I have been planning for a while to get three kittens. I had even picked out names from them, namely Nelson, Larry and Lulu. They would have been both indoor and outdoor cats with total freedom to travel where they wished. I live in a quite rural area and they would have come to no harm no matter where they wandered to. I have been watching youtube videos about keeping kittens for the past while and I was really looking forward to getting them.
However, I have decided now that it is dangerous in the current world of advances in technology to take care of kittens because of the fact that I am a targeted individual of EEG heterodyning and remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation. EEG heterodyning allows unknown neuro science criminals to wirelessly control our physical bodies from a distance and can be used to make us hurt small animals or even babies against our wills and without our permission. It is very easy for the non scientist to understand how this is achieved scientifically and I offer a full explaination here of how it is achieved here.
When ever we move a muscle in our arm an electrical signal is first generated inside the motor cortex of our brain and it travels through our central nervous system down to our arm. We now have metallic particulates and other materials saturated throughout our bodies and brains which were injected into us through vaccinations and which we ingested through our food and water. By these metallic particulates we have become human antennas and because of this we have become senders and receivers of electrical signals which can be read wirelessly and by other means by neuro operatives who work from unknown remote locations. These electrical signals which our bodies and brains generate are being translated at the speed of light into what muscles we are moving in the privacy of our own homes and what thoughts we are thinking in the privacy of our own heads. Because I myself am a long term non-consensual victim of neuro experimentation the electrical signals that my motor cortex is generating are being monitored, measured and manipulated every day as I attempt to live a normal peaceful life.

By reading and translating the electrical signals in orther parts of the human brain such as the visual cortex, the auditory cortex and the sensory cortex, unknown neuro science criminals can also access what the non-consensual human subject of neuro experimentation is seeing, hearing and feeling. The neuro science criminals can also access the thoughts, feelings and memories of the non-consensual human subject by reading the electromagnetic frequencies being generated in still other parts of the human brain.
A frequency modulator can be used to take frequencies from the motor cortex of the human brain of a victim of neuro experimentation and mix them with incoming frequencies from another separate human being in order to enabled that other human being to take over and control the muscles and vocal cords of the victim. The non-consensual experimentee victim could by this method be forced to hurt a kitten by squeezing it too tightly. Similarly the non-consensual experimentee victim could possibly be forced to hurt a baby if there was a baby in the environment of the victim. Similarly the non-consensual experimentee victim could be forced to drive a car or a truck into a crowd of people and even be made to falsely believe that he drove his truck into the crowd of people through his own carelessness. This has happened throughout the world on many occasions because the individuals who own and run the neuro weapons industry wish us to eventually abandon use of our own personal vehicles and agree to be driven around in self driven vehicles in future which would seriously curtail our freedom to travel where we wished and when we wished.
The repercussions of the use of Remote Neural Manipulation which is sometimes known as EEG heterodyning are extreme. Individuals who have become non-consensual victims of neuro scientific experimentation could be formed into an army where they would eventually be remote controlled to cause chaos throughout the world in the fullness of time. This neuro scientific experimentation on unwilling and non-consenting human beings must be brought to a stop immediately by every government throughout the world acting together. Please do it now. My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland. My landline home phone number which I use to verify my identification is 0949360901.

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