Gordana Filipovic posted a status
May 18, 2023
Tomorrow, the "Stop the Violence" demonstrations will take place in Belgrade, on the occasion of the terrible crime of a child against children in an elite Belgrade school. Intuitively, the citizens realized that the lack of functioning institutions and the criminalized state of Serbia and its government, which glorifies war criminals, but also people with dubious biographies, are behind it and that thirteen-year-old completely innocent children paid the price, which horrified and saddened the world public, too. I, as a targeted individual, whose older son died in the fight and resistance against state gang stalking, as an opponent of the current regime as a targeted individual since the age of seven, which everyone in Serbia knows, am a witness to both the folded hands of the majority of the public and the inaction to my complaints to the UN and the courts of Serbia. I am sure that this culture of impunity for crimes and in general the culture of impunity for crimes against targeted individuals around the world leads to consequences whose end result is - "If there is no God - everything is permitted", that is, it leads to a lowering of the criteria of any consideration towards the victims and when are crimes in the real world. The passionate and perfidious propaganda against me, which is known to the public, has increased these days, and I especially now hear frantic voices again: ""Die!" I will wear a bracelet from another o our organizations that says "You are not alone", so if something happens to me or mine, take advantage of it, because of all the targeted individuals in the world, unfortunately, we have the greatest evidence and the most compelling evidence of persecution for the International Tribunal in The Hague

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  • Hello Gordana - it feels good to send this greeting & connect.

    Targeted individuals are organizing & pushing back. In the US, a lawsuit has been launched (targetedjustice.com) & there are more efforts in Belgium (icator.be). ICATOR is the International Coalition Against Electronic Torture & Robotization of Living Beings. On June 10th, there's a demonstration planned by TI at the European Parliament in Brussels. (Will rhe media cover the event?)

    I have been following the demonstrations in Serbia. The shootings are tragic. The social fabric has been torn & violence keeps escalating. Guns causing disaster & pain. More money for the arms industry - sad. The US has a twisted mindset about guns of all sorts, including military weapons, that kill & maim indiscriminately. The country, literally, has more guns than people.

    What happens in the US affects Canada greatly. The targeting of police officers on duty has become common this year. In Toronto, stabbings & shootings have also increased.

    Our planet & all its creatures are in a 'bad space".

    We keep struggling & we must. Be well. Love & Peace.


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