All of our brains have become laced with millions of metallic particulates, some of which we have inhaled and ingested and some of which we may have received through vaccinations. These dust sized metallic particulates have transformed our brains into transceivers, capable of receiving and transmitting information.
Every thought, feeling and muscle movement which we generate have their own unique brain activity pattern which can be decoded and deciphered by a computer program by wireless remote means to the extent that we no longer have any mental or physical privacy whatsoever.
If you attend for an job interview and if your interviewer happens to be in possession of a high fidelity brain decoding device he or she would know what you were thinking and feeling before you were interviewed. Your interviewer may also be in possession of a far more detailed personality profile of you than you would be comfortable about because it could involve intimate details of your life.
The intelligence services are now in a position to know how many times you inhale and exhale each and every day if they so wish. The human race have been implanted with neural lace without our expressed permission and many within the intelligence services are using this information as well as their advanced technology to widely abuse the human race for reasons of eventual technological enslavement if they are not stopped.

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