David Icke in his book "The Biggest Secret" which he published in 1994, stated that there would be a worldwide central control system in the future and that we would be individually connected to technology by microchips which would be imbedded inside our bodies and brains.

I have been illegally and non-consensually connected to such technology for the past more than sixteen years.   My thoughts are automatically transmitted and translated by said technology because each human thought generates a unique electromagnetic frequency.  My thoughts are being replied to in real time by unknown operatives who work from an unknown remote location.  I have no mental or physical privacy and I would prefer to be dead because of being in this situation.  Many others who have also been already similarly connected to this central human control   system have also expressed that death is preferable to them also than ever to be continually treated in this manner.  Please act to inform society of this behind the scenes secret control and would-be enslavement system so that we can urgently disempower those who wish to control and eventually enslave the whole human race.

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