I am paraphrasing because those were not my exact words because I also used swear words.)
Those who communicate to me by this means demand that I answer them respectfully and that I am obedient to their dictates which I never am. However, they have informed me that some day in the future they will force me to be respectful and obedient to them because in the future they claim that they will have more control over my body to the extent that they would be able to paralyse me if I was disobedient and they even told me that if I could not tolerate their control over me that I would not even be able to commit suicide because they would freeze my body if I ever attempted to kill myself. I have a friend who is also being subjected to similar experiences to me and she has in fact tried to kill herself only to find that her arm was remotely frozen into a state of paralysis by her unknown controllers when she tried to carry out the act of killing herself.
There may be an easy solution for this. Take chlorine dioxide or any oxygen therapy to get rid of the what is known to be injectable nano technology from your body and brain. Please share this information widely especially with scientists and government officials. Because of the fact that a wireless crime is being committed against me and because I have no recourse to justice I am enclosing my name and address here. My name is Gretta Fahey aka Margaret Fahey and my postal address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland.

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