Book “Twelve Years in the Grave - Mind Control with Electromagnetic Spectrums, the Invisible Modern Concentration Camp”, authored by Soleilmavis Liu, provides the sound facts and evidence about the secret abuse and torture with remote voice-to-skull and electromagnetic mind control technologies.


The Fact and evidence

Mind Control with Electromagnetic Frequency

Soleimavis Liu presented this paper at the E-Leader conference held by Fudan University (China) and Chinese American Scholars Association (USA) in Shanghai, January 5-7, 2015.

Soleilmavis was controlled by remote Voice to Skull technologies and Mind Control technologies, and she was brought inside US Embassy in Hong Kong


The Arguments:

Soleilmavis case summary of mind control abuses and tortures

An anonymous Survey for Mind Control Victims (result on 19 Dec 2009)

Some lawsuits filed by Soleilmavis

Some News articles about Soleilmavis


I have collected many victims stories and wish everyone could remember their sufferings.


Books published by Soleilmavis

The first, “Twelve Years in the Grave - Mind Control with Electromagnetic Spectrums, the Invisible Modern Concentration Camp,” provides the evidence of secret abuse and torture with voice-to-skull and remote electromagnetic technologies.

 The second, “The Struggles of an Ordinary Man - The Turbulent History of China Through a Farmer’s Eyes from 1900 to 2000,” is the true record of one hundred years of modern history in rural areas of the Eastern Shandong Peninsula from the 1900 to 2000.

 The third, “The Queen of the South in Matthew 12:42”,  is a strong and well-reasoned piece that demonstrates who the Queen of the South is, by using plenty of historical facts. 


Other Scholarly Papers Presented and Published by Soleilmavis.



As the article below suggests, this week has been quite busy for the issue of microwave weapons attacks with reports that the White House, the Senate Intelligence Committee, the Pentagon, the CIA and the State Department are all investigating incidents of microwave weapons attacks, reports of which seem to be increasing. 

During the past…

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The Latest Call for Inputs from the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture

seeks Accountability for Torture and Degrading Treatment!

GREAT NEWS !!!  For those who have been awaiting some word from Nils Melzer, the Special Rapporteur on Torture, it seems he has not been sitting idle after all since…

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The idea of covert microwave weapons attacks continues to play out in the news.. Check out this recent Forbes Magazine article about the Pentagon's search for a sensor that will detect when a soldier is under attack by microwave weapons. 

The Pentagon mentioned recent reports that the Chinese army microwaved Indian soldiers in a border dispute altercation.  

This means that other sectors of society may…

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Soleilmavis' Letter to President Joe Biden

The United States got a new president: Joe Biden, but all the victims, who had been working hard to urge the governments to investigate the secret abuse and torture with electromagnetic mind control technologies for the past twenty years, need to continue hard. The following open letter used to write to President Barack Obama and Donald Trump, and it is now to President Joe Biden.

President Joe Biden

The White House


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Matthew Domin, 52, a TI who has newly-arrived in the Salem, Oregon area from Missouri with the prospect of a home there, however, the leads that he had did not materialize and he is on the streets.  

He is a Christian and in possession of many marketable skills such as accounting, was an instructor at a college, and many more.  He is a whistleblower and the system has been turned on him. …

Read more…

Fight, you are not alone. Fight, we are together. Please send, not only for myself.

  • Description:

    Further evidence from Attorney General of Canada's letterS  for international (legal  ) proceedings against them.

    Hacking UN Human Rights and the

    Right now, I can hardly post and send anything to you because of their  hacking regardless of anything.

    2 years ago, in my home I was given this message : "What you can't see can murder you. "
    And, Amnesty…

  • Created by: Robin Yan

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  • Here's the details.
    Download Google sound analyser apk SPECTROID. Open it. Zoom the nfrasound part on graph. You will see as you breath deeply. Graph fluctuate according to breathing. That means you need sound which can penetrate deep inside head.
    For this you need 5Hz 8 Hz 11 hz 13 hz 5 kHz 8kHz 11kHz 13khz put 2.4 ghz wi fi signal in it. And play it above head or on ear. As soon as you do there will be pain with vibration on head neck and shoulder. That's it.
    you can generate sound using tone generate apk from play store.
    You just need mobile phone, wifi router and small circuit which will can send wifi signal to heradphone through wire. A type of mixer circuit.
    Mind reading they are doing is not only on infra sound. What they are doing is using low bass ,mid and high treble frequency so that low frequency gets interfered. They still got mid and high stable frequency.
    That's why most of the interference doesn't work. They create Heterodyne frequency music.
    What you need is sound which penetrates deep to head. Besides 2.4 ghz you guys can try and use 550kHz or mhz and above for penetration.
    Once your sound reached there sound get blocked.

    Please use high frequeny in low volume.whatever you do it should be in low volume. High treble frequency will burn you and low bass will generate to much heat
  • Dear Soleilmavis,
    Thank you for your efforts.
    I've some ideas I'd like to share with you for the website :

    Outer Circle to represent a "shield"/area of protection.

    Title and slogan:
    Global Anti-Torture campaign"

    Globe, showing international cause:,, etc.

    People coming together to form circle representing all of us uniting and working together around globe:

    Word wrap around sides:


    Off center structure:

    -Avoid government/religious symbols such as a dove, cross, Roman/Government laurel wreaths of victory(, etc.
    -Use CC0 to avoid I.P. rights conflict
    -Try to make a more unisex feel to the group.

    Let me know your thoughts!

    Best regards,

    LINE: atisd
  • If you are in India, please contact me at for a PIL we are going to file.
    A friend in need is a friend indeed.
  • I wish you freedom, justice, and that all your wishes will come true!
  • And you? What do you think of virtual testament? If you were to die, what do you want for your web space?

    November 2, 2014 - There is no statistics on the number of users on Facebook deceased but by monitoring the age of the users (through the instrument of public esteem for advertisers) there those who estimated on approximately 20 million last year.

    December 2009
    The social-network's most popular web has a few weeks ago opened a new virtual space. This is the first online cemetery, intended to accommodate the profiles of deceased persons who in life had registered just on Facebook.

  • soleil

    atlanti ti kicked greg gamache off of peacepink because greg put a few comments about his suit on members pages,


    soleil, greg is the only victim who fights to end eh, and atlanta ti goes around leaving tons of comments on peoples pages to promote his websites


    and not just that, but alot of people give greg trouble for his work to end eh and atlanta ti isone of these people


    can you please get greg back on the site, and if you dont want him leaving comments about his lawsuit on members pages just tell him


    please un ban/un suspend greg from peacepink


    thank you

  • Good day Madam,my name is Sipho a T.I from Johannesburg,SouthAfrica I am very intrested in becomming a VOLUNTIER of our Excelent organisation Peace pink especial for the Sub Sahara Africa they are so many Victims(T.Is)
    Best Regards
  • Thanks comment me , very great idea and also hope  mind attack stop sooner .

  • PLEASE HELP SUPPORT A Newspaper that's Exposing Our Plight:

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