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I think i have been bugged with microchip/RFID humann implant/radio transmitter/ICT implant/cohelar . I don't exactly whicch one is implanted. Most common is RFID implant.

I bought 4 EMF/RF detectors to  detect  any RF emission of RFID(Radio Frequency Identification Device) implants that may probably implanted in my body.  I tried QuWave defender, schumann resonance device, orgone blaster , Personal Polarizer, CellSensor EMF Detection Meter , 3-Axis Gaussmeter but no luck

I followed some of shielding tips published in internet,

I tried ,EMF shielding products from  lessemf  to block or reduce emf exposure. I bought GPS jammer, cellphone jammer, nothing work.

what is successful way of detecting RFID microchip.  I read somewhere that passsive RFID can't be detected using above devices. Only active RFID devices which have their own power source can be detected. passivee RFID need to detect using RFID reader which will chanrge device while scanning . but i don't know frequency or location this device implanted .

some suggestions from other users is like this,   "It's not as simple as holding a RF detector up to the body and getting a reading. There is background RF noise that has to be taken into account. The implant may not read out (transmit data) until it is first activated by an external interrogation signal, which may itself be coded in some fashion. When activated, the implant may read out for just a few brief seconds, making detection difficult. The implant's output may be of a 'spread-spectrum' nature, making it very difficult to capture with a typical RF detector or even with a RF spectrum analyzer.
For close to the skin surface implants, a scan with a Infrared imaging camera might show up 'hot spots' where the implant had been recently activated and its components are warmer than the surrounding tissues. In some cases, even small but strong magnets may physically influence an implant near the skin's surface."

Can you suggest me best method to detect  passive RFID human implant?


my blog

 Victim story


How the implants look like


see other victims

Search these words in Google for more information   gang stalking ,

Satellite neuro technology,   rfid human implants, verichip human implant, mind control victims,

A Brain Implant Victim Speaks Out - Branded by the Thought Police , Memorials of Mind Control and Directed Energy Weapon

, Introduce V2K (Voice to Skull) - peacepink

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