Stephen O' Neill posted a status
Jul 14, 2022
Do any TI's actually post here anymore? Or is it purely spammers? I can't find a single TI posting.

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  • Hello Stephen. It's unfortunate this has happened to Peacepink. I miss the communication & was glad to see your post - a name I recognize & someone I've interacted with - a friend. Douglas has tried to set up another forum for TIs using Peacepink as its model. Will there be another protest this year of TIs at 10 Downing Street? 

    I hope you've been able to enjoy the summer & sun. Take care & be well.

  • Yes. Everything has changed here. I used to learn a lot from the pages of this site. I am now concentrating on alarming people in my country. Many greetings to you, Stephen!
    • I just want to say hello. It's sad to have lost Peacepink & unfortunate.

      If you wish to contact me, please do so at this address: It'd be nice to hear from you.

      Be well.

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