Gordana Filipovic posted a status
Jul 25
Except on this portal, i take the opportunity to leave some trace wherever I can for all of us, including you tube! ! I received a comment - Mental illness is hereditary! It is not easy for us among the frightened people who have chosen Saramag' s Blindness! This is my answer to - One and only Chief Handler! 'The fact is that the perpetrators are psychopaths, but must often they are also the main handlers! Mental illnesses can be hereditary and the percentage of these causes is constantly being researched, but the fact is that the percentage of corrupt, pagan and bad people, not only in the country where I live but also on the planet - is increasing! Since gang stalking, recognized by the UN which is in the resolution project, thanks to the engagement of us, targeted individuals, to the jubilation and ridicule of you, either the main handlers or the perpetrators or the shamelessly indifferent members of the worthless rest of the world -will come to end! Now, you have my contempt! I hope you will have the contempt of others! I care that as a loyal penitent non-free specimen you despise yourself!'

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