Microwave Hearing is electromagnetic frequency technology that utilizes radio frequency signals to induce sound and voices within the cranial cavity of the target. There are many scientific patent numbers to back up the existence and abuse of technology which can transmit voices to a location inside the heads of unwilling human subjects who know of no way as yet to block these voices. These capabilities are in use for decades if not centuries and yet governments are vehemently denying their existence and furthermore they have installed policies to send all complainers of such voices for mandatory psychiatry evaluation and if the subject maintains their stance they are then locked inside psychiatric hospitals and mandated to accept poisonous substances posing as medicines. Why haven't members of parliament openly admitted to the existence and abuse of microwave hearing. Is it because the maratime and admiralty courts would collapse immediately if it was known that the judiciary can be wirelessly externally controlled from unknown remote locations by unknown criminals.
I am being subjected to microwave hearing so I have included here below a small selection of what the voices which I hear being broadcast into my head by wireless means have been broadcasting into my head recently.
"Hostile to Religions and yet (the fact that you are) not one of us is not something we like"
"Stop wasting electricity." 8.22 am 18th Oct. 22
"An inventory of her home" 7.55 am 18th Oct 22
"There is a behavioural system involved."
"Why aren't you changing your sheets more often than every ten days." 3.40 pm 17 th Oct. 22
"She is banned from Her freedoms are restricted. She will be an outcast."
"My purpose is to stop her in every capacity." 13th Oct 22
"We can get our misdeeds through as her misdeeds." 1.30 pm 13th Oct 22
"She is allowed to purchase on ebay but she can't purchase on a whim." 9.08 pm 13th Oct. 22.
"It is non-negotiable. You will do it or you will die." 1.48pm 14th Oct 22
"Get her sorted. We need to tie her down." 3pm on 18th Oct. 22.
"She will eat what I give her or else she will be beaten to death. 5.53pm on 18th Oct. 22.
"Find this woman and tell her to shut the fuck up. We have enough of her." 5.55pm approx on 18th Oct. 22
I scratched myself and then I heard the following being said "Can we have her repeat that action. 2.40 am 19th Oct.
"They are prepping her." 5.25 pm on 19th Oct.22
"We don't want you to feel sorry for yourself" 10.40 pm 19th Oct 22
"We don't want her. She is only a fool" 9.34 am 20th Oct, 22
"We dont want her. We want her to commit suicide. " 9.40 pm 20th Oct, 22
"Can we give her an alcoholic problem please" 9.45pm 20th Oct, 22
"The Dog has two tails" 10.39pm 20th Oct, 22
"There is not a nice lady here" 11.40am 22nd Oct 22.
"She is looking at washing machines" 4.15pm 22nd Oct 22.
"You will soon be aware of me" 6.11 am 23rd Oct, 22.
"We have a vacant line here." 9 am ib 23rd Oct, 22.
"A breakdown of what you spend" 10.35 am 22nd Oct 22.
"Why isn't she gone out" 11.34 am 22nd Oct 22.
"She appeals to an online audience whenever we say too much to her." 1.25pm 22 Oct 22.
"We have no frontiers" 1.27pm 22 Oct.22.

My name is Gretta Fahey and my postal address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland and a wireless crime is being committed against me and when I officially reported the matter I was not believed by officialdum. These voices which I hear are not being generated by my own subconscious mind but instead they are being wirelessly transmitted to me by means of what is sometimes known as microwave hearing or voice to skull or synthetic telepahty or by brain to brain interface capabilities. However, general practitioners, the police, psychiatrists, social workers and many other government employees are wrongly being trained to believe that the voices which voice hearers hear are being generated by their subconscious minds and because of this ongoing evil situation they are also wrongly providing covers for hundreds of thousands if not millions of criminals who commit wireless crimes. Please help expose this ongoing situation because if you do nothing you and your children may be subjected to externally administered wireless torture and enslavement in the future and if you report to officialdum that you are being wirelessly harassed and wirelessly tortured you will not be believed. Please share this widely. I have a bitchute video channel under my own name grettafahey. I have a facebook page but under the name Gretta Fahey Newbrook TI but I am temporarily banned from it because I have been telling the truth on facebook, which some individuals don't like.


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