The Queen Of the South

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The Bible prophesies the Queen of the South will rise at the judgment, but did not give her name or any other detail about her. Nowadays, many people believe that Queen of Sheba in 1King 10:1-13 is the Queen of the South referenced in Matthew 12:42. Among the significant questions surrounding the Queen of the South, her role in the judgment and the Queen of Sheba: Where are the ends of the earth? How will the Queen of the South come from the ends of the earth? Who was Queen of Sheba in 1King10:1-13? Who were Queen of Sheba’s ancestors? Soleilmavis Liu, author of "The Queen of the South in Matthew 12:42," will take you along to seek the answers, using a large number of historical and archaeological facts, through conclusive arguments, scientific and systematic analysis and rigorous study and demonstration of each chapter. More information about the book, please visit:

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