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I saw this guy's experience as a TI, and posted it :


Govt. brain implant of citizen??

NAME: Frances Jean Merrill (Rhea)

Citizenship: US

Year Torture/Abuse Began: Noticed audio April 1, 2008. Other discussions from voices traced year torture began was August 5, 1953, when I was born.


Subject: I support the worldwide campaign "Stop the (secret) Abuse and Torture of Mind control, Directed Energy Weapons and manipulation weapons on Civilians”.

I am a Victim of electronic Harassment/ mind control/ directed energy weapons/ Organized Stalking and Torture.
I was born at Fitzsimmons Army Hospital in Aurora, Colorado. My grandfather immigrated from Austria with his family escaping Nazi Germany. My grandmother's family did the same, but from England. Almost all of the families that lived near us were also immigrants from WWII.

My mother was in the Army Aircorp, and my father was a fireman in the Army Aircorp. We were stationed in Phoenix, Arizona. They divorced when I was only 1 1/2 years old, when my grandmother came to return us to Superior, Colorado, where my grandfather had been postmaster after working years in the coal mines there. We were a poor family. We still are.

I first knew I was under attack at the same time as my daughter in 2008 when we met William S. Birdsall, Jr. He owns properties on Puerto Rico, and offered to let my duaghter's husband stay in his guesthouse because I had lost my Internet job when my computer motherboard and power supply went out. We had no money to replace it. My daughter and son-in-law moved to Mr. Birdsall's property after he had extracted a promise from to never sue him. He then told them about a "social experiment" he wanted them to be involved in. He gave us his website url which is:

We looked at the music an art, but that was all. The writings in text documents at the bottom of his frontpage tell of his experiments with mind control and what happens at death. He also has a newsletter of the area where he reveals more about the caves under his house. He also reveals he is an atheist, and explains why.

When I first moved there in February 2008, my family had noticed that Mr. Birdsall knew things that they had spoken of in the wee hours of the night. Mr. Birdsall would come and refer to those things the next day. Soon, we noticed ants, flies and bees acting strangely. We had seen a National Geographic special on nano technology, and thought Mr. Birdsall might be using nano insects to 'spy' on us.

The audio assault started about 2 months later with birds trying to get us to follow them around the property finding treasures such as mushrooms, flowers, etc. When we realized the voices of the birds were really Mr. Birdsall, because he had bragged about his technology in bits and pieces with stories to each of the three of us. He told us of his special sound system, his dream machine, his father who had been a magician, the way light and sound waves could be manipulated, and how everything makes sound.

As we refused to do as the 'birdies' asked, the terrorizations began. Demanding we went further into the jungle to look for things, waking us at all hours, singing that 'Christ was coming,' and that we were going to be raped and killed.

We have experienced every imaginable situation of mind control from these three creative, intelligent men that have physically and mentally harmed both my daughter and I. I have been sexually tortured for the entire 3 years, and shown how they had been involved in my sex life all of my life.

After 3 years of listening to their stories, and reminders of my past, and interactions with people I have met or been friends with, along with Internet research on how individuals can transmit voices to me or another individual without others hearing it, it sickens me to 'see' for myself exactly how much control they have worldwide.

This man is joined by his longtime friends, who are brothers. My family and I met both of them, and were cooerced to taking them to pick up a rental car one day. At that time, they mentioned their friend and his pecularities of spending too many hours on the computer, acting like a fighter pilot (because of the insects). They also joked about his technology and what we were experiencing, pretending to 'understand'.

Now we realize that all three of these men have been involved in our lives, and the lives of everyone we have met for almost 60 years!

We have filed for restraining orders, made numerous call to local and federal authorities including letters to the President of the United States, contacted the media and celebrities, all to no avail.

I have names, addresses and phone numbers of these three men. I also have two IP addresses that they have used to hijack/attack my computer.


I don't understand why they haven't killed me yet. I know too much including two police officers who they coerced into suicide, because Mr. Birdsall had been caught 'peeping' on their niece when she was on a tour of his caves through a local Las Marias high school.

Frances J. Rhea

Psychic Counterintelligence Agent Going Public:

Cointelpro Linked With Organized Crime

It was at MIT, they set me up with a job and a dorm room for the summer in 1971. I never found out who arranged this, but they obviously wanted a murder solved. Karen and I are telepathic, and she had me get in the habit of riding my bike around the esplanade, starting at the stairs leading down from the Boston University bridge. On a Saturday night around midnight in early June, I met some people at the stairs, they were also investigating the murder; they said someone had a gun and I should go find a cop. That took me fifteen minutes, and he wouldn't investigate. I decided to forget the whole thing and went home. The next morning at six I found the body, she was sitting up with a stocking tied around her neck to a bench. I called the police, and told them I didn't want to be involved any further. The cop said he thought I was much more involved.

That summer I had been sent to the Russian recruiter to see if I could become a KGB agent. He asked about my political affiliation to the international democracy movement, and said I couldn't. Then I was sent to meet the FBI by two organized crime linked professors,  at two on July 27. It was about if I had been raped and was resisting hypnosis. They used scopolamine and a polygraph to break down my resistance, and I and all my girlfriends got raped and knew it. I’m demanding damages. I think these cointelpro agents were liquidated for treason by military intelligence. And they had me investigate the communists. In 1977, the communists at MIT and Harvard did what they called the split brain experiment on me; my boss pushed a pressure point on my spinal column, which lowered my resistance to their hypnosis. I thought they'd get caught doing this. By February 1979, I completely lost control of my mind and spent the next 24 years living on the street. And finally, in 1985, I was reading the Boston Globe about a murderer who had gotten out of prison for a murder in 1971 at the Boston University boat house. See

In 1969 I had been recruited to be a shadow telepathic agent of the NSA. To read about these people see; my web site on this is They sent me on a mission to MIT to solve this case. The news article said that the body had been found with a lot of blood under the Boston University boat house, and that the “murderer” had been caught on an anonymous tip leading to a bloody diner jacket found in a church. I think this “murderer” was the guy who told me to go find a cop. The body I found was probably an investigator for the murder. Lark Elaine Turner might have been there also, investigating. As I understand it, decades later, the motive was to blow the cover of the counterintelligence agents to the criminals taking over the government by mass hypnosis, after the Kennedy assassination. But this played into our strong suit, who are they anyhow if they're blowing the cover of counterintelligence; they'de have to be the spies.

you told it just like it is for i been through this and much more as you have.Even though i am a good person i know some people that is pertispating in my attack.I know you an't suposed to take the law in your own hands but they have harmed my family with this also.After i get my true story out i will defene myself and my family at all cost,can i stop them maybe not but the little assholes around my home that pertispates in this will answer to me personanlly.I know who they are!! Good Luck My Freind And God Bless

Soleilmavis said:
Feb 2010 (updated Sept 2010)

To Whom It May Concern.... 

My name is Robert Wood and this is my true life story regarding being an ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING/COINTELPRO target/victim in the United States of America. This is only a partial account as I could write a large book about my experiences, but do not have the time or resources at the present time to do so. 
First let me state...,  I am not a criminal, I am not a terrorist. I have not been charged with a crime, nor am I connected to anyone who is, to my knowledge. 
There are covert crimes being committed against innocent and virtually defenseless American citizens and citizens of other countries as well. I am one of these persons. 
These crimes all follow a similar pattern and are advanced technology based. The foundation for these crimes is COVERT SURVEILLANCE. Once the TARGET/VICTIM has been CHOSEN, they are put under covert surveillance. This includes, their residence, vehicle, place of employment or anywhere else. As much information as possible is gained through that surveillance or in any other manner, i.e.... illegally going through target/victims journals, personal papers, possessions, interrogation of friends, relatives, employers or anyone else connected to the target/victim. After a period of time what can only be described as "a campaign of terror and assaults" begins. These crimes run the gamut from what is called "ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING/COINTELPRO" operations to "DIRECTED-ENERGY-WEAPONS-ASSAULTS". The end result of these CRIMES can range from virtually ruining someones life, institutionalization, to death. Considering the severity of these crimes, it's a wonder anyone survives at all. There is almost complete secrecy surrounding this horrendous situation. 
There is much information about these crimes on the Internet and elsewhere. Simply research ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING/
COINTELPRO - DIRECTED-ENERGY-WEAPONS. Also, many of the tactics used are documented in government records i.e....  sans-serif" class="yiv1020177943Apple-style-span"">COINTELPRO, MK ULTRA and many other programs. There is ample documentation regarding ALL the advanced technology referred to in this statement/report, including "DIRECTED-ENERGY-WEAPONS" or DEW. Patents exist and can be found. These weapons are a standard part of the military arsenal and are advancing all the time. 
The tactics and technology used on targets have been pulled out of these various government programs, COINTELPRO, MK ULTRA etc, and the military, and are being used across the board on anyone put on the LIST. 

In essence these are covert-government/military-counterinsurgency-operations being run on/against private citizens. The recipe or formula for each target is different which adds to the confusion. 

                                                       MY STORY

My story starts about ten years ago. Though at the time I had NO idea what was happening or what I was in for. 
I started noticing that someone had been entering my truck at various times. I would come back to my truck and SOMETHING would be left inside the cab that had not been there before, the truck had been locked at the time. This is the first thing I remember and goes back about ten years. Obviously the perpetrators wanted me to know they had payed me a visit...things progressed from there. 
I remember feeling angry, violated and fear, but at the time didn't think too much more of it. 
I then started noticing OBJECTS  being left  in and around my truck or anywhere I went. They were usually the same objects..., so it seemed obvious they were left there for me. This increased until there were objects left everywhere I went. Also, around the residence where I lived. There was no place I could go where this did not happen, things were escalating. 
I was becoming alarmed, something was definitely going on. 
About nine years ago [12/01] the stalking activity increased dramatically. That's when the residence I live in was electronically bugged or I was put under audio and visual surveillance inside the so-called home I live in. [how depends on the technology] And apparently, when the perpetrators gained access to my home.[the perpetrators have keys to my car and residence]
At this time I started noticing strange things happening INSIDE the residence I was living in,  my HOME. Personal things started showing signs of having been gone through by someone. My books, personal papers, journals etc..., had pages folded, were marked in various places or in some cases were actually missing. Other items began to disappear..., keys, things from my wallet, etc... , also various items were moved around. Now I was really starting to become concerned. I talked to the people I was living with at the time, family, no one knew anything about it. 
Anything I did inside my residence was subject to feedback when I left or at a later date or time. 
Things continued to progress...
All these things were happening multiple times a day. It was negatively impacting me mentally, emotionally, psychically, spiritually and physically. I was getting physically sick at times. No one I talked to knew anything about it or could offer an explanation or help. 
I can not at this time go into all the tactics of ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING /COINTELPRO operations, there are too many. A quick Internet search will reveal a great deal of them, again, research ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING/COINTELPRO. I have been tortured with almost all of the classic tactics plus a few. For the sake of brevity I will quickly list some of what I have been assaulted with. 
Twenty-four-hour-seven-day-a-week surveillance, including the so called home I live in. I live in an ELECTRONIC-CONCENTRATION-CAMP.
Feedback from that surveillance. 
GPS or "Global-Positioning-System" on vehicle, for tracking. 
Followed, watched, harassed and/or assaulted everywhere I go, including nine states. 
Residence and car illegally entered and items moved, marked, broken or stolen. [The perpetrators have keys to both the residence I live in and the vehicle I drive]. I now have a sophisticated surveillance and alarm system in the residence and use combination padlocks for the car. 
Land-based phone at residence tapped. 

Cell-Phone hacked into.
Outgoing and incoming mail tampered with. 
Email and Internet interference.
Harassing phone calls. 
Vehicle-Tampering: Water removed from the radiator, gas removed from the gas tank, bulbs removed, tires slashed, scratches and various other things. [I now have a locking gas cap and lock the car with combination pad-locks]
Feedback: This constitutes a wide variety of ways of letting me know I am being watched. Anything I do anywhere including the residence I live in is subject to feedback. 

Directed-Conversation: [a type of feedback] This is where people talk about your personal business [knowledge gained through covert criminal surveillance] out loud in public places around you, like grocery stores, gas stations or anywhere else.  
License-Plates: License plates have been and are used as weapons and tools for harassment. I have found at least six other target/victims that license plates have been used on. My tormentors have made these one of their favorite tools. 

Street-Theater: This has been used extensively by my stalkers. Street Theater is a fairly common ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING/COINTELPRO tactic. It involves setting up or staging various situations[skits].... including, but not limited to, vehicle accidents or potential accidents. This can involve all sorts of possible scenarios , here are a FEW I have encountered... vehicles coming at me the wrong way on a one way street [many times], vehicles trying to run me off the road [many times], various staged potential accidents where I had to take quick-action to avoid contact/crash [many times] . And lots of other incidents..., too numerous to mention here, I can't even remember them all. At times this happened on an almost daily basis... very stressful. 
Psyops-Tactics [Psychological-Warfare-Operations-Tactics]: This includes a variety of psychological tactics including but not limited to sensitization to various stimuli. If necessary I can go into detail.

Friends, acquaintances, neighbors and family members have all been coerced/recruited into going along with the plan. This is common in ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING/COINTELPRO operations. 

There is no place I can go and nothing I can do where I am not followed, watched, harassed and/or assaulted.
Again..., this is not a complete list as this is not a complete report/statement. If necessary I can go into or list in detail anything not complete in this report/statement.
I have gone to the Police and they have been no help what-so-ever... OF-COURSE. Since ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING/COINTELPRO operations are perpetrated and condoned by the government, the police are involved. They may not perform all the deeds/tactics but they are at least partly responsible. And they get many others to cooperate... that is how these operations function. The police will do everything in their power to try to discredit the target/victim and try to provide evidence that the
 target/victim is mentally ill.

The government does not recognize ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING/COINTELPRO operations and related technologies because THEY PERPETRATE IT AND PROTECT OTHERS THAT PERPETRATE IT.
The effects of this type of treatment obviously are devastating: 
One is harmed mentally. 
One is harmed emotionally. 
One is harmed psychically. 
One is harmed psychologically. 
One is harmed spiritually. 
One is harmed physically. 
Ones nervous system is harmed. [tremendous stress] 
One loses TRUST in people.
I am afraid to put certain items down or leave them for fear they will disappear. [as has happened numerous times before]. I keep an extra set of keys around my neck, and lock my car with combination pad-locks, this seems to have helped. [ I now have a sophisticated surveillance/alarm system in the residence]
There was at least a two year period where I got little or no sleep, sleeping is still a major problem. 
I left a job I had because at the time I didn't know what was going on. It is only the last four years that I found some of the websites that expose these atrocities and am now in touch with other target/victims. I dealt with this situation alone, not knowing what was going on, for almost six years, damage was done.     
The ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING/COINTELPRO operation has cost me and my family at least tens of thousands of dollars. 

I have had various physical ailments [sickness] as a result of being an ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING/COINTELPRO target. 

As stated above, if necessary, I can go into detail about anything not complete or clear in this statement/report.
I am treated like an animal or insect in a science experiment..., NOT HUMAN! 
I have not had a day off in over eight years. 


For a long time I did not know what was going on and damage was done. Recently, thanks to the Internet and contacts with other target/victims I have been able to put some of the pieces of this nightmarish puzzle together and put a face on this otherwise faceless monster. 

As stated earlier in this statement/report many target/victims are being hit harder than I am. Many are being assaulted with Directed-Energy-Weapons [DEW]. Right now I don't believe I am, but it is possible I'm being hit with some form of microwave or RFR [Radio-Frequency-Radiation] waves. All part of the ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM WHICH HAS BEEN WEAPONIZED. 
All this cowardly, deceit based criminality is being done covertly/remotely. It is all done behind the target/victims back, when they are not there or from a distance. The target/victim is basically helpless and defenseless. If the target/victim complains to the appropriate authorities they are likely to be labeled "mentally-ill", or worse, thus giving the target/victim no recourse [credibility], and making the situation that much worse. This is all part of the master plan, of course, it is an almost perfect trap. This is not an accident, it is all done by design, the formula is basically the same for ALL target/victims. 
The target/victim can be harassed, abused, assaulted, and even killed in ways that are only limited by the imagination and technology... and there is virtually nothing the target/victim can do about it. 
If these same tactics were used on a foreign citizen they would be considered an "act-of-war" as it is... it is treason. It is one or the other. 
All this is nothing short of what went on in Nazi Germany before and during World War Two. Or Stalin's Soviet Union or other authoritarian or totalitarian regimes. Only in the year 2010 it can be done much more effectively because of advancements in technology. 
This is an outrage to say the least, something has to be done about it, people need to be informed about what is going on and it must be stopped. Innocent Americans are being tortured to death in their own homes and country. I believe the vast majority of Americans do not know this is happening. It can and will be done to you or a loved one if something is not done to stop it now. 
Robert Wood
Julianne McKinney on Microwave Harassment and Mind Control Experimentation -- Greg Syzmanski interview

This is the only known interview by Julianne McKinney, a former army intelligence officer who has labored to expose electronic harassment and mind control torture of many, many thousands of victims world-wide.
In introduction, investigative journalist Greg Syzmanski comments that "after an extensive career in US Army Intelligence as an area intelligence officer, on return to civilian life Julianne McKinney became a mamber of the Association of National Security Alumni, an organization of former intelligence officers dedicated to exposing escesses by the US intelligence services.

Appointed as director of the electronic surveillance project, in 1991 Julianne authored the publication "Microwave Harassment and Mind  Control Experimentation", still recognized today as one of the most authoritative documents on the subject.

Within the interview, Julianne McKinney makes the frightening observation that the ultimate objective may be "to control and correograph those who are involved in these harassment operations on the dispensing end.  And it would appear that those  being targeted are simply objects, whom I see as ultimately being disposable.  In other words, I think that once full control is established over a major percentage of the population, and enough of the pouplation is silenced and unwilling to stick their necks out, we would inevitably be heading towards a HOLOCAUST."

LINKS "Mind Control Harassment and Mind Control Experimenation" --

A California activists story --

Greg Syzmanski's Arctic Beacon --

My name is Britta Leia Jaccard. I'm a victim of mind control since my early age. When I had found out they started to destroy me. Today, after 6 years of brutal physical torture and exteme mind control, they have provoked toumors in my intestins, which have grown very fast.

My story is on my homepage in english and german:

A Simple Cure For Over One Hundred Different Diseases and very Inexpensive
           Another Reason that i was implanted, chiped and being tortured- over eight implants detected by Jesse Beltran
Ozone therapy this is a step above Oxygen O3 see Ed McCabe he is called Mr. Oxygen this man was suppressed in the USA many years ago by US Government.Mr. McCabe traveled the world curing many diseases even Cancer. The Ozone machine is very cheap and people can do this therapy at home, Mix the oxygen with the blood, Ozone therapy will do the same thing as EDTA and Peroxide therapy will do. Ozone therapy will clean all arteries out and up the oxygen level in the body.(Nothing Can Live In Oxygen)
The Mycoplasma is responsible for many different diseases over many decades and the Ozone or EDTA and Peroxide therapy will cure these diseases and both therapies can be done in your own home.EDTA you can drip this in the blood using a fly needle it take’s a hour and a half.(Cleans’ out All Arteries) The Peroxide takes three and a half hours to drip in the blood with fly needle. The EDTA and Peroxide cannot be used in the same day.EDTA one day and peroxide the next day, do this for six days and rest the 7th day just like when God created the Heaven and Earth.Alternive Doctors use this method for many year’s but they were suppressed in the USA.They were five European countries using the EDTA and Peroxide therapies many years ago, they were called the( BOARD) Europe was president and Germany was vice president and so on. The Board was curing the Mycoplasmas and all diseases that it caused, it was over a hundred different diseases. All
these documents and many more were taken by my doctors office in 2010.Germany had ten thousand technicians using the EDTA and Peroxide therapies and Ozone.
All that is required is have a doctor to do lab work these therapies puts strain on your Liver just like the Aids cure, this also put strain on the liver.
The (Caring Medical & Rehabilitation ) in Chicago Illinois this doctor went to Germany and studied the therapies many years ago and came home and open this clinic. I had documents with a pitcher on the front showing this clinic using Peroxide and EDTA therapy through IV.These documents were stole. With a special diet you only have to do these therapies for four months.
The Mycoplasma causes the red blood cells to swell up like a donut and this cuts off blood to the major organs and Brain and makes the small blood veins collapse all over the body, this is why people is in so much sever pain that got CFIDS and Fibromyligia,other countries call this (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis).This is what happens to the Brain also, after many years of having a sever case of the Mycoplasma people’s frontal lobes will turn to mush and they will have scare tissue. Doctors mistake this for Huntington’s disease or others. This is what happens when the blood flow is cut off from the Brain, organs and body. The Mycoplasma causes many different diseases over a long period of time!
I was referred to Dr. Paul Cheney a government researcher for CFIDS in 1990 and I could not see him because the first visit cost 2,500.oo dollars and I was disabled in 1987.I lost my home, family and everything that I had work for, from 1987 until 1990 with out insurance or job it coast me my life savings seeing many doctors. It was this that made me start looking for answers for my disease. This is a small part of what I know about this but as you know I can not write to well. If anyone wants to know the Truth about this they can call me and I can show and explain everything. I have no story all I have is the truth and(The Truth will set you Free From Diseases)
I will say this, Medicare could be cut out in America and the people could have good health again but Pharmicials,Doctors and Hospitals would not like this. This is God’s plan to save his people and set all his people Free.(you don’t create a disease unless you have the cure for it)
Please know that the Mind and Body control issue is very important for I hold much knowledge and understanding about this,I will write about this last and send documents also.
All I ask is for someone to take all my knowledge and documents and witnesses’ can’t write good but I will try to explain the next issue the (Lab Rat Medicine issue from 2007-2010) I will send my documents also,the medicine issue is more widespread than anyone knows about.I just survived this attack on my life and lived to tell about it and have evidence of this.You would have to know what it feels like to have good health again after thirty five years and look around and see so many people so sick and on many medications, this could be changed around the world.The documents that I had from Europe stated that these five European country’s had over a 90% cure rate using this very inexpensive therapy but this has been suppressed in the USA and other parts of the World.My documents that were taken I found in the 1990s but they were from the 1970s and 1980s.(I can’t look these up because I was put under a Federal Program in 1999 in the USA and I have been implanted with more than eight chips and implants and they are Killing me using these and I can’t stay on the computer very long because they can hit my implants even worse).(Do not try these therapies at home unless you have a Alternative Medicine Doctor advice). Over five million treatments that was done in the five Europe countries and the side effects were only .0007 % and these side effects were not life threaten at all,this is how safe this therapy is.Now why would (We The People) want the US Government to Run our Health Care System.Let me Guess because of all the (Profit) the Doctors-Pharmaceuticals and Hospitals can make, and these can leave millions of Americans very sick, disabled,fill the nursing homes up, and leave many other people where they can’t sleep at night.You would have to do some homework on Ed McCabe site he is called Mr. Oxygen.I believe he sells a Ozone Generator with a oxygen tank this makes 03 oxygen and sells for $2,500.00.Hospitals have this but they would rather use their Hyperbaric Chamber this is nothing but oxygen and you have to ask for this Chamber they will not tell you about Oxygen Therapy, and it is very expensive because the Doctor has to push the Button on the Chamber! This is for (Knowledge)(Understanding)(Wisdom)
 See and do some Homework!

Hi. I guess this is where one posts their "story"? For some reason, about 2-3 years ago I have been systematically "picked on" by what seems to me to be a vast network of bullies. Some of the "bullies" are what one would call regular people, some of them appear to be law enforcement of some type (by their demeanor, physical fitness, and apparent ability to do things ordinary citizens would not have authority to do)

Well, here are a few snippets of what has transpired, in no particular order:

sudden influx of bees all over my property, that were extremely attracted to my bird feeder and the bees stayed for about a month until i removed said feeder. i washed it with hot water, replaced feeder, no bees! Next door neighbor made interesting statement "hey, wanna know something, why is it the bees only came to YOUR house and not the neighbors?" I am also very allergic to bees. 

Excrement, about 7 large piles (Great Dane? Human?) placed in odd areas all around our assigned parking space at our multi unit complex. The amount of excrement is too large to simply wave off as one dog doing his business. This occurred overnight and the "depositor" was just out of range of our surveillance cams, therefore they had to place excrement on other neighbors area as well. Had I no camera, I bet the poops would be a lot closer.

Mails either not getting to me, or arriving very late, opened yet contents intact. This may be totally unrelated to my issue.

Bullies, who are quite fit physically, who glare and stare at me pointedly whenever I take public transportation. I believe this guys were already on the train, as part of homeland security, yet are "tipped off" a troublemaker is there and I am selected. One particular bully followed me wherever I sat on the train, and when I photographed him he literally hid like a child playing hide and seek, and managed to press a button on something in his pocket that got the light rail train to STOP in the middle of a route!! 

Another train ride theatre: I had gotten on and at few stops later, two what looked like Russian? men, they did not look like locals at all- quite fit, both wearing undercover "uniform": jeans, tennis shoes, undershirt, overshirt and NO BAGS or packages- and SILENT. Their demeanor is quite strange and very non-casual- had selected ME for their "stare and glare" contest. One touched his finger to his nose and looked right at me, unsmiling, with an angry expression on his face. These men NEVER SPEAK, either to me, nor to each other (very odd). On that instance, I had decided it's time to exit this car and get on the one behind me. As soon as I sat down, a big black man dressed in "thug attire" - interestingly he seemed to be uncomfortable in his clothes (as if he is not used to dressing like a gang member?) immediately sidled up next to me, when the rest of the train had plenty of unused seats. I didn't stay, I got up immediately (again) and figured fuck the train- I raised up to leave and the POWER WENT OUT on the entire train! Sighs of frustration from other passengers. My "follower" acted as if it was normal and didn;t raise an eyebrow. I did get off the train, and stood on the platform wondering OK, what next? do I get back ON when the power comes on, or do i wait for next train? the lights came on again, and a strange older man got off and said "do u want your seat back? the power is back on!" odd but nice for a complete stranger to "save my seat" on an almost empty train. I get back on, a bit shaky and "fear sweat" all over. My first "bullies" were still on a car further up that I could watch thru the car doors window. They were sitting stock still, not talking, still angry expressions on their faces. Finally my stop, I get off, and before the train takes off again run to the car where I had last seen my "bullies" in their seats. I tapped on the glass behind their heads and they warily turned to me thru the glass, I wagged my finger and they frowned. I was quite pleased with myself with this small ineffective "victory" of nothing- when I was accosted by what can only be described as a "zombie". This "zombie" picked me, out of all the other passengers debarking, to harass with a request for a "dollar". Not so strange you say, but I must add this happens to me QUITE FREQUENTLY- always a "zombie" drugged out dirty person, expressionless- who asks specifically for one dollar. They always stand very close- I am someone educated in security and always keep a distance between myself and another person. The more I backed AWAY from this person, the closer they try to sidle up to me. So, it is always this manner: as soon as I escape my followers, a strange drugged out "zombie" accosts me within SECONDS to request "one dollar".

here are the two bullies on the very train I spoke of, the two shaved head/bald guys. Their actions were so odd and particular that an older couple said out loud "hm they must be in on some undercover work!" and included ME in this, as if I was working "undercover". I tried to speak to the older couple when we got off the train to speak to them about what they saw, and they deliberately ignored me! I am not off putting, I look very average and do not look about myself wildly or scare off anyone. I do not go around accusing random strangers of being "cointelpro" nor have I ever "outed" someone, only sort of let them know in discreet ways that "I am on to you" that sort of thing. I have tried to speak to the "zombies" that accost me but they seem incapable of normal conversation and become confused when asked direct question "why are u following me?" and seem to be drugged with some weird type of tranquilizer.  I have never seen these zombies nor ever see them again.

Bums knock on our door at 5AM, this happened twice. boyfriend didn't answer, and hid behind the door with a .38 in case anything "funny" happened. 

Garbage conveniently thrown around perimeter of our unit, cigarette butts, etc. I saw a homeless man dumb a load of cigarette butts that were quite old and dried up outside my bedroom window. 

Industrial black colored thick grease globs placed strategically on my outdoor water spigot, gate latch, and watering can that was INSIDE my patio. The only persons in my patio was on FedEx delivery man. This happened before I invested in surveillance cameras, so I cannot prove he did it. We do not own any sort of grease like this at our home. I have pets but they are indoor only and not allowed to roam, God knows what may happen to them if I had a big yard with a loose dog,poison maybe? 


I do not drive and must walk to grocery store. One three separate occasions, a strange man yelled at me from across a large parking lot outside a hotel that is on my way to the store his room number and what time to come see him. Obvious attempt to make me out to appear as if I am a prostitute. I do not look like one nor have any desire. This indeed could be innocent, as a female walking alone could be construed as one but I am suspicious as they seem to "announce" themselves in a very loud yelling voice toward me. 

Street theatre: I had gone to fill a prescription and made a comment to no one in particular as to how long it was seeming to take while I waited in a very very long line. One man placed himself in front of me and bent down to pick up non-existent item on floor, exposing his dirty disgusting crack. No one in line seemed to notice this and I found it strange. The one man in front of me suddenly had "trouble" with his transaction in line and fumbled around for what I had timed on my phone fifteen entire minutes. He was dressed very oddly, in a long black dirty trenchcoat in warm weather, very grubby torn clothes, long black stringy hair and a deathly pallor. I said out loud "what is going on here!! what is his problem!!" No one in the crowd even flinched or sided with me. It was as if the entire crowd was set against me. Sounds unbelieveable, but true.

Mini-market owner in on the deal:  I used to frequent a small mini market near my location as it is quite close to me and a small market where it is easy to pop in for a soda or pack of cigarettes instead of walking 2 more blocks to the chain store. I had second thoughts of visiting it as it seems to be a magnet for homeless and dirty drug addicts and alcoholics, the owner sells "dollar beers" bad idea! I got sick of being harassed by bums asking me for "spare change" I stopped going, then one day broke down as I was in a hurry to quickly pick up one cigarette pack. Mistake! One large black man was ahead of me in line, and the cashier/owner was whispering something in conversation to him. I took no notice. While I was paying for my pack the large black man said to me: "I bet you have a lotta secrets, heheheh!" I shot back angrily:"secrets? noooo, no "secrets".. with a sneer on my face, angry that a stranger would make such a statement to me, a practicing Christian. He then said again "hehehhe, yeah.. u got 'secrets' hehehe" in a creepy voice as if maybe I had "sexy secrets" ugh. These odd statements similar to this have been said in passing by seemingly homeless men before, I simply shrugged it off saying to myself "that's what I get for shopping at such an ugly dirty market, I shouldn;t shop at places like this" yet sometimes I would give up as I was too tired for a longer walk to a decent place. I no longer shop there at all and go out of my way to avoid even passing by that area. I do believe the owner is taking a pay off from some entity the same one responsible for my harassment. This disgusts me to no end, his is a filthy dirty store. At another time there, before I had stopped going there, I had gone in for a second and noticed a beat up old car parked out front. Two black women were just sitting in it as if waiting for someone or thing. I was suspicious, perhaps a hold up in waiting? As I stepped in to the store, the women were speaking quietly to themselves, and one jumped out the passenger side as if she had "forgotten something" inside the store as I went in, coincidentally. She yelled very loudly "fucking grandkids!" as if to make an excuse a reason for re-entering the store, as if to follow me. I honestly thought I was about to be "set up" for a robbery, I got that gut feeling of danger. What was strange is, she seemed to be WAITING for ME! She made some fake excuse to go in after me, there was NO "grandkids" nor kids in that car with her, and she did not use a phone, telling me the "grandkids" story was made up on the spot. As I was wondering to myself what this was all about, she gave me a big "once over" as if she was trying to put my face in her memory for future reference. Very strange. I did not appreciate her yelling the "F" word so loudly in my presence, and was about to make it known out loud, but she looked very tough like an ex-convict type and I did not want to have a physical altercation with this person. The name of this store is called "Tango Market" the address is 660 W Camelback Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona.  I bet the actual address is "666"! As these entities I do honestly believe are a satanically driven machine. The owner's name is "Sagir" and he always acts as if he is "my friend" but his smile is very insincere and he deliberately attracts the WORST sort of people to his store. I would not doubt he was placed in that very store for harassment of persons in close location to this store. I have no idea. Either way, he has single handed-ly made our pleasant neighborhood into a BAD dirty one with his pandering to weirdos, persons on sex offender lists (he even knows them by NAME, I had brought in a mailer sent out by our local Police Dept alert concerning sex offender in the area and he actually said "Oh, heh, that's ole Joe" or something to that effect, as if he is his old buddy. This store owner never seems annoyed with the fact that bums and others seem to gravitate toward his market. I told him he is responsible for ruining ny neighborhood, and that I had wished I had never signed the petition to allow alcohol to be sold at this address, as when I did sign I was assured by him that he would not allow it to "get out of hand". Baloney, it is the WORST place to be and has gotten worse. I used to shop there thinking I am doing him a favor by helping out his business. I went in there to alert him to the fact weird guys were hiding behind his back door. As far as I can figure out, he is in on this destruction of this area and paid to do so.

Well I have more instances but I am too tired of typing and I am sure you get the idea. Thanks for listening. 


I have Microchips and I have been Hot Wired by my Government to be harm-controlled-and to take my life.On April 7 2012 they upped their attack on my body and caused sever pain and suffering hitting my implants,while trying to take me down they attacked my Wife also.My wife was in bed all day on April 7 and Easter Sunday because of the signals coming into my home from a distance and around my neighbor hood.My wife was so sick that I was devastated and she did not get out of bed but a few times on Easter Sunday.My wife left Wednesday April 11 2012 to see her mother in Virginia with my Granddaughter and when I talked to her on the phone she was happy and feeling wife will return on April 14 to the (Torture Chamber) our home.Federal Government made my neighbors very sick over a decade ago and these lost their homes,they have moved in around my neighborhood.My neighbors on the right is a Police Officer he moved in 2000 Another one move in and painted his home with black Carbon paint to deter the signals and this man does work for the Government.My Daughter and her husband built a home across the water from my wife and I in 1995 and they were attacked and gang stalked and they lost their home in 2010.Seven family’s have lost their homes around my home and I over heard some neighbor say that I was going to lose mine also and they were saying that they would like to have my home.In the last few days I have talked to my senators office (Richard Burr) in NC in the USA and they said that they needed the video from where I was scanned at the Northeast meeting on march 17 2012.I talked to my congressman (Patrick McHenry) office again in Hickory NC and they refused to help.In the last few days I have been alone and my neighbors called in some guys to harass me,they was coming on my property at the water, sorry but I cannot get any help from anyone so I will start my own War with these people,I will not stand by and let anyone harras my family and I any more.A man has got to protect his property and family at all cost.These neighbors are the same ones that Gang stalked my Daughter and her family .I ran them off from my property without a conflict but the next time they will be no talking I have had Enough.I have no weapon and I need no weapon to take care of these.All my family members brothers and sister fear for my safety and say that I should not pursue this but they don’t understand when me and my family is being harmed by them and can't get any help then it is time to fight. When my neighbors put their children up to harassing me last year while swimming then its time for me to fight. When people teach their children to do such things then these people are the worst kind and they need to be beat in the worst way and I will do this.The only way that this abuse is going to stop is for the people to fight because no one will get any help from their elected officials or any one else. I know many people around my home town that has participated in my attack and I will attack them but this will be done in a little different way,it will not be from a distance!.I posted a long time ago that I was going to jail and the time has come.I know many people that has participated in attacking my family and I, and some of these are friends but these will answer to me also.



I have found the same thing in Lufkin, TX, (where I live now) as I have other town in Oklahoma, Denver, Fayetteville, and Italy and Puerto Rico. Even though harassed by TV, radio and stuff - I know who is doing it and part of the reasons why. I know it includes people and nations around the world. Stuff has happened to put all awhirl. Even babies are changing by this. Although I am ready to stand and work like any other adult, sometimes I am prevented and have even suffered a needless stroke, and recovered from that. I can function, and write just as well. Take a look at my website for a tale that I tell. Love and peace with happy pink to all!

It began with cold stares, rumors, and name calling, a kind of hatred I have never experienced, as if some jealous girl decided to smear my reputation and tell people things about me that were not true and ruin my credibility and character. Then my ex brother in law told me his brother Scott could read his mind, I said no one can do that, little did I know that within the next year, I would have the same experience and someone was talking to me inside my head. I was waking in the mornings with the degrading chanting, pains in all parts of my body, sexual assaults like by a ghost, although, something was definately doing something to me. Jobs I get, I soon get mobbed at and fired, as if I am somehow disposable as a human being and not taken seriously, where as before at most my jobs I was quickly promoted, and taken seriously. Now, things are happening that I can not explain, only to find this may be nanotechnology and perhaps PEDOT and what scientists are now doing with it, also perpetrators have been doing this similar approach covertly. My ex told me he is part of a parellel justice system, at the time I did not understand what kind of group this was, although now I know, they are drug dealers, murderers, and gangs. Somehow criminals have gotten thier hands on this concept, and it is out of control. Telling people I am something I am not to get them emotionally involved to hate me....when its a complete lie! I have tape recorders, paperwork, all kinds of proof this is being done to me, and I know who my perps are, as I also have emails with notes they sent me with all kinds of threats, etc, veiled as if I would be the only one to understand what they mean, when at the time of the emails I did not have symptoms, but after divorce, suddenly all the symptoms began, and its not in my head, its being done to me, this does not need a doctor, but an investigator and scientists to break this sick cycle of anti social personality disorders to be brought to justice. Just as they covertly have done this to unsespecting innocent everyday people, I believe we should also start our own covert investigation and bring to justice all those who hide behind eachother and kill people. Bring this covert crime to JUSTICE all around the world. Thank you Janet Smith

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