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San Francisco is were in 1980 the Welcome World Satan Lucifers City tried to place me in a day of wonders (state). Or murder me. I am against SAFE CITIES, most of these cities you need a felony to even be brought into the judicial systems-courthouse Yes a felony! so all crimes up until felonies are not brought to the law enforcement againcies attentions! Threats Fear Scare bondage is aaway of life.STOP SAFE CITIES!In Jesus Christ ServiceWayneModus operandi is Latin for "method of operating". The term is often associated with police work, and it's a favorite of mystery writers. In speech and dialogue, it's often abbreviated to "m.o". (as in "We're beginning to get a handle on the killer's m.o., but we can't go public with it yet"). But it's not only used in criminal contexts. So a frequent gambler who likes to play the horses may have a particular modus operandi for picking winners. And the familiar modus operandi of a cutthroat retailer may be to undersell competitors, drive them out of business, and then raise prices afterwards.
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