nauseating lightshow

After learning about an experimental weapon that can make people feel seasick, Limor Fried and Phil Torrone decided to build their own. They did it for less than $250, and wrote step-by-step instructions so that anyone can make one at home. It can create a nauseating lightshow with 36 pulsating LEDs. Their design has a bonus feature. You can set it to disco mode. Instead of making you sick, the weapon will add life to your next party. Photo courtesy Bedazzler Read More
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  • It's interesting to hear about Limor Fried and Phil Torrone's DIY project of creating incredibox a device that can make people feel seasick. While it may seem like an unusual pursuit, it's worth noting that they were likely motivated by a desire to understand and experiment with technology, rather than to cause harm to others.

    Incredibox - Pump It Up & Chill!
    Incredibox is a music video game, the concept of the game is users drag and drop sound icons on different characters to make music
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