UN :


Amnesty International :

 "Torturers, we are powerful."

Please forward this  to International Bar Association, UN Human Rights Office  by fax  and sr-torture@ohchr.org , thanks.

UN Human Rights
UN Human Rights Council
International Bar Association
International Criminal Court
Canadian Government

Please work together to investigate who are hacking Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch Europe.

Amnesty International recently speaks out for us on its website: "Torturers, we are powerful."

UN, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch "have witnessed" what they are doing to "all" NGOs.

What happened and what are happening to me ?  Here are our email letters between UN and me:





All Canadian lawyers refused my request and stated: " You have nowhere to go if want to file complaints against Canadian police and doctors. "

They are hacking, blocking, filtering UN, International Human Rights Community, International Criminal Court and everything I am using, even my home security cameras,
 regardless of international law and International order.

Fight for my life being threatened ; fight against ongoing torture, terror and attempted murder,  I am not alone and I need your help.

Robin Yan

Canadian victim of torture


Please forward this  to International Bar Association, UN Human Rights Office
by fax  and sr-torture@ohchr.org
 , thanks.

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