Voice/data/image (vdi)

Voice/data/image (vdi)
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  • Voice, data, image and access control over IP (VDIP)

    An ideal solution for accessing your building, the VDIP Compact solution enables voice, data (code) and video flow management. This flexible and evolutionary solution is fully compatible with VDIP System components.

    * Audio / Video Communication over IP
    * Sending, receiving and transferring calls via PC or telephone
    * Remote control release
    * Call privacy, call waiting, overflow function (up to 9 stations)
    * Ring tone, loud-speaker and microphone volume adjustment
    * Access control over IP via keypad (100 codes)
    * Motion control, recording and display

    The VDIP Compact Range

    * Audio Pack 1 push button (Pack 1B)
    * Audio Pack 3 push buttons (Pack 3B)
    * Video, Audio Pack 1 push button (Pack-V 1B)
    * Video, Audio Pack 3 push buttons (Pack-V 3B)
    * Audio Pack 1 push button + keypad (Pack 1B Clav)
    * Video, Audio Pack 1 push button + keypad (Pack-V 1B Clav)

    - VDIP Media: simple to use audio / video interface, MPEG4 format, Full Duplex, Simplex

    * Automatic pick up
    * Call window recovery
    * Remote level adjustment
    * Connection time out

    - VDIP Access: keypad

    * 100 user code management
    * Access, time slot and public holiday profile management
    * French, English and German versions

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