An important (& increasing) aspect of my “delusional” experience with voice-to-skull technology wielding, dope slinging gangsters in the San Francisco T.L.  has been the endless death threats against me, & increasingly against anyone that I care about, or with whom I have shared information about this situation.   My intent is to create “web of awareness” so that should ANYTHING happen to any of these folks, immediate suspicion & intense investigative insight may be cast upon these criminals.


1st of coarse, me.  Constant threats of brutalization, death & dismemberment.


2nd.  My mother, 105 y/o grandmother, my adult daughter & all other living relatives from my hometown in Louisville, Ky.  One voice suggested that they burn down the house & make it look like some type of accident.


3rd,  My SF Friends & associates at the Faithful Fools Street Ministry at 234 Hyde Street in San-Francisco, CA.  My “delusional” voices have threatened to torch the building, which is full time residence to 8 people-of-faith who are members of the street ministry, & out of which all of the ministries programs are operated.  Specific members of the fools mentioned by my delusional voices include:

Rev. Kay Jorgenson (ret.) - Former Social Justice Minister of the First Unitarian Universalist Congregation of San Francisco, CA & co-founder of the Faithful Fools

Sister Carmen Barsody of the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls MN & co-founder of the Faithful Fools

Alex Darr - Youth Development Minister of the First Unitarian Universalist Congregation of SFCA & member of the Faithful Fools

Ed Bowers - Poet, Author & community servant & member of the Faithful Fools


4th, My good friend Ariana Phillips, a homeless, drug addicted prostitute who knows the individual members of this group (& whom I have not seen for about 2 weeks at this writing, although that is not particularly unusual) & who has been directly threatened & harassed by them frequently in the past.

She recently recorded a statement with Rev. Jorgenson outlining their current criminal threats & harassment.

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