Please send to Prime Minister of Canada, Canadian government , ICC , UN's Highest Court , UN Peacekeeping and UN Human Rights Chief because of their ongoing evil, brutality and terror in Ontario, Canada, not only against me, but against all of you who stand up for me.

Various and foreign investigatorS "told " me about my all neighbors, 3 Philippine couples ...

2 attached files :

Canada refuse to stop...

Please send ASAP

"Ask" Canada. do as UN, International Criminal Court, UN Human Rights Chief (recently in Canada ) asked because Canada donated lots to UN Human Rights Office.

"Canada..." again at once hack this photo by one special technique confirmed by one government , which contains UN Human Rights Chief's recent statement about how to help torture victims and fight against torture when I upload it.


8 years ago, they hacked my evidence, one photo to UN, UN Human Rights the same technique, which contained the Sonic Weapons they use to destroy human hearing.

In 2017 ,

UN :
Zero tolerance to torturers, murders, criminals against humanity, war criminals ...

ICC has for the first time ordered a war criminal to pay reparation to victims of his atrocities.

Various and foreign investigatorS about my all neighbors, 3 Philippine couples ...
concluded and left me message in my home about my all neighbors : "What you can't see can murder you." That is, all possible Non-Lethal Weapons, especially, EMF Weapons.

Regardless of UN, UN Human Rights , UN Human Rights Council ,and ICC, It happened and is still happening not only in my home, but in my workplace , but almost anywhere in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
committed by Canada, my all neighbors, 3 Philippine couples, those who are gathering in and around my workplace, those who are driving and operating aircrafts, drones to trace, follow me everywhere, anywhere.
They commit terror, psychological torture, and MK Ultra over 50 years reported by all Canadian media and newspapers 10 years ago as they donate their values including lots of money to UN Human Rights Office.

Here are from UN Human Rights Council, UN Human Rights Office about their serious crimes

UN Human Rights Office regarding MK Ultra and weapons of mass destruction :

UN Human Rights Council regarding psychological torture:

Forty-third session
24 February - 20 March 2020
Agenda item 3


Fight  for my life being  threatened ; fight against ongoing terror, psychological torture ( which UN and UN Human Rights deeply began to worry about 2 years ago) , MK Ultra ( which was reported by all Canadian media several years ago ) , poison ( how and why "Canada..." repeatedly poison me, UN Human Rights Office has them. One witness shout :don't drink it. ), death threats and attempted murder by every possible means and with all possible Non-Lethal Weapons, especially EMF. I am not alone and I need your help.


Robin Yan

Canadian victim of torture


Please transfer to International Bar Association, UN Human Rights Office , UN Human Rights Council by fax  and, thanks.

Attached file 1

Canada refuse to stop...




Attached file 2

Please send ASAP








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  • I can upload UN Human Rights Chief 's photo about how to fight against torturets
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