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A letter from Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues on 27 Jul 2011
They will not hear further testimony of mind control victims in their next meeting.
But they have provided our information to White House.
More about President Commission

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Comment by Soleilmavis on August 2, 2011 at 5:17am
August 1, 2011
Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues
Valerie H. Bonham
Executive Director
Dear Ms. Bonham:
Thank you for your letter dated July 28, 2011. It's good to get clarification on what the Commission
plans to focus on at the present time and in the future. I was very impressed at the complicated details
and concerns your committee has been focused on. I am grateful as a United States Citizen, that
you are determined to preserve human dignity, and provide appropriate guidelines, for those conducting research on bioethical issues.
I did realize the involvement of your committee was for a specific goal and research. Yet your commission
extended a kind ear to us, who are experiencing a similar bioethical concern that needs to be addressed.
Thank you for letting us voice our concern about this covert, high tech war against us, currently facing a concealed population of approximately 3.4 million people in the United States. The experimentation and utilization of newer, silent, and non-apparent lethal weaponry against our growing, tormented United States population, as controversial and unbelievable as it appears, needs to be addressed. I hope you and your committee members and those who represent President Obama, can come to realize, this is a real, and scary reality, and approaching epidemic proportions.
How can United States citizens be subjected to this unruly, grotesque criminal crime without legal support, medical support, social support, and most of all protection and education to the public.?
I can only hope you can deliver to President Obama, our wounded cry for help - in our hundreds of letters and comments . We hope President Obama will set-up a commission to investigate this activity, help us investigate grant possibilities for outreach assistance, temporary housing assistance, general public education and medical field education. We need assistance to identify and criminalize those who have brought about this unthinkable, extermination like activity here in the United States, a land of the free.
For the hundreds of thousands of victims who have reported very similar symptoms, and attacks,
to be criminalized and hospitalized for unheard of crimes against humanity, goes back to barbarism.
We hope you can help us take a closer look at this through a task force, and educational
forum to undertake to uncover and deal with this in a mature and ethical manner.
I'd be very happy to help you. Please feel free to call upon me to provide information and assistance
in anyway you see fit. I'll include my resume for your review.
Our future as a nation and as a society rests on the premise that every person deserves a fair chance
to live in peace and harmony.
Very truly yours,
Sandra Fields
Sandra Fields
917-319-8163 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting  
Comment by Soleilmavis on August 2, 2011 at 5:12am
Many are dismayed at the recent "Dear Commenter" letter sent by The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues , but I see it as a golden opportunity. Let us see whether those who are regarded as leaders of the TI community in North America, take up my suggestions, or whether "not invented here syndrome" prevails.

Firstly, the "Dear Commenter" letter doesn't prevent from commenting to the commission, any targeted person, who alleges non-consensual human subject experimentation, who wants to comment, who hasn't yet commented, and who hasn't received his or her own copy of the letter. All that the would-be fresh commenter must do, is what earlier commentators were well-advised to do anyway: to ensure that his or comments are relevant to commissions terms of reference.

Secondly, the "Dear Commenter" letter gives something concrete about that the commission itself, for militant targeted people attending a demonstration to complain about, especially a demonstration at or outside the venue of the next commission meeting. Until now, there has been no major grievance about which it would have been legitimate to complain to the commission, about the commission. The commission has created that grievance for us.

Thirdly, the "Dear Commenter" letter gives American targeted people, on a plate, the common lawsuit that many of them can now bring to court at the same time, a so-called "mass filing". Why? Because the "Dear Commentator" letter communicates a PUBLIC LAW ADMINISTRATIVE DECISION. In the UK, such decisions are subject to judicial review. In the UK, the test of legality includes Wednesbury reasonableness (mentioned on Wikipedia). In the USA, I am aware that judicial review is also a remedy against public law decisions that are (for example) "arbitrary and capricious". So, as an an option additional to ignoring the letter, or demonstrating against the decision in it, targets who want to participate in a mass filing (probably) also have the option of applying to a relevant court for judicial review of the decision communicated in the "Dear Commenter" letter. If many do so during the same week or so, this amounts to the " ;mass filing" that some have suggested using as a publicity
stunt for our movement, but without any of the problems identified with existing proposals.

John   Allman
Comment by Yan Xu (CIA modified my messages on August 1, 2011 at 11:01am

The letter was intended to stop the propogation about the Hearing on CIA EM radiation and EM Mind control on March 15, 1995. However, it only gives another evidence that the president's commission did organize investigation on CIA mind control experiments previously. Now for some reason they think it is not appropriate.


The only thing need to do is broadcast the video of previous hearing  and this letter in every media around the world.  (I'm talking to CIA slaves who are experiencing the same torturing and surgery as Brice Taylor and Ted Gunderson. The only thing we can do is not to be killed silently)

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