Mark of the Beast : Upload your Soul to the Transhumanistic Cybernetic Brain Net (Apr 02, 2014)

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SOURCE: VIDEO RESPONSE: Tom Horn : Transhumanism Cybernetics Nephilim Giants Genetically Modified Humans (Mar 23, 2014)

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  • AL, first of all the issue of the dispute here why I replied to your previous comment addressed to Jason was you told Jason that I posted “Yes God is a baby killer”, which is a declaratory statement. This is what you said to Jason in your previous comment/posting,In case you dont believe me ask Lynn, she will tell yuou, because she already posted, that YES God is a baby killer”.  Now, could you point out where in my previous posting to the blog of Steve Wong’s Satanism that I posted a declaratory statement declaring, “Yes God is a baby killer.”  AL, I never made or posted a declaratory statement such as this declaring and admitting that “Yes God is a baby killer” in the blog of Steve Wong in Satanism or any of the blogs here in peacepink to the contrary and for your information.  As usual, you changed again what were said or written in my previous post, and put words into my mouth which I did not actually say, and presented it to your post as my comment or post to agree and support your beliefs or claim.

    To correct your accusation or slandering/defamation, what I said in my previous comments/post in the link you posted from the blog of Steve Wong to correct your previous comment made to Steve Wong telling you about the stories in Genesis that Steve maybe meant punishment or curse sent by God to mankind in the First Testament such as the Sodom and Gomorrah rain of burning sulphur, the rain and flood sent by God (Noah’s flood), and the plagues sent to Egypt as a result of the Pharao’s not to free the slaves, which killed children, babies, and animals according to Genesis.  I never made or posted declaratory statement declaring and admitting that “Yes God is a baby killer” to any of the blogs here to the contrary.

    Big AL,  I do not bloody care what you think if god is a baby killer or not.  What you bloody think is not important to me as they are all rubbish.  The issue here is what you previously posted to Jason saying,” In case you dont believe me ask Lynn, she will tell yuou, because she already posted, that yes God is a baby killer”, which is wrong as i did not post that declaratory statement you invented in this post.  There is a difference between a declaratory statement and telling stories of events (Genesis).  I am not trying to prove to you here in this issue whether God is a baby killer or not, and I have no interest of disputing with you to prove whether God is a baby killer or not!  I am not going to waste my time and energies disputing with you and proving anything about faith, God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible, and all your rubbish arguments. 

  • Im sorry Carrin, i must understand you dont see things that way. You only see you and them. It frustrates me that you cant see objectivly. But it does not make it right for me to be angry...expet at your god-if he exists-I think he should do something to stop the torture on children I mean, couldnt your god just turn off the mental ability of the perps when it came to child torture, SO that they cant even conceive of it?? Wouldnt that be better than just allowing the poor children to go through it? They are too small to understand loyalty to god, and doing whats right under test...they are just CHILDREN! SO, I am frustrated with you Carrin, but I am angry at your god.

  • Science is truly gone mad what makes people think that the Transhumanism is for every day working people.Could someone send these science people some MEDICATION they really need this.They are millons of people dying ever day from diseases that they made and spread around the WORLD and they held the CURE back from the people.The best cure for all this is THROW all your cell phones and computers and get the smart meter off the house all this needs to go in the TRASH and then you can keep your family SAFE.Why do you think that so many people are hooked on their phones and computers and TVs and so on.They have WEAPONIZED all this to do great harm to GODS people just like they WEAPONIZED diseases over a hundred years ago.I saw a vedio where they put SCIENCE and GOD together,could someone tell these people that they don't need to go to the universe to find GOD.Their GOD is right here on earth he is called SATAN and tell THE PEOPLE that they have been fooled by him.They really need MEDICATION because they are DILUSIONAL .When the President stated that they don't need the Military anymore that they can use PEOPLE well these people have been fooled also and they will be next,this is how DUMB DOWN THEY HAVE BECOME .Every where i go most people are taking BIG PHARMA MEDS or GOODY POWDERS and have no smile or sparkle in their eyes and they hurt all over and they don't even know why.MAGOR TRUST ISSUE.  THANKS AND GOD BLESS

  • *ONE violent mother fucker

  • If you want me to be specific about what you 'answered', You Quoted the KJ version rejecting my NIV version of how when a man rapes a woman, he can pay her father 50 sheckles to keep her as wife. Real convenient for a guy who has a few buck and wants a sex slave. "I'll rape this girl and then Ill pay her father for her to become my wife." What a blunder fu*ck!! This shit is nuts! And you buy into it because its in the bible!!! WOW! Most woman would have said, "I think that scripture was put into the bible by man. Thats why it is there. TO serve mans interests." 

    WEll I guess Christianity is like that. Some will say, "Those stories about genocide by god werent real, they were just metaphores..." I mean they really ttry to remove themselves from that crazy shit. But, there are christians who grab hold of the OT and say, GOd doesnt change! SO when REvelation comes around, and the blood will be as high as the bridals of the horses, Ther will be plenty of baby bashing for the having!!! Yes, YOUR god is coming to kill some more babies. 

    I as a Transhumanist, will stand up against this baby killer and STOP HIM. Then I will replace HIM with a WOMAN and see if she cant do a better job of leading the christians.

  • What a way to 'exit stage left' without answering most of the questions. 

    Are ALL christian males so evasive when it comes to quesstions like, why do babies get murdered, and why does god put women second?

  • Jason, you still havent answered why your god has always put women in second place to men.

  • I hope you are not saying god was testing that baby to build its quality of patience!!! What the fuck ind of god would test a baby like that?1?1? What kind of lesson could that baby possibly have learned?

    And, are you gonna turn your eyes on that question like your god turned his from that poor helpless baby?!?!?

    Like God like slave

  • Carrin, Here is some evidence that proves what christians are capable of; THIS IS PART 1, PART 2 I will post above

    Christianity is cruel. Throughout its history, cruelty—both to self and others—has been one of the most prominent features of Christianity. From its very start, Christianity, with its bleak view of life, its emphasis upon sexual sin, and its almost impossible-to-meet demands for sexual "purity," encouraged guilt, penance, and self-torture. Today, this self-torture is primarily psychological, in the form of guilt arising from following (or denying, and thus obsessing over) one's natural sexual desires. In earlier centuries, it was often physical. W.E.H. Lecky relates:

    For about two centuries, the hideous maceration of the body was regarded as the highest proof of excellence. . . . The cleanliness of the body was regarded as a pollution of the soul, and the saints who were most admired had become one hideous mass of clotted filth. . . . But of all the evidences of the loathsome excesses to which this spirit was carried, the life of St. Simeon Stylites is probably the most remarkable. . . . He had bound a rope around him so that it became embedded in his flesh, which putrefied around it. A horrible stench, intolerable to the bystanders, exhaled from his body, and worms dropped from him whenever he moved, and they filled his bed. . . . For a whole year, we are told, St. Simeon stood upon one leg, the other being covered with hideous ulcers, while his biographer [St. Anthony] was commissioned to stand by his side, to pick up the worms that fell from his body, and to replace them in the sores, the saint saying to the worms, "Eat what God has given you." From every quarter pilgrims of every degree thronged to do him homage. A crowd of prelates followed him to the grave. A brilliant star is said to have shone miraculously over his pillar; the general voice of mankind pronounced him to be the highest model of a Christian saint; and several other anchorites [Christian hermits] imitated or emulated his penances.

    Given that the Bible nowhere condemns torture and sometimes prescribes shockingly cruel penalties (such as burning alive), and that Christians so wholeheartedly approved of self-torture, it's not surprising that they thought little of inflicting appallingly cruel treatment upon others. At the height of Christianity’s power and influence, hundreds of thousands of "witches" were brutally tortured and burned alive under the auspices of ecclesiastical witch finders, and the Inquisition visited similarly cruel treatment upon those accused of heresy. Henry Charles Lea records:

    Two hundred wretches crowded the filthy gaol and it was requisite to forbid the rest of the Conversos [Jews intimidated into converting to Christianity] from leaving the city [Jaen, Spain] without a license. With Diego’s assistance [Diego de Algeciras, a petty criminal and kept perjurer] and the free use of torture, on both accused and witnesses, it was not difficult to obtain whatever evidence was desired. The notary of the tribunal, Antonio de Barcena, was especially successful in this. On one occasion, he locked a young girl of fifteen in a room, stripped her naked and scourged her until she consented to bear testimony against her mother. A prisoner was carried in a chair to the auto da fe with his feet burnt to the bone; he and his wife were burnt alive . . . The cells in which the unfortunates were confined in heavy chains were narrow, dark, humid, filthy and overrun with vermin, while their sequestrated property was squandered by the officials, so that they nearly starved in prison while their helpless children starved outside.

  • Carrin, What exactly do you mean that I sidestepped something? I had no reason to address the statement. IT didnt stand out as special. Just because the perps have the ability to implants thoughts and memories, doesnt make them Transhuman. FOr instance, Islamic Jihadist use guns to kill people. In the USA Police carry guns to stop bad guys, Do you automatically call the USA police Islamic Jihadist because they carry guns? NO. SO why would you call someone with the ability to implant memories a Transhumanist?

    Also, The man was making a valid point. That, if this tech is misused, it would be a very bad thing. He was NOT saying, it would be  a Transhumanist that would do the abuse with the machine tech. 

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