Havana Syndrome

Havana Syndrome

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  • The question I have is hypothectically if a targeted individual had a perp who torchers and murders with implants that attract electrpmagnetic energy designed to slowly debillitae a person"s health, and uses voice to skull, covert harassment and surveillance would it be acceptable to kill them to save thousands of lives in the future.

    Please don't answer this question online just think about the question and discuss it off line with friends and other targeted individuals.

    In America George Bush Jr, , his father and Dick Cheyney established more than 50 fusion centers with the Dept. of Homeland Security for terrorist. The ruse was never to monitor foreign terrorist but to covertly targetet citizens they didn't like in the United States and wherever an American embassy is abroad. The espionage , terrorist and organized crime fraud is designed for former U>S> federal agents with security clearances to establish continuing crininal enterprises within the U.S> Dept. of Justice, U.S. Treasury and the C.I.A.. and other intelligence and military organizations in America as well as the private corporate continuing criminal enterprises.


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