18th April, 2018.

To Whom it Concerns,

A selection of Irish human beings are being non-consensually experimented on by wireless electronic means, by the use of neuro weapons, while they are inside their own homes. This wireless experimentation which involves both psychological and physical torture is being conducted by criminal abusers within the intelligence services or within private security companies The Irish public have a moral right to being warned that similar experimentation could happen to them or their children at some time in the future. All intelligence agencies are now fused on a worldwide basis and are not actually under the control of any single government. We can easily stop this wireless electronic torture and voice to skull harassment by simple methods which I outline herein.

The Irish government have not warned the Irish public of this serious situation because they can not ostensibly prove the existence or abuse of these directed energy weapons because of their invisible characteristic and because I believe that some governmnet officials may be wirelessly enslaved or seriously compromised by neuro weaponry themselves. Many good will and very knowledgeable Irish people have come forward online telling their stories of being electronically attacked by wireless means on a constant basis while they go about their everyday lives. If this situation is allowed to continue it will lead to the technological enslavement of the people of Ireland and the wider world. I have researched the bigger picture of what I believe is happening behind the scenes in Ireland and the wider world and what has ultimately led to this frightening situation.

The Luciferian control matrix has been ongoing for at least six thousand years. It funnells us into various belief systems so that we can be managed. It has created most of the organised religions and alternative belief systems on earth. It created the hippy movement, the new age movement and the freemasons among others.

All organised religions which the Luciferian control matrix have created in order to manage us follow the same basic pattern overlay. If a belief system has a structure our egos will let it in. Our egos wish to conform. The story of Jesus has numerous parallels with many other ancient Gods, e.g. Horus, Attis, Kirshna, Dionysys, and Mithra to name a few. They were all born on 25th Dec. by a virgin birth. They all had twelve disciples and performed miracles. They were all eventually crucified, died for three days, and were then resurrected.

The Luciferian control matrix not only controls organised religions and alternative movements. It also controls main stream schools and colleges. This Luciferian control matrix gives us our initial platform of beliefs which is our world view. From this platform of beliefs they are then able to control who we think we are and what we think we can do and what is possible and not possible. They deliberately attempt to condense our realities into smaller and smaller realities. In some cases, our realities are so small that we are unable to realise the enormity of the Luciferian control matrix and how long it has lasted and how meticulous they are at putting it together.

Our egos are not interested in truth. They are interested in consistency. They are interested in having a world view that they can depend on. Our egos attempt to defend our false world view. The motiviation for our unwillingness to wake up to a new reality of behind the scenes technological enslavement is not about truth. The motivation is about self-justification. This is why it is so difficult for targeted individuals to wake the rest of the human race up to the current technological holocaust that is happening behind the scenes of our lives. I took this information from the work of organisational psychologist, the late Dr Paul Marko and can be found at the following link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4BKvqeBtiQ

At least part of the Luciferian control matrix is composed of artificial intelligence. The Luciferian control matrix wishes to control us by making us both unhealthy, misinformed and egotistical. A differential in knowledge leads to a differential in power.

There is currently no known defence against Silent Sound Mind Control and it was available since 1974 and it is more than likely being used against human beings at a high level. The following explains clearly how silent sound mind control may be being conducted on our senior politicians and indeed most of the human race. A steady tone is combined with the voice of a hypnotist, and then both sounds are put through a frequency modulator. The steady tone of microwave pulses that comes through at the other end is converted by the human brain back to an inaudible voice.


Naievty is not an attractive quality in an adult, especially a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists are taking all situations at face value with regard to explaining the symptomology of their patients and thus they are dragging the people of their country into technological enslavement because of their inability to comprehend what is really happening behind the scenes.

According to this enclosed youtube video and many others, the Vatican created the slave trade, they orchestrated the war of independence, they orchestrated the Federal Reserve, they orchestrated world war one and world war two, and now they are in the process of attempting to orchestrate world war three.https://www.youtube.com/watch…

Governments and their staff are holding smart engineered technology close to their brains by the use of their smart phones. They appear to resist all requests to outlaw directed energy weapons. They are either mind controlled or wirelessly enslaved or both.

The police are required to send all targeted individuals of non-consensual neuro experimentation to see a psychiatrist. If a targeted individual voluntary gives any information whatsoever pertaining to their targeting to the police they are then legally seen to have handed over all of their legal power to the police, which means that they might be detained for psychiatric evaluation against their wills. Both the police and psychiatry are being used to marginalise and neutralise the targeted individual, who no longer has any further access to the law once they have been erroniously deemed to be mentally ill. Psychiatrists proffer poisonous substances to the targeted individuals. Psychiatrists may also be mind controlled or some may even be wirelessly enslaved.

Washington DC, The London Financial District, and the Vatican City are all states within states who work as one unit from behind the scenes. They are bound by no known laws and they own and control all of the legal power on earth.

Demonology was created as a means of wielding mental control over the masses. It was created by the use of rumour and innuendo followed by roll playing and many other forms of trickery including magic lanterns, video films, holograms and brain weapons. Currently, with the use of brain weapons, whole experience sets can be inserted into the human brain to make human beings experience a virtual reality that the uninformed experiencers can not tell apart from real experiences.

The hoax of demonic possession is being caused by non-consensual neuro weapon manipulation of many targeted individuals. It is now possible to bio-robotize and remote control a human being by wireless electronic means. It is also possible to force a human being to speak against their wills by wirelessly controlling the speech centres of their brains combined with controlling their facial muscles. It is now possible to make a selection of targeted individuals of non-consensual neuro weapons research appear to be demonically possessed because their muscles can now be controlled wirelessly and by electronic means so that they can be made to grimace and contort and swear completely against their wills. This is achievable by sending wireless electronic digital signals to and from nano technology which has unknowingly been ingested and inhaled by these same targeted individuals. After it is ingested by the targeted individual this nano technology is then further processed by wireless means in a laborous way over many years by neuro weapons engineers who often do not know that they are bio-robotizing and remote controlling real live human beings.

Combined with the above efforts to enslave us, trainee medical doctors and trainee psychiatrists are being deliberately given false information at medical school. The pharmaceutical industry has also been infiltrated and poisonous substances are being deliberately added to both pharmaceutical medicines and vaccinations. All systems in the world are being rigged against us by the Luciferian control matrix. Terrorism threats are being deliberately orchestrated by the dark occultist would-be enslavers.

It is a major tactic of criminal oligarchy psychological warfare to encourage us to expend our energy in futile unnecessary work, while they conserve their strength. We are kept so busy we have no time to figure out what traps are being set for us by the self-proclaimed elite. If all of the really intelligent and capable people in society are constantly working, they will have no time or energy to stage a counter insurgency against the would-be enslavers. While we are exhausted and confused, they are secretly attacking us with energy and purpose.

"Twenty years ago, Paul and Percival Goodman estimated that just five percent of the work then being done would satisfy our minimal needs for food, clothing, and shelter. Most work serves the unproductive purposes of data gathering or social control or war,." It also serves the best interests of the Luciferians, themselves.

The profound basis of the current work force as it stands today is to demoralise and distract the human race while their fellow humans, a group which I call the self-proclaimed elite, slowly and incrementally attempt to take over humanity by wireless technological means.

At least two thirds of all work which was deliberately created for the human race to carry out on this planet is both pointless and evil work. It was deliberately created to keep us distracted while the dark occultists were busy with their own agenda of attempted wireless enslavement of all of the other members of the human race. It has been established and verified that if we ever succeed in demolishing this Luciferian control matrix we would then only need to work one day per week to perform all the same tasks we currently perform by working constantly.

Most of humanity has been enslaved by the use of maratime admiralty law which is out of harmony with moral law. We must free ourselves by refusing to recognise the powers of church and state. We aught to organise ourselves under a system of common law.

We must ask the police to demolish all microwave transmittors. We must stop all 5G millimeter wave transmitters from being erected anywhere in the world urgently because millimeter waves have the capacity to carry pain signals and they are an intrinsic part of the worldwide enslavement agenda. As this neurowarfare program is ultimately being waged against the whole human race Ireland may be well advised to sever all five undersea fibre optic cables which carry signals to and from the nano implants inside the human bodies and brains of all Irish people . These fibre optic cables are essential for the enslavement of people resident in Ireland and if we sever them it will free the Irish people from further in-home wireless electronic torture programs, or at least it will contain the control system within Ireland where it can be easily neurtalised.

Mobile phone towers are the linchpin that holds the wireless human enslavement protocol in place for the following reasons:- Under sea fiber optic cables transmit 99% of all international data. There are now over 300 undersea fiber optic cables stretching 550,000 miles. Each cable is less than three inches thick and houses several optical fibres. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dAESYkflOU

There are no satellites. The existence of satellites was created by disinformation agents. The existence of satellites is a hoax. Firstly, there is no material that can resist the heat of the thermosphere which is 2000 degrees celsius. Secondly, air and space can not co-exist side by side. This feat has never been achieved in a laboratory setting. It is biologically impossible for space to even exist other than air. This would indiciate that satellites and space travel have all been hoaxed in order to steal tax dollars and in order to make a cabal of would-be enslavers appear to have more power than they have, and to give us a sense of hopelessness.

Because we are now at a pivotal point in human history, this makes us ultimately responsible for what happens to future human beings. If this wireless enslavement system is allowed to become main stream, babies would be implanted with bio-sensors at birth. They would never know mental privacy and they would be unable to work their way out of neural enslavement for the entirety of their lives. It is our responsibility to act now so that we will be able to ensure the whole human race lives in freedom and harmony for many years. Politicians, the judiciary, the police, the main-stream media and psychiatrists are no longer free agents. They can be murdered or silently tortured by remote wireless electronic means. Democracy is now a facade. We must acknowledge this fact publicly before we can move forward with a new plan of action. The main stream media is privately owned and heavily controlled. Please ensure that your public representative is aware of your wish to have all wireless technology urgently dismantled from our country.

Yours Sincerely,



Gretta Fahey.

Landline Phone 0949360901. Mobile Phone 0870692278


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