Gordana Filipovic posted a status
Jul 24
Does it ever occur to you that tolerating the existence of our abusers, criminal minds and psychopaths is being carried out to be an excuse to solve the world's powers that control over man should and must be taken over by artificial intelligence, that can never and will not be programmed to compete for paganism, lowliness and brutality - a human being? And yet, we don''t all have the same experiences, do we? Maybe our abusers are not the same everywhere?

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  • Your question is your answer. Same weapon prepared people in the above life and used by certain people at certain level in this world and back managed by the above people. There is no evil scientists without the power to be free

  • There are in this world people with super power above all people. Evil leaders with powers, money, and science. They have goals to apply. Thier agents have systamatic life and programs to work on through 24 h and repeated missions. I realized now all science fiction are our realilty the life that evil are living everyday and the prove the mind control that you are dying everyday from it

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