“We have a few blissful years left until enforced telepathic reading.” Quote by Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks.
The Richard C Walker patent which has also come to be known as the wireless internet of things patent number US6965816 describes the ability of neuro scientists to aggressively go in, take over, control, track and manage any system whether it be an airplane, a car, a motor cycle or a human being.
Non-consensual human experimentation is secretly being carried out with a view to eventually technologically enslave most of the human race. My name is Gretta Fahey and I am a long term victim of such non-consensual wirelessly enabled remote experimentation and this process is sometimes known as cybernetic control or remote neural monitoring or a number of other technical names. I am under neural monitoring as well as physical observation because the neuro operatives can now see my human body in 3D. Knowledge of this and other processes are continually being suppressed through psychiatry. I hear the voices of the neuro experimentators coming from inside my head because they have been enabled to wirelessly send me voice commands and other digital signals by wireless means. I occasionally write down a small selection of what they say to me and to each other about me, and later I post it online so that others may know what to expect if they ever become wirelessly controlled by this process. Because I have not done this for the past few weeks my note taking has gotten mixed up and I am not sure which information I have already posted online earlier and which is new. However, here below is some of what I have heard from this unknown neuro operatives recently as follows:-
“She must be stopped from wearing trousers. She must wear skirts. It is a requirement.”
“Women don’t matter because they can always be controlled through sexual conquest.” (That was said to me in response to the fact that I informed the inner voice command operatives that I plan to take the matter to a natural law court at some time in the future.)
“Gretta Fahey has never adopted a sexual pose in all the times that we have observed her and therefore she should not be put on a sexual program such as is being planned for her behind the scenes.” This was then followed by another inner voice which was heard by me to say the following “If raping Gretta Fahey is what you need to do in order to obtain the needed sexual pose then do so.”
“Rectal exam using propulsion. We have a buck to earn.”
I asked the remote neural monitoring operatives whose voices I hear coming from inside my head the following question. “Why don’t you allow me privacy when I am sitting on the toilet.?” “It is a prerequisite that we analyse your waste” is the answer I then received back.
I felt eight fairly strong tremors and I then asked the remote neural monitoring operatives who and what caused me to get the tremors. I was then given the following information via one of the inner voices as follows “We caused them through misadventure. We were endeavouring to trial a new system which would have given us more control than ever before over your central nervous system in order to eventually make you our slave and then in so doing extrapolate our knowledge onto the whole human race in order to then further our enslavement plans for humanity.”
“No heating will be allowed in the shower room in future.”
“We will have to have her for another while because there is nobody else here for us to practice our black arts on.”
“If you don’t get our of bed I will hurt you.”
Make a quick decision to have this lady Gretta Fahey sent to a psychiatric hospital. We don’t want to see any more of this material come out to the public.”
“Have we any control over her tongue.?” “Some.” “Freeze her tongue.”
I live at Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland in the same house that I was born in nearly sixty years ago. I am single and I live alone. I am in receipt of disability allowance for IBS and sometimes bladder problems. My website where I describe my experiences of being placed under cybernetic control and of having some of my muscles wirelessly externally controlled is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net. My landline home phone number is 0949360901.

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