Members of the World Economic Forum who are unelected and have no political power whatsoever have told us that in the near future we will own nothing and be happy. Because of this statement many are now wondering how we will be motivated to work or study when there are absolutely no financial incentives from doing so. You are probably wondering how slave masters manipulated slaves to work for them in the past. There used to be a document in circulation online about their methods of manipulating their slaves to work but I can no longer find it. However I did read it and this is what it said. The slave owner would torture one of his slaves to death and he would force all of the other slaves to watch while he did the torturing so that none of the other slaves would ever stop out of line again. The women slaves would be so traumatized from watching the torturing that they would pressurise their young sons and daughters to always be absolutely obedient to the slave master so that those sons and daughters would never have to undergo such torture. The type of torture which was used was to tie the slave on to two horses and then physically pull the slave apart. If we ever become virtually enslaved due to implants inside our bodies we will be similarly tortured if we refuse to work for the slave masters who can remotely and wirelessly stimulate the implants inside us by means of remote controls in order to either immobilize our muscles or else to force our muscles to move against our wills or else to overheat us or else to send agonizing pain to us. When you are dismissed from the workplace against your will it is said that you were fired or sacked rather than simply dismissed. I believe that those words are used to impress upon us that if we refuse to work for no pay in the future we will either be set on fire or put in a sack and drowned. I have already been illegally implanted with implants that when scanned with a bluetooth scanner generate MAC addresses and I am being wirelessly and remotely electronically harassed and psychologically tortured and this torture has continued for more than nineteen years. You need to raise awareness of this among all who will listen to you. Here is an excellent and trustworthy source of information at the following online link 

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