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All of our brains have become laced with millions of metallic particulates, some of which we have inhaled and ingested and some of which we may have received through vaccinations. These dust sized metallic particulates have transformed our brains into transceivers, capable of receiving and transmitting information.
Every thought, feeling and muscle movement which we generate have their own unique brain activity pattern which can be decoded and deciphered by a computer program by wireless remote means to the extent that we no longer have any mental or physical privacy whatsoever.
If you attend for an job interview and if your interviewer happens to be in possession of a high fidelity brain decoding device he or she would know what you were thinking and feeling before you were interviewed. Your interviewer may also be in possession of a far more detailed personality profile of you than you would be comfortable about because it could involve intimate details of your life.
The intelligence services are now in a position to know how many times you inhale and exhale each and every day if they so wish. The human race have been implanted with neural lace without our expressed permission and many within the intelligence services are using this information as well as their advanced technology to widely abuse the human race for reasons of eventual technological enslavement if they are not stopped.

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Posted on September 4, 2019 by gretta fahey

Every time you think a thought your brain produces a unique electromagnetic frequency which can be measured, translated into a thought or a feeling, then collated and downloaded to your own smart phone or smart television. If you keep your smart phone on your person all day or even a short distance from you and even if it has been switch off it is still reading and uploading your thoughts to the smart grid which has been building an extensive map of your brain. This brain map can now be used to kill or torture you wireless by remote means and it can be done without any human intervention based on the personality profile which has been collected in this way. There is a plan underway by smart technologists to use all of the above information to hurt most of the human race if we continue to use smart phones. As soon as an extensive brain map has been built of you and your family you can then be exposed to all kinds of information coming from smart grids such as fifth generation wireless transmitters. You can be forced to see information that you do not wish to see such as pornography or frightening images. You can be forced to hear voices which appear to be inside your head. You can be forced to experience forced muscle movements such as being forced to hit yourself with your own fist or even worse.
We have been warned to throw out our smart phones and most especially our smart televisions which enable the technology to see the whole brain and body and we must refuse to allow 5G to be erected anywhere in the world. We must disassemble and ban microwave transmitters now.
I receive this information by wireless direct communication from unknown operatives.
My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Ireland.
My landline home phone number is 0949360901.

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I am being subjected to classified  mind invasive invisible weapons.  United States diplomats have complained of being targeted with invisible weapons while working in China and Cuba.   How do you report being targeted by invisible weapons to your community in order to warn them of this ?   How do you prove to your community  that you are being targeted by invisible weapons?   If you know the answer please let me know.  

I am non-consensually  wirelessly linked from implants in my brain and body to a computer network by a two way link.  This two way link allows the computer and neuro operatives to speak to me against my will and without my permission.   I am being forced to listen to them throughout each day as I go about my everyday life.   I hear their voices coming from inside my head due implantation with a neuro communication device.   I have heard that a neuro communication device known as a brain radio exists and is being used against some targeted individuals.   However, I don't know what type of chip I have been implanted with.    I keep a daily blog of  where I write what these unknown neuro operatives say to me on an ongoing basis.  Here are some of what the neuro operatives have said in the past twenty four hours,  all of which I have heard coming from inside my head.

"No one was expecting this level of extreme interference in this woman's life."     This was followed by   "If you quote my name I will be endangered."    (I did not know the name of the speaker.)

"If I had my way I would fuckin shoot her."

"Langly Air Force Base have almost total involvement with the processing of the data pertaining to Gretta Fahey.  Norbrook have almost no involvement.   (My name is Gretta Fahey.)

"There is a secondary system in place that has done something extremely evil to the woman, Gretta Fahey.  Her whole face is under our control."

"The program softened her cough for her a bit I suppose."

"You are doing your own loading and unloading.  This is not allowed.  We require a trained expert to carry out all processes which have been deemed to be a danger to human health and safety."   (I was using a wheel barrow at the time I heard this verbiage coming from inside my head.)

" We are now aware that the Irish secret police know what has been happening to you over sixteen years and they have done nothing to alleviate your suffering through fear of their lives and that of their families.   Leo Varadkar knows nothing of this."

"Putting a stop to this woman's harassment is not achievable.  She is locked into the system as tightly as anyone could be locked in. "

"We have developed a way of stopping the majority of human beings of thinking for themselves and of manipulating them to only think in prescribed ways."

"Pull out all the stops.   I need to qualify this woman Gretta Fahey as being insane."

"We wont block the letter.  We will suitably delay it.   (This was in response to the fact that I posted a letter to friend  by ordinary mail, informing her that I have been non-consensually  inplanted and I am wirelessly linked to a computer network from the   implant. )

"We can and we are monitoring the inner dialogue of Irish senior politicians."

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 Nanowire tiles can perform arithmetic and logical
functions and are fully scalable9143077685?profile=original

 CONTACT: Caroline Perry , 617-496-3815
Cambridge, Mass. – February 9, 2011 – Engineers
and scientists collaborating at Harvard University and
the MITRE Corporation have developed and
demonstrated the world’s first programmable
The groundbreaking prototype computer system,
described in a paper appearing today in the journal
Nature , represents a significant step forward in the
complexity of computer circuits that can be assembled
from synthesized nanometer-scale 9143077875?profile=originalcomponents.
It also represents an advance because these ultra-tiny
nanocircuits can be programmed electronically to
perform a number of basic arithmetic and logical
"This work represents a quantum jump forward in the
complexity and function of circuits built from the
bottom up, and thus demonstrates that this bottom-up
paradigm, which is distinct from the way commercial
circuits are built today, can yield nanoprocessors and
9143077897?profile=originalother integrated systems of the future,” says principal
investigator Charles M. Lieber, who holds a joint
appointment at Harvard's Department of Chemistry and
Chemical Biology and School of Engineering and
Applied Sciences.
The versatile, nanoscale circuits are assembled into
tiny tile-like nanoprocessors from sets of precisely
engineered and fabricated germanium-silicon wires
with functional oxide shells, having a total diameter of
only 30 nanometers. Shown here are atomic force (left)
and optical microscopy (center) images of a
programmable nanowire nanoprocessor, and a
corresponding schematic (right) of the nanowire circuit
architecture. Image courtesy of Charles M. Lieber.
The work was enabled by advances in the design and
synthesis of nanowire building blocks. These nanowire
components now demonstrate the reproducibility
needed to build functional electronic circuits, and also
do so at a size and material complexity difficult to
achieve by traditional top-down approaches.
Moreover, the tiled architecture is fully scalable,
allowing the assembly of much larger and ever more
functional nanoprocessors.
“For the past 10 to 15 years, researchers working with
nanowires, carbon nanotubes, and other nanostructures
have struggled to build all but the most basic circuits,
in large part due to variations in properties of
individual nanostructures,” says Lieber, the Mark
Hyman Professor of Chemistry. “We have shown that
this limitation can now be overcome and are excited
about prospects of exploiting the bottom-up paradigm
of biology in building future electronics.”
An additional feature of the advance is that the circuits
in the nanoprocessor operate using very little power,
even allowing for their miniscule size, because their
component nanowires contain transistor switches that
are “nonvolatile.”
This means that unlike transistors in conventional
microcomputer circuits, once the nanowire transistors
are programmed, they do not require any additional
expenditure of electrical power for maintaining
“Because of their very small size and very low power
requirements, these new nanoprocessor circuits are
building blocks that can control and enable an entirely
new class of much smaller, lighter weight electronic
sensors and consumer electronics,” says co-author
Shamik Das, the lead engineer in MITRE’s
Nanosystems Group.
“This new nanoprocessor represents a major milestone
toward realizing the vision of a nanocomputer that was
first articulated more than 50 years ago by physicist
Richard Feynman,” says James Ellenbogen, a chief
scientist at MITRE.
Co-authors on the paper included four members of
Lieber’s lab at Harvard: Hao Yan (Ph.D. '10), SungWoo
Nam (Ph.D. '10), Yongjie Hu (Ph.D. '10), and doctoral
candidate Hwan Sung Choe, as well as collaborators at
The research team at MITRE comprised Das,
Ellenbogen, and nanotechnology laboratory director Jim
Klemic. The MITRE Corporation is a not-for-profit
company that provides systems engineering, research
and development, and information technology support
to the government. MITRE’s principal locations are in
Bedford, Mass., and McLean, Va.
The research was supported by a Department of
Defense National Security Science and Engineering
Faculty Fellowship, the NanoEnabled Technology
Initiative, and the MITRE Innovation Program.
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False-colour scanning electron microscopy image of a
programmable nanowire nanoprocessor super-
imposed on a schematic nanoprocessor circuit
architecture. Photo courtesy of Charles M. Lieber.nanoprocessor constructed from intrinsically nanometre-scale building blocks is an essential component for controlling memory, nanosensors and other functions proposed for nanosystems assembled from the bottom up1, 2, 3. Important steps towards this goal over the past fifteen years include the realization of simple logic gates with individually assembled semiconductor nanowires and carbon nanotubes1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, but with only 16 devices or fewer and a single function for each circuit. Recently, logic circuits also have been demonstrated that use two or three elements of a one-dimensional memristor array9, although such passive devices without gain are difficult to cascade. These circuits fall short of the requirements for a scalable, multifunctional nanoprocessor10, 11 owing to challenges in materials, assembly and architecture on the nanoscale. Here we describe the design, fabrication and use of programmable and scalable logic tiles for nanoprocessors that surmount these hurdles. The tiles were built from programmable, non-volatile nanowire transistor arrays. Ge/Si core/shell nanowires12 coupled to designed dielectric shells yielded single-nanowire, non-volatile field-effect transistors (FETs) with uniform, programmable threshold voltages and the capability to drive cascaded elements. We developed an architecture to integrate the programmable nanowire FETs and define a logic tile consisting of two interconnected arrays with 496 functional configurable FET nodes in an area of ~960?μm2. The logic tile was programmed and operated first as a full adder with a maximal voltage gain of ten and input–output voltage matching. Then we showed that the same logic tile can be reprogrammed and used to demonstrate full-subtractor, multiplexer, demultiplexer and clocked D-latch functions. These results represent a significant advance in the complexity and functionality of nanoelectronic circuits built from the bottom up with a tiled architecture that could be cascaded to realize fully integrated nanoprocessors with computing, memory and addressing capabilities.

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The govt. officers., usually block the patents of electronic devices which will be useful to them and under many cover like 'national security' or 'it will not work' will prevent it going on the market. Then they will duplicate it and use it among its members. They will also spread misinformation rumour around the very existence of these tools, so that people will think that those devices do not really exist and even less, suspect that they are used in the streets and even in the restaurants by the police assistants.  These devices used on rebellious people are brain damaging tools, which can cut the right brain power from being accessed when the devices are on. These devices are commonly circulating in the west and in many ashram in India ,including ours. They are used by the infiltrated members of the govt. which are scouting some sannyasins as part of their folk. They are often masked in ordinary cell phones covers. One cell phone-looking device, can play back previous recordings of  emotions to the brain, influencing emotions.  This is a handy tool that the officers use to cause dissent among family and friends.  That type of phone device ,can cause you to have a fit of rage when your friend has just made a ordinary comment and create an unnecessary show of yourself. The trick is that the rage was previously recorded and now is re-played by the transmitting device.  (does that sound similar to the scenario that some banned people has got from the inner circle? hhhmmmmmm !  The IC is using those tools since their alliance with the Police of Pune, years before) . Brain wave scanners concealed in their modified phones pass the target brain frequency of distress to a central computer located in central India, which record it and pass it on to other agents . Those freq. will be transmitted using  cell phones, since they are prepared for that function  .It can make you  fly into a rage, become fearful or depressed. There are so many types that Socrates team need your help to look in the patent office via computer and find out the most interesting ones.  So again :

To do a search at the U.S. Patent office use this

To do a search at the IBM company Patent office use this

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日本國公開特許公報(A)國際特許分類第6版G01S 7/38
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